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Special Bulletin for the Retail Industry     Employee Motivation,  Engagement & PerformanceStrategies for Retail Companies...
to become mentors to your employees.            3 — Inspire: Given that your people            Enterprise MentorTM brings ...
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Managers as mentors - Retail


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Managers as mentors - Retail

  1. 1. Special Bulletin for the Retail Industry Employee Motivation, Engagement & PerformanceStrategies for Retail Companies Proven strategies to keep your employees motivated — and your customers coming back to buy from you for years to come…T here’s no doubt about it, these are challenging times in the retail sector — especially if you are a traditional bricks andmortar retailer. Competition is up, fixed overheads areup, employee costs are up, cost-of-salesare up, just about everything has in-creased… including your customers’expectations and the buying choices avail-able to them. Vying for share of wallet has neverbeen more difficult — as consumersnow have an endless array of choice withoff-line, on-line and multi-channel retail-ers. If attracting a new customer or prisingthem away from your competitors was-n’t difficult and expensive enough in the Employee motivation, engagement and retention have a directfirst place, keeping customers so you can impact on the performance and profitability of retail companiesmaximise their life-time value carries itsown challenges too. However executives have their work no wonder that executives in the retail One bad experience, or one indifferent cut out as issues such as employee moti- sector are constantly seeking out newencounter with your sales or customer vation, retention and overall engagement ways to motivate, engage and retainservice staff and that could pretty much are an ongoing challenge in the retail their it! The marketing money you spent sector. One such strategy which is universallyon acquiring that customer is wasted, as Unmotivated or unengaged staff, and recognised to deliver results, is mentor-they’re off to your competitor, telling high levels of staff turnover make it more ing.others about their disappointing experi- and more difficult for retailers to deliver Managers as Mentorsence and damaging your carefully crafted a consistent world-class experience tobrand image in the process. their customers. Mentoring has long been the tool of choice for developing senior retail ex- Employee Motivation, When employees are disengaged, this ecutives, but the high cost of bringing in Engagement and Retention reflects on the level of service customers external mentors into a company means receive and reduces the likelihood of that mentoring is prohibitively expensive CEOs, HR directors and executives them repeat buying or referring.responsible for growth know only too for front-line employees.well the importance of employees in Given that the link between happy However, there is a way for yourkeeping customers loyal, repeat buying motivated staff, and higher revenues and employees to receive the benefits ofand referring. profits has conclusively been proven, it’s mentoring, and that is for your managers
  2. 2. to become mentors to your employees. 3 — Inspire: Given that your people Enterprise MentorTM brings the think- In fact, mentoring is exactly what your are the critical key to the success of your ing and inspiration of some of the UK’smanagers should be doing to create a company, it’s vital that every day, you get most successful business leaders directlyworkforce which is engaged, motivated, the best out of each and every one of to your front-line employees and manag-passionate and driven. them. ers. Business leaders who contributed to Your managers (both store managers the development of the programme in- When you give your managers the and area managers) are role-models in clude consumer champions Duncan Ban-tools to become mentors to your staff you your business who need to set a higher natyne and Simon Woodroffe fromquickly create an environment where standard and inspire your team to achieve Dragons’ Den, Lord Bilimoria (founderyour employees feel connected and en- more than they ever thought possible. of Cobra Beer), Lord Harris (founder ofgaged with your company, and committed CarpetRight) and Nick Wheelerto serving your customers at the highest The greatest retailers in the world aim (founder of Charles Tyrwhitt) plus manylevel — making your company stand out high and set impeccable standards of ex- more leading names from UK the ‘retailer of choice’ in your sector. cellence. They constantly thrill, wow and dazzle their customers. Your managers The Enterprise MentorTM programme The ‘5i’ Approach is designed to be used collaboratively by (as mentors) need to inspire your employ- To Mentoring your managers and employees, who em- ees to reach the same high standards of Underpinning the ‘managers as mentors’ excellence, not settling for anything less. bark together on a journey of personal,approach are the principles of 5i. professional and business development, 4 — Ignite: Your workforce is awash 5i works whether your staff are cus- and where your managers take the lead with ideas which could be worth millionstomer-facing on the shop floor, or work and facilitate the mentoring and develop- to your business. You simply need to ig-behind the scenes in fulfilment, inventory nite a new level of creativity in your staff ment of your employees.or buying. These proven five steps to to tap into their ideas. Using the 5i approach (involve, instil,mentoring are guaranteed to deliver the inspire, ignite and infuse), Enterprise When your managers become mentorsstrongest results for your business. MentorTM helps create a bond and rela- to your employees, one of their key roles Here’s the 5i approach: tionship between your managers and em- must be to find the winning ideas which ployees. 1 — Involve: The key to creating are buried deep in your workforce, andhigher levels of motivation, engagement help turn those ideas into new revenue, It gives a framework for your employ-and ultimately retaining more key staff is profit or cost savings. ees to learn more about themselves,to involve your employees in your busi- about your business and your customers. It’s your employees who day-to-dayness. are closest to your customers, and it’s It also helps your managers understand It’s to make them aware of your busi- your employees who invariably know more about the employees they manage.ness at a deeper and wider commercial more than anybody about what needs By getting your managers to mentorlevel, so they understand the importance changing or what ideas will work best in your employees through the programme,of your customer, and why customers your shops or concessions. With the help you involve your employees at a deeperchoose to buy from you, and what brings of your managers as mentors, you should level in your company, and create an envi-them back each week, month or even tap into this valuable potential. ronment which engages and motivatesyear. 5 — Infuse: Developing and mentor- them, and which is proven to lead directly The more your employees understand ing your employees is not a one-off activ- to higher revenues and profits.about your business, the more they feel ity, it’s an ongoing process. It’s about in- The Enterprise MentorTM programmepart of it, and the more they want to take fusing a new way of thinking into every is available to license at a company-wideresponsibility for it, and serve your cus- employee, so that every action they take, level (through a site-licence) so that everytomers at a higher level. When your cus- and every decision they make is done at a employee and manager in your organisa-tomers feel that extra level of service and higher standard, and for the benefit of tion can receive a world-class businessattention, it’s much easier for them to your customers. education and personal and professionaldecide to come back and buy from you, Only by constantly developing your staff, mentoring experience.or positively refer you to their friends, and involving them in your business will The programme is also available forfamily and business associates. you get the very best from them, and give ‘named users only’ so that you can specify 2 — Instil: You need to instil a new way your customers the greatest level of ser- precisely who will benefit from the men-of thinking into your employees which vice and value. toring experience.gets them to see your business through a Enterprise Mentor To learn more about the Enterprisedifferent set of eyes— the eyes of a busi- MentorTM programme, what it can do for To help your managers become men-ness owner (i.e. a retailer). your retail company, and how you can tors to your employees, we have created When your managers mentor your em- the Enterprise MentorTM programme. licence it — simply call us on +44 (0)207ployees, and teach them the fundamentals 558-801, or send us an email atof business (which all successful business Enterprise MentorTM is a set of digital know about), you create a work- mentoring tools and strategies which youforce which is motivated, takes extra re- can licence to improve the motivation, engagement, productivity and perform-sponsibility, and is willing to do whatever ance of your employees — and at theit takes to make your customers come same time, increase the revenue and prof-back and buy from you time and timeagain. its of your company.