How to make money as a workshop host


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How to make money as a workshop host

  1. 1. Page 1 How To Make Money as an Enterprise MENTOR Workshop Host
  2. 2. From: Richard Parkes Cordock – Founder Enterprise Leaders Worldwide Ltd Dear 'Future' Host of Enterprise MENTOR Workshops In this short letter I'd like to introduce you to a new opportunity which is available to experienced business coaches, trainers, consultants, professionals and marketeers around the world. The opportunity is to host and facilitate Enterprise MENTOR workshops and share in the subsequent licence revenues from sales of Enterprise MENTOR. Rather than going into deep detail in this letter of what the Enterprise MENTOR programme is, I encourage you to watch the many presentations and read the literature available at (or visit to learn about the future of employee development). Also before reading the rest of this letter you should watch the five-minute slideshow presentation at This presentation explains at a high- level the opportunity available to you as an Enterprise MENTOR workshop host. If you've already watched the slideshow presentation, it's likely you'll be asking the question 'how can I make money as an Enterprise MENTOR workshop host?' The quick answer to this, is through the sale of site-licences of Enterprise MENTOR, and taking a 50% share of revenue from those sales. In many instances, licence revenues from workshops will be many tens of thousands of pounds, half of which will go to you as a workshop host and the person closing the sale of Enterprise MENTOR. Let me explain how it works... As the creator of the Enterprise Mentoring approach and the Enterprise MENTOR programme I'm looking for just 100 business partners around the world who are in a position to host regular Enterprise MENTOR workshops. After testing many different marketing methods I've discovered that workshops are the best way to educate decision makers on how they can generate higher levels of revenue and profit by Page 2
  3. 3. improving the engagement and motivation of their employees. As a Enterprise MENTOR workshop hosts, your role will be to market and facilitate these workshops and in many cases, act as the presenter in the workshop as well. First and foremost however, for this opportunity to work for you, you must be confident that you can market a workshop and attract a room full of key decision makers, these include business owners, CEOs, VPs, Director and Managers. If you are not confident in marketing and hosting workshops, then this opportunity is not for you. Essentially workshop attendees will come from two core areas of business. One group will come from HR, Learning and Development, Organisation Development and executives who are charged with getting the best from employees. The other group of attendees will come from sales and marketing, operations and customer service and will be charged with growing their business. However this second group of executives also recognise the importance of their people to achieving their revenue and profit growth goals. Its likely that the workshop you run will have 20 to 30 attendees who will each pay £99+VAT (or the equivalent in your local currency) to attend the one-day workshop. A workshop with 20 attendees will generate around £2,000 of revenue. This revenue will be kept by you and will be used to cover the cost of your marketing, the hire of the venue and providing a networking lunch for the attendees. The idea is not necessarily to make a profit on the initial workshop, but to recognise that the real revenue opportunity comes in following up with the attendees after the workshop and giving them the opportunity to purchase a site-licence of Enterprise MENTOR. If you are able to attract the right attendees to the event (i.e. senior decision makers from companies with more than 100 employees), it's very likely that following on from the event, around 1 to 5 of those companies will be interested in investing in a site-licence of Enterprise MENTOR. It is your job as a workshop host to follow-through and provide a buying opportunity for those companies who have shown a particular interest in moving forward with Enterprise MENTOR. Here is your opportunity to share in the revenue of Enterprise MENTOR on a 50:50 basis, i.e. if Page 3
  4. 4. you sell a site licence for £20,000, you will receive £10,000, the remainder will come to us as the creators of Enterprise MENTOR. You can see exactly how the pricing of Enterprise MENTOR works by visiting As a workshop host, you also have the opportunity to add in your own consulting, coaching and training services to help with the roll-out of Enterprise MENTOR, or provide more face-to-face coaching or consulting to ensure companies receive the return they expect from their investment. But make no mistake, the key to successfully selling Enterprise MENTOR and sharing in the revenue is to attract the right type of decision makers (or key influencers) from the right sized company to the event. By using the materials we make available to you, attendees can understand the benefits of enterprise Mentoring in their business, and are able to make an informed decision of how to best use Enterprise MENTOR to grow their company. It is very possible that each workshop you run could yield £10,000, £20,000, £30,000 or more for you in revenue and profit (revenues and profits are very similar as you will be selling intellectual property with virtually zero delivery cost), and because you retain the £99 the attendees have paid to attend the workshop in the first place, marketing and running the workshop should not cost you anything. We even make available the marketing materials to bring attendees to the workshop. You can see a sample of these marketing materials at Unlike most business opportunities like this which give partners the opportunity to share in future revenues and sell their own professional services, we do not ask for an upfront capital investment. Here at Enterprise Leaders Worldwide our income is not made by selling 'business opportunity franchises' (which is the case with many companies), we make our income through taking a share of revenue when an end client purchases a licence of Enterprise MENTOR. We do however strictly vet who the hosts partners are to ensure they are fully committed, trained and can present Enterprise Mentoring and Enterprise MENTOR and provide an exceptional event for attendees so they receive a valuable return on their £99 investment in the workshop. We want to make sure that everybody leaves your workshop with at least £1,000 of value and clearly understands what Enterprise Mentoring is, what Enterprise MENTOR is and what Enterprise 2.0 is, and how they can use these technologies and approaches in their own company to increase Page 4
  5. 5. revenues, profits and deliver higher levels of employee engagement and motivation. Not everybody who applies to become an Enterprise MENTOR host and consultant will be invited to become one. Only those with a track record in coaching, consulting, training or and can demonstrate an ability to market and host a workshop will be offered the chance to share in this opportunity. That said, in certain circumstances, there may be companies or individuals who are experienced in marketing and hosting events, but don't have the right people to present the event. In those circumstances, somebody from Enterprise Leaders Worldwide could present the workshop (for a small charge), with the organising partner still taking the follow-on sales meetings. In summary, here is a seven-step plan of how you can make money as an Enterprise MENTOR workshop host and consultant. 1. You must make a commitment to become an Enterprise MENTOR workshop host and learn everything you can about Enterprise Mentoring and Enterprise MENTOR. You must also be committed to delivering the greatest possible value to attendees and prospective customers. There are plenty of free resources available online and you can even review the programme at If you send us an email at info@enterpriseleaders.come we can provide you with PDF or MP3 copies of the books which accompany Enterprise MENTOR. These books are Business Upgrade, Profit Upgrade, People Upgrade, Millionaire Upgrade and All Employees are Marketers. It's important you read or listen to all of these books as many of the stories and facts in them also form the material for the workshop. 2. Speak with us at Enterprise Leaders and tell us about your target market (i.e your target regions, verticals and companies). Once we get to know each other, we'll know very quickly if we can work together and we'll sign a short agreement which sets out the framework of our relationship and revenue sharing terms. 3. Choose a venue, set a date in your diary and move forward with marketing the event to your target audience. At £99+VAT for the workshop, with 20 attendees this will bring you close to £2,000 of revenue which will pay for marketing and hosting the event. Remember, the aim here is not necessarily to make a profit from the workshop, but to use this £2,000 of revenue to provide a first class experience for the attendees, making them leave feeling they have had £1,000 of value (which Page 5
  6. 6. they will have, as they'll also take away free online access to Enterprise MENTOR worth £495 which they can use to evaluate the programme). 4. Now before the event, it's time to really learn all you can about Enterprise Mentoring, Enterprise MENTOR and Enterprise 2.0. We'll provide you with all the materials you need, and will support you to make sure you are able to deliver a world-class presentation to the attendees. But you must be prepared to make this investment of time to become an expert in this area. 5. On the day of the workshop, through a series of exercises attendees will get the chance to share with you the challenges and problems they face. Getting this understanding of the attendees is critical to helping position Enterprise MENTOR as a possible solution for their people development and business development. It's important you see the event as a two-way interactive workshop and not just a one-way presentation. Part of the value for the attendees comes from the work they do and the answers they give during the practical exercises. 6. During the workshop, you'll set up a date and time for follow-on meetings with the attendees so you can discuss the problems they identified in the workshop a little more, and if applicable, put forward a proposal for a licence of Enterprise MENTOR and possibly additional coaching, consulting or training by you or your company. Licence revenues from Enterprise MENTOR will be split 50:50 between Enterprise Leaders Worldwide and you as the workshop host and company closing the sale. Any additional coaching, consulting or training revenue which you generate will be 100% for you. 7. It's essential that early in the sales cycle you suggest that once the client has seen benefit from Enterprise MENTOR they become a case-study which Enterprise Leaders Worldwide can reference, and you can use to bring new companies to your future workshops. You should also set up their commitment to refer you to other companies at this early stage to. If you believe this opportunity is for you, and you are confident that you can attract a room full of the right decision makers and follow-through with them to generate revenue from Enterprise MENTOR, then please get in touch and we can have an informal discussion about moving forward as an Enterprise MENTOR workshop host. The specifics we'd like to talk with you about are: Page 6
  7. 7. 1) Your target geographical region, vertical market and target companies. 2) Your background and experience to market and host an Enterprise MENTOR workshop. 3) Your sales ability to follow-up with attendees and provide them with a buying opportunity. 4) Your experience and ability to provide value-added consulting, coaching or training services to clients. Our contact details are:, +44 (0) 207 558 8017 and our skype id is 'enterpriseleaders'. Warm regards Richard Parkes Cordock Founder Enterprise Leaders Worldwide and Creator of Enterprise MENTOR. P.S. If you haven't already reviewed a sample of the marketing materials which you can use to market and host an Enterprise MENTOR workshop, you can download a sample of them at All marketing materials can be branded with your logo, your URL and your facilitator biography, as we recommend you host the event under your own company name and brand it 'in association' with Enterprise Leaders Worldwide. Page 7