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Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy Planning Framework
 Higher-order thinking
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Blooms Planning Sheet


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Higher order thinking skills are referred to in many of the new education and economic papers but what are they ? This diagram explains it and really shows that if we are taking an enterprising approach to learning - making it real, relevant and pupil centred higher order thinking skills will be developed through the process. .

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Blooms Planning Sheet

  1. 1. Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy Planning Framework Higher-order thinking Actions Products Learning Activities Creating Designing Film Constructing Story (Putting together ideas Planning Project or elements to develop Producing Plan an original idea or Inventing New game engage in creative Devising Song thinking). Making Media product Advertisement Painting Evaluating Checking Debate Hypothesising Panel (Judging the value of Critiquing Report ideas, materials and Experimenting Evaluation methods by developing Judging Investigation and applying standards Testing Verdict and criteria). Detecting Conclusion Monitoring Persuasive speech Analysing Comparing Survey Organising Database (Breaking information Deconstructing Mobile down into its component Attributing Abstract elements). Outlining Report Structuring Graph Integrating Spreadsheet Checklist Chart Outline Lower-order thinking Applying Implementing Illustration Carrying out Simulation (Using strategies, Using Sculpture concepts, principles and Executing Demonstration theories in new Presentation situations). Interview Performance Diary Journal Understanding Interpreting Recitation Exemplifying Summary (Understanding of given Summarising Collection information). Inferring Explanation Paraphrasing Show and tell Classifying Example Comparing Quiz Explaining List Label Outline Remembering Recognising Quiz Listing Definition (Recall or recognition of Describing Fact specific information). Identifying Worksheet Retrieving Test Naming Label Locating List Finding Workbook Reproduction