The Story Behind Enterprise MENTOR


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The Story Behind Enterprise MENTOR

  1. 1. Enterprise MENTOR The Story Behind Enterprise MENTOR We are often asked what steps we took to build and develop Enterprise MENTOR. In this short report, weʼll share our approach with you, and reveal some of the key lessons we learnt along the way. If youʼd like to know how we created Enterprise MENTOR, then this report is for you. 1. Building the Foundations We therefore needed to make from their employees. sure that the content, structure and Firstly, we needed to be clear The people we met included thinking behind our mentoring what outcomes we wanted from Duncan Bannatyne and Simon programme was spot on. our mentoring programme. We Woodroffe from Dragons' Den, Sir wanted to develop a programme The best way we found to do that Tom Hunter — Scotland's richest which would ultimately deliver was to meet with, interview and entrepreneur, Lord Bilimoria, the increased revenue and profits for understand the thinking of ultra founder of Cobra Beer and Lord companies. We knew this would successful business leaders — the Harris the founder of CarpetRight, be done by helping employees feel type of people who have started, to name but a few. more engaged in their work, and built and run many profitable These business leaders know a take more ownership and businesses — and the type of thing or two about creating responsibility for their companyʼs people who knew how to build engaged and profitable teams who customers. profitable teams and get the best" 1
  2. 2. make customers want to repeat 3. Building The Programme to deliver a higher level of service buy and refer. We wanted to get for customers (and the more their Once we had the new content and into their minds, and find out passion will manifest into happy structure for our mentoring exactly how they think and act, so repeat and referral customers and programme, we needed to turn it we could help your teams think and higher levels of revenues and into something which engages act the same way too. profits). employees, and keeps them Getting the time of over 50 super wanting to learn more. successful, but super busy We found that the spoken-word 4. Developing a Workbook business leaders wasnʼt easy, it audio format is best for that, so we was time consuming and We also wanted to create a commissioned a handful of expensive — but it was worth workbook to bring the learning from voiceover artists to turn our written persevering with to make sure that the audio mentoring programme ideas into a powerful, engaging Enterprise MENTOR was built on alive in a written format. and addictive ʻspoken-wordʼ audio the right foundations. We went for 218 pages and programme. packed them full with more Again, finding the right talent examples, exercises and 2. Identifying Core Messages wasnʼt easy — and was time summaries. We can't understate consuming and expensive. But it Once weʼd interviewed the the importance of creating a was worth sticking out for the right business leaders, we needed to workbook to connect the audio artists. identify the core messages they mentoring sessions back to the spoke about, and find a way to Once we had the new voice employees business. Creating the present these messages to recording, we needed to edit the workbook took time, but like all employees. voices and put them all together to good things it was worth it when create the individual audio finished. This was a lengthy and mentoring sessions. We found that complicated process. It took us When creating this workbook, we 20 sessions, each around 15 over nine months to turn their ideas constantly kept in mind our goal of minutes in length worked well. into a meaningful structure to get a wanting to drive more revenue and new way of thinking into employees We used a powerful high spec profit growth for our clients. and managers. Mac computer for this and some fancy editing software. We used There may have been a quicker the industry standard Protools for 5. Testing The Programme way to do this, but we didn't find editing. Not cheap, but the best. Once weʼd got the basics of our any shortcut to take the ideas of business leaders and turn them We also needed to get Enterprise mentoring programme created, we into something powerful which MENTOR 'professionally needed to test it — and make sure changes employee behaviour (and mastered'. This was the finishing companies (like you) got the ultimately delivers profitable results process which made sure it was results they wanted from it. for companies like yours). But we polished and ultra engaging. We did, and to tell the truth, we are proud of what we created and actually discovered something very We wanted to make sure the the results it delivers, and are important. Which is this... as good mentoring programme was confident it was worth taking the as our mentoring programme is, we ʻaddictive' so employees would time. know it won't achieve the results want to keep listening to it and learning more. We know that the you want unless you (as a more engaged employees are company) build in some when learning from the mentoring management processes around it. sessions, the more they'll be able" 2
  3. 3. Just giving your employees bigger WOW factor by turning it Alternatively, you can speak to Enterprise MENTOR won't deliver into an iPhone App. We know the us, and introduce our proven the new revenue results you want. better the experience for your Enterprise MENTOR programme employees, the easier it is for them to your entire team from just £999 But if you make your line- to absorb the ideas, principles and (or your entire company from just managers responsible for taking new approaches taught in the £4,999). your team through the mentoring mentoring programme — and the programme (we've uncovered This means that from this point more significant the results you will some really useful and powerful forward, every employee in your achieve in your business. approaches to make this work) team (or company) can have you'll transform your business But creating an iPhone App is not access to a world class mentoring forever, and you'll see a dramatic easy either — and it costs a fair bit experience, and more importantly, shift in the level of innovation, of money too, but it has been you can start seeing their new way creativity and customer focus worth it, and offers another of thinking transfer though to coming from your team. You'll also experience for employees — and significant growth in revenue and see higher levels of revenue come can lead to higher results for you. profits. from more repeat and referral Because we're so confident that customers. Enterprise MENTOR will deliver the Developing Enterprise MENTOR results we say it will (and we want We are often asked what it cost you to save yourself the time and 6. Making it Better Still! to create Enterprise MENTOR and money of creating your own We think there is always an how long it took. Realistically, it mentoring programme), we're opportunity to make things even cost about £160,000 and took just happy to stand by our word with a better, and we are continually on over a year to develop, test and no-quibble 60 day cast-iron money the look-out for ways to make it refine. back guarantee. easier and even more engaging for If you were ever to consider We want you to use, experience employees to learn and develop. building your own similar mentoring and benefit from Enterprise Enterprise MENTOR has always programme to use in your MENTOR totally risk free for 60 been delivered in a mobile format company, you should have this days — and prove to yourself the (using MP3 players, mobile level of investment and timeframe results you can get in your phones, CDs, etc) in mind. business when you take your team There is something that comes Even at this level of investment, on a mentoring journey of with the flexibility of mobile what you should expect to see in personal, professional and learning, which means employees terms of: business development. can learn at a time and place which We think you'll be amazed at the • more engaged employees, suits them. This really breaks down changes you see in your team — any barriers to learning and • higher levels of innovation, and the increase you see in sales removes all obstacles which come • increased repeat and referral and profits. with other traditional learning customers, Call us today on +44 (0)207 558 formats. In fact, you'd be surprised • increases in revenue and 8017 to learn how you can start to by the number of people who prefer profit... drive revenue and profit growth in to learn whilst laid in bed (rather will still be a very worthwhile your company by using Enterprise than sitting at a desk at work). and profitable investment in your MENTOR to get the best from your We saw an opportunity to make employees. team and company. Enterprise MENTOR even more engaging, and give it an even" 3