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Enterra offers specific development services for Windows Phone – popular mobile platform.
With our wide experience in mobile application development we create high quality applications for the Windows Phone platform that meet all customer’s needs and requirements.
We create applications that solve tasks in different spheres of life.
We provide technical consultations, technical assistance at each development stage – everything needed to presented a guaranteed high quality of your future application

We offer various programming services, including:
• complete development of Windows Phone application from the “idea” stage;
• porting of the existing application to Windows Phone platform;
• integration of Windows Phone application with any website or social network;
• technical support and maintenance;

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Enterra, Windows Phone Projects

  1. 1. www.enterra-inc.com Enterra, Windows Phone ProjectsEnterra Pokerhttp://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/apps/c30e5860-878e-44ba-9f15-24f7e93f9236Enterra Poker is a great opportunity to play various poker games like Hold’em, Omaha,Omaha H/L, 7 CardStud, 7 CardStud H/L with people all over the world. Participate inSit&Go or Scheduled tournaments, improve your poker skills and enjoy poker gamewherever you are. Simple and clear interface will help you to choose a table right foryou and to have fun.
  2. 2. www.enterra-inc.comFree Poker CalculatorThe application allows to estimate players’ chances of winning in Texas Holdem andOmaha poker. The main tasks that are carried out by the application are: winning anddraw probability calculation, the probability of getting every combination by players’calculation. The application interface is done for comfortable and quick informationinput (common cards and players’ cards).
  3. 3. www.enterra-inc.comThe Splash!Splash! is developed specially for phones with an accelerometer and touch screenworking on the Windows Phone platform. By tilting phone to different sides you canmaneuver the ball. Colored balls try to reach the white ball to paint it in their colors(and that means the end of the game). User may break the colored balls by tapping onthem with a fingertip
  4. 4. www.enterra-inc.comThe Moron TestThis amusing interactive game helps to measure the intelligence in the playful form.The game includes a number of questions with obvious answers. There are 7 levels ofcomplexity in the game graduating from Moron to Genius. The players may post theirscores to the social network Facebook.
  5. 5. www.enterra-inc.comCar LocatorThe application allows to keep in memory the car’s position in the parking and later tofind quickly it among other cars. A large number of settings makes it possible todownload photos with description, look through the location history and directions andother things. The application supports the bing maps and animated radar.
  6. 6. www.enterra-inc.comAdvanced Maps ViewerThe application supports different map types on which it is possible to observe yourlocation. Different view modes are supported: hybrid, map, satellite, physical.
  7. 7. www.enterra-inc.comFresh WeatherThe application is designated for the weather view in any city of the world. The view ofcurrent weather or weather forecast for the next few days is likewise available. Theapplication allows to check current weather using location services.
  8. 8. www.enterra-inc.comNight Stand ClockThe application turns the phone into the clock with the regulated backlighting. Currenttime and date are represented on the clock, it is possible to choose one of the 8themes and set up to 7 alarms.