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Staying Current: alerts and feeds and more!


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Online workshop from the library w/ M. Smith-Decoster

Published in: Education, Technology
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Staying Current: alerts and feeds and more!

  1. 1. Staying Current: alerts and feedsand more, oh my!Mimi Smith-DeCoster&Beth Filar-Williams
  2. 2. A check-in poll• Which of these have you used?A Google Reader or other RSS feed optionsB Alerts from databases and/or journalsC Both of the aboveD Neither, tell me more!
  3. 3. RSS Feeds: what’s up with them?• RSS=Really Simple Syndication• Most blogs, news sites, etc. have an RSS feed• You can “subscribe” to that feed through a“reader” like Google Reader• Google reader aggregates all of those feedsinto one place—you read that instead of goingand checking each place
  4. 4. Getting set up with RSS• If you’re at UNCG, you already have GoogleReader available (more > even more > undersocial)• Sending RSS to email is also an option
  5. 5. Video intro to RSS feeds“RSS in Plain English”From 2004(!!) but still a great basic explanation
  6. 6. Adding things to your• Click orange Subscribe button• 2 options:– 1) Search from Google Reader– 2) From the blog or other source, click the RSSIcon, copy the URL and paste it into that box thatthe Subscribe button gives you• Read what you want without hunting for it!• Organize: star, keep unread, tags
  7. 7. Demo of Google Reader
  8. 8. Staying Current: Alerts• Table of Contents• Keyword• Citation• Other alertsCurrent Awareness Guide:
  9. 9. Table of Contents AlertsReceive an alert of a new journal’s TOC– Search Journal Finder to see if we subscribe to it atUNCG through a database vendor– Use to find publisher or try yourfavorite subject database– Use – grab a journal RSSfeed …. or login to create a list of favorite journalTOCs RSS feedsDEMO!
  10. 10. Keyword AlertsGet notified when articles are published thatmatch your subject criteria.• Search in a database, save the search, set analert• Might have set up am account/log in for thatdatabase• Available in most databasesDEMO!
  11. 11. Citation AlertsSelect an article & create an alert for every timeit is cited in another publication.• Citation alerts are not available in alldatabases: Web of Science, JSTOR, andScience DirectDEMO!
  12. 12. Staying alert• Beside RSS in a Google Reader…– Email alerts– Follow using Twitter• Also, Google alerts, blogs, newspaperalerts, new books alerts, and more!
  13. 13. Visit the Current Awareness Libguide
  14. 14. Q & A