Event 06 march morning flipcharts


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Event 06 march morning flipcharts

  1. 1. Event 06 March – morning flipcharts: “in my context…”  Activities not only based within a centre building but also throughout venues in the community  Already have some links in Warwickshire. New cluster arrangements should strengthen partnership work  Assist in sharing good & best practice  Better data sharing so that families receive a more holistic service  Bring together the evidence of new Booktrust programmes. Support/enhance Children’s Centres and libraries working together  Co-location of children’s centre stuff & services within libraries  Co-location provides opportunity especially as children’s centres refocus  Community hub  Could I start to run children’s centres by driving into place a new charity?  Deliver elements of children’s offer in different settings  Developing best practice  Do we need to look at libraries and think what provision we have for this client group?  Downloadable information packs for new parents (check list for people to see & things to do etc.)  Draw upon the specific skills between library staff & children’s centre workers – greater focus on speech & language  Engaging the university with opportunities for volunteering in children’s services (Northampton)  Filling the children centre gap! Universal provision  Focus on early intervention  Further co-location of libraries with children’s centres  Great venue to provide a safe & welcoming environment for service delivery – hosting activities etc  Improving information sharing & joined up working  Income generation  Increase links with children’s centres & libraries  Information regarding children’s centres in the red book with basic registration form enclosed as from 2014  Integrated pathways of Bookstart with Early Years providers – joined up.  Invite children’s centre staff into local libraries to promote or deliver certain services  Joined up working with libraries and other professionals  Joint working & sharing of resources  Kent – review of library services - Integrated service – libraries & registration – birth registrations taking place in libraries – pilot project linking parents & children’s centres at registration
  2. 2.  Language development  Libraries represent neutral non-threatening spaces. Great venues for children’s centres to host rhymetimes & speech & language sessions  Linking Bookstart activities – gifting, “Bookstart Bear Club”, certificate presentations…  More contact between children’s centres and libraries over delivering Bookstart & in particular reaching those hard to reach families  More increased partnership working with information officers  More joint working – seamless  More shared buildings with a range of services  Opportunities for 6 locations  Opportunities for closer partnership working – joint delivery of some services?  Opportunities for libraries to invite groups of parents from children’s centres to see library services and be sign-posted to other useful service providers  Opportunities for shared learning –joint training etc  Opportunity driven by needs as both services experience budget pressures to work more effectively & closely  Our ability to deliver a range of services for parents – connectedness  Oxfordshire Libraries – opportunities for visits by children’s centre to library activities such as rhymetime session  Parent information points in libraries. Set date/time to promote  Parenting programmes in libraries – links with schools  Permission to make contact cards at libraries, JCP offices etc  Potential for co-location of children’s centre & library through new community hub development  Potential to join up with health services in adjacent facilities to library & children’s centre  Prenatal sessions in libraries & community – sessions – baby in the womb sessions – singing/talking  Promoting parenting & advice material available in libraries  Registration being joined up  Sessions run in co-locations ie. libraries, civic halls, churches  Share library spaces  Shared skills knowledge & experiences to enable joined up working  Sharing of resources  Sharing resources  Should we be looking at more joined up approaches for these two services?  SLA between Children’s centres & libraries in Cambridgeshire  Speech and language pathways with rhymetimes  Structured introductory visits to libraries  To obtain the skills & knowledge about children’s centre services to influence local approach to commissioning & delivery  We are currently restructuring the children’s centres. They have recently come back into the council  We are in a position to know bid & commision to be a new provider of the children’s centre ‘offer’. It won’t be a pale imitation – it will have a new emphasis  Working with libraries to share venues  Working with the whole community & rural locations