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It's long been recognised that the success of any business rests firmly in the hands of its employees - and that the more engaged and connected employees are with their company, the greater its profitability and overall results.

In recent times, two words have come to encapsulate the essence of what it is to have passionate, driven and motivated employees.

Those words are employee engagement.

When, in your organization you have employees who are:

Passionate about their work
Who take ownership and responsibility for the success of your company
Who have high levels of business acumen
and understand the bigger picture...

When your employees willingly go the extra mile, not because you ask them to, but because they want to
Who are proud of their work
Who believe in your company
and think like a business owner...

then you have employees who are engaged.

More importantly, those engaged employees will lead directly to higher levels of revenue and profit growth.

The link between engaged employees, and happy repeat and referral customers - and increased revenues, profits and company growth, is one which is clearly understood, documented and proven.

There are many independent research houses, government bodies, and consultancies around the world - who site their own statistics for positive business results which comes from passionate engaged employees.

Notably, the Gallup Organization who suggest that when employees are engaged, companies can see an 38% increase in customer satisfaction, a 22% increase in productivity, and a 27% increase in profits.

The Corporate Leadership Council suggest that when employees are engaged they preform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave their company.

Given that employee engagement is critical to business growth, the question is - "how do you go about creating high levels of employee engagement in your own company?".

This is an area we can help you with.

Over the past few years, we have developed a suite of employee engagement tools and strategies - which are proven to substantially increase revenues, profits, performance and overall employee engagement.

Our 7-step approach to improving engagement and profitability, leverages our tools (which are MP3 mentoring sessions, 218 page workbook, and MP3 summary session)...

And the vital strategies which are used to compliment our tools include face-to-face mentoring, presentations, proteges becoming mentors, and follow-through such as conference calls, regular protege meetings, off-site get together and the occasional retreat.

Creating a workforce full of engaged employees is not a one off event, but an ongoing process.

Our approach to employee engagement is fully explained in the book People Upgrade which you can download for free from www.EnterpriseLeaders.com

In here you'll discover the employee engagement tools and strategies you can use to engage with your own staff, at your own pace, and at a time which suits you.

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Employee Engagement

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