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SSBB Overview


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Presentation by Stephen Roper at the Pink Shoe Event. 27th January 2020. Small business in the UK – recent trends and statistics

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SSBB Overview

  1. 1. Small business in the UK – recent trends and statistics Stephen Roper Enterprise Research Centre, Warwick Business School @steverop
  2. 2. Growth in the UK business stock Businesses registered for VAT or PAYE Sole proprietors and companies … allowing for start-up and closure the number of businesses in the UK rose 49k from 2018-19 to reach 2.72m – an increase of 1.8 per cent… (we know nothing about who started these new firms!) Source: ONS UK business; activity, size and location: 2019
  3. 3. Growth in business population by region – 2018-19 (%) But growth has been very uneven … if growth in the West Midlands had matched London it would have meant an additional 5,325 businesses in the West Midlands …… Source: ONS UK business; activity, size and location: 2019
  4. 4. Total Entrepreneurial activity – GEM measure • Data on entrepreneurial activity lags that of the business population figures • Total entrepreneurial activity as captured in the GEM survey fell slightly during 2018 • As in previous years levels of entrepreneurial activity in the UK remain above those in France and Germany and below that in the USA Source: GEM UK Report (2018), published Oct 2019
  5. 5. Female early stage entrepreneurship – GEM measure • A broadly similar picture is evident in terms of female early stage entrepreneurship • One interesting aspect of the data in the last year is the sharp jump in female entrepreneurship in France and the US • As yet it is not clear whether this is volatility in the data or evidence of a real change in activity levels Source: GEM UK Report (2018), published Oct 2019
  6. 6. Flow and stock of businesses by ownership Early stage entrepreneurship Ownership of established businesses … there are relatively more females (50:100) engaged in early stage entrepreneurship than established businesses (44:100). A positive sign?... Source: GEM UK Report (2018), published Oct 2019
  7. 7. FSB Business Confidence Index … small business confidence hit an eight-year low in 2019 Q4 (measured just before the election)…. • Growth in business numbers and little change in levels of entrepreneurial activity hide something of a crisis in confidence • This may have improved post- election but as trade talks start uncertainty remains…
  8. 8. New projects from the ERC On-going projects (selected) • How are SMEs responding to the climate emergency? • How important is local competition in driving productivity etc. • Mental health and productivity in Midlands firms (ME) • R&D in creative industries (DCMS) New projects for next quarter • Innovation and productivity in rural enterprises • NIPF fellowship with Warwick Manufacturing Group • SME support evaluation partners for JP Morgan Foundation • Innovation readiness in foundation industries
  9. 9. SOTA Reviews on Women’s Enterprise (ERC/ISBE Gender and Enterprise Network) Aim: To ask insightful questions about women’s experiences of enterprise, and gender differences in entrepreneurship Themes: • Is Time Up for The Hero Male Entrepreneur? A Review of Enterprise Discourse and its Effects • Is Expanding Women’s Self-employment a Good Thing? A Review of Evidence • A Review of Assumptions Underpinning Women’s Enterprise Policy Initiatives • How Does Gender Shape Entrepreneurial Resources and Practices? A Review of Evidence • What Do We Know About Ethnic and Migrant Women Entrepreneurs? A Review of Evidence Seminar/workshop event in March – ‘Where next for Women’s Enterprise Policy?’ – Date TBC.
  10. 10. Find out more at: Or contact either or