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In this short presentation, I'd like to tell you a little more about Enterprise Mentoring, and specifically show how leveraging recent developments in Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 can help drive innovation and collaboration in your business, as well as help create more motivated and engaged teams who deliver greater levels of revenue and profit growth for your business.

But first, let' start by taking a quick look at Web 2.0 and how it fits in with Enterprise Mentoring. From 2004 and the emergence of Web 2.0, individuals and consumers around the world have found their voice as new technologies such as blogs, wikis and podcasts have led to more people publishing content, sharing ideas and being part of a wider conversation.

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace and Linked-in have created communities, connections and relationships where none existed before. Sites such as youtube, flickr and twitter have allowed everybody to quickly and easily publish new content.

Web 2.0 has changed the way businesses interact with customers forever. Companies now stand naked, as at the press of a button, customers can quickly and easily write about your company on a global scale, and either positvely or negatively recommend you.

Through blogs, review sites, and networking forums, were the world was silent before, or commentary and opinion was placed in the hands of a select few journalists and experts, now everybody, from the youngest teenager, to the oldest grandfather has been given a platform to share their thoughts, opinions and ideas. Web 2.0 has introduced a new set of behaviours which make us more collaborative, involved and participatory.

Inside a business the same principles of user generated content, idea sharing and collaboration has yet to really take off, although the framework and tools to achieve this is are in place. The decade starting 2010 will see a dramatic shift in the uptake of social media, idea sharing and collaboration within an organisation.

This subject of collaboration behind a companies firewall is referred to as Enterprise 2.0. One area which lends itself to Enterprise 2.0 and idea sharing is the area of identifying new business growth, cost saving and productivity improvement ideas. It's also an area that Enterprise Mentoring can help with too.

In years gone by, companies simply had a suggestion box where ideas could be posted either anonymously or named. However new technologies give companies the opportunity to profitably tap into the talent which lies within an organisation. That said, one of the inherent realities of Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 is that users have to be willing to contribute and add their new ideas, thoughts and content.

In web 2.0 this works well as individuals are fuelled by their own passion, for example formula 1. Many Formula 1 enthusiasts are happy to share their opinions in socials networking sites. Through their own volition, they comment on who will be the next driver at Ferrari, who they think will win the drivers championship, and they find themselves immersed in the finer details of F1. This level of passionate commitment is evident throughout the world of Web 2.0 as individuals share their thoughts on subjects as far ranging as abbsailing to zoology. Whatever sparks their passion they comment on and contribute to. Sadly though, this level of passionate contribution is not always present in companies.

However there is a way to tap into the talent of employees in an organisation and ignite their inner passion and imagination. That is through enterprise mentoring. Enterprise Mentoring is an approach which harnesses many Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 technology principles such as online collaboration and idea sharing, together with people development technologies such as mobile learning and e-learning.

Enterprise Mentoring gives employees the opportunity to receive world class personal, professional and business development through mentoring. First

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Enterprise Mentoring and Enterprise 2.0

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