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The presentation is about UserGate Mail Server which is a solution for secure corporate e-mail management with built-in antispam and antivirus modules. The product is built from multiple modules, which makes it more failsafe and allows running the server on a distributed system.

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  • UserGate Mail Server is a solution for secure corporate e-mail management, including integrated antispam and antivirus modules. The product has a module structure, which makes the system more failsafe and allows running the server on a distributed system. UserGate Mail Server is a solution for secure corporate e-mail management, including integrated antispam and antivirus modules. The product has a module structure, which makes the system more failsafe and allows running the server on a distributed system.
  • UserGate Mail Server is a solution for small- and medium-sized companies. Companies consisting of 20-30 employees are not likely to choose robust, multifunctional and costly products: first of all, because of their high price, secondly, intensive network loading, and, thirdly, the uselessness of a large number of additional functions. As a rule, smaller companies need an easy to use, stable product for organizing a safe mailing system. UserGate Mail Server perfectly suits this goal due to its price, reliability and simplicity of use. The slide shows a diagram demonstrating the work of UserGate Mail Server and a list of the main functions described in more detail below .
  • So, some of the main functions of UserGate Mail Server include: the option of managing domains and users, a Web-client, distribution list support, work with directory services and remote user accounts, LDAP support, as well as a powerful and flexible system of rules.
  • UserGate Mail Server supports access to e-mail via a web-based application (UserGate WebMail), which allows you to receive full access to your mail from any web browser. This is especially convenient for a worker who has taken a sick leave or is on a business trip. With UserGate Webmail he or she is always available, and can quickly solve any problems at work.
  • The product supports SSL, POP3s, SMTPs and IMAPs protocols for e-mail access. The message security is provided by three concurrently working antivirus modules: Kaspersky Antivirus, Panda Antivirus, and Entensys Zero-Hour based on "cloud” technologies. A cloud antivirus enables proactive activity aimed at detecting Internet-threats: it begins fighting a virus before it infects millions of computers. Later we will look at cloud antiviruses in more detail, and now I would like to draw your attention to the problem of antispam .
  • The spam problem is becoming more and more urgent. There are various ways of solving it. During message processing UserGate Mail Server performs several stages of filtering: connection, sender, recipient, and content filtering. UserGate Mail Server supports the following spam filtering methods: -based on DNS (DNSBL, RHSBL, Backscatter, MX, SPF, SURBL); -based on statistical processing (Entensys’ own design of the Bayesian filter); -based on a distributed antispam system ( C ). The first two methods are included into UserGate Mail Server by default, while the third filtering method comes as an additional module. Please, read more about this method on the next slide.
  • Cloud Antispam filters messages based on their content and heuristics analysis. How does it work? The client sends to the cloud-based service a UID of a message (a certain pattern of a message), which helps define if the message contains spam. The solution blocks this specific message or stops spam attack instead of blocking the IP address, domain or e-mail address. It should be noted that the pattern does not contain the information sufficient to decode the message. Thus, Cloud Antispam can be used by organizations where erroneous deletion of messages can cause loss of clients or other problems. Cloud Antispam has a range of advantages. First of all, it does not require a period of learning. Secondly, the server load during a request is minimal. Another important plus of Cloud Antispam is a very low false response level: less than one message per 1.5 million, while the level of spam detection is higher than 97%. The traditional spam blocking method based on IP and DNS blacklists has a by far higher rate of false responses. It can be explained by the fact that normal users are often included in blacklists: if any computer from a local network is compromised or used for spam distribution, it is likely be included into a blacklist.
  • In the antispam module we use the technologies of Commtouch Company, a world leader in spam analysis. Every day a network of data centers (spambots) analyzes more than 2 billion messages and provides mail traffic monitoring in any part of the globe.
  • Apart from antivirus modules, Panda Security and Kaspersky Lab, Usergate Mail Server solution uses an additional module of cloud antivirus - Entensys Zero-Hour . Thanks to cloud technologies a company obtains additional virus protection without having to install complex software. Modern viruses, worms and Trojans use various vulnerabilities of antivirus technologies: the main problem is the time needed for creating signatures or heuristics. Entensys Zero-Hour™ allows starting proactive activity aimed at detecting Internet-threats: it begins fighting a virus before it infects millions of computers. Entensys constantly monitors the Internet to detect mass virus epidemics immediately as they break out. By using hundreds of servers (honeypots) located all over the world, the solution is able to detect both spam and viruses. Thus, Entensys Zero-Hour™ solution is not based just on virus signatures, as is common for many other antiviruses.
  • Usergate Mail Server provides detailed information on all messages processed by the mail server. Message monitoring also provides filtering by date, by processing status (delivered/blocked), and by sender or recipient address, as well as allows push-sending messages blocked as spam, and supports the creation of exception lists. UserGate Mail Server is a modular server. This makes the system more failsafe, as each module automatically restarts in case of a failure, and this one-module failure does not affect the system work in general.
  • UserGate Mail Server features integration with IMAP, and the MS Exchange or Lotus Domino servers are supported. Integration allows using a public IMAP folder on a remote mail server, as well as message processing in these folders. UserGate Mail Server also supports message backup and automatic reply, allows setting the message processing rules, management of services from the web console, and choice of random dates in the history of messages.
  • UserGate Mail Server

    1. 1. USERGATEMAIL SERVERMail server solution for small and mid-sized businesses: Easy to configure and control Fail-safe Total security Ultimate spam filtering
    2. 2. PROCESS E-mail management Security Spam protection Mail archiving
    3. 3. E-MAIL MANAGEMENT Domain management. The solution can work with eitherone or several domains at the same time. Rules system. Used to build message processing logic. LDAP synchronization. Synchronization with MSActiveDirectory. Remote server administration. Web client. Access to mail from any browser application. Multiple mail client support. Remote accounts support. Distribution lists. Private distributions to group members.
    5. 5. SECURITYThe products supports SSL, POP3s, SMTPs and IMAPsprotocols. Mail server administrator may view avaliableserver certificates, import/export certificates and create orremote a certificate in SSL Certificates windows.Triple virus protection. Three antivirus modules fromKaspersky Lab, Panda Security and Entensys Zero-Hour,based on «cloud» technology.Antivirus modules are integrated into the product to scan e-mail traffic forviruses and can be used independently from each other or together forsuccessive message scanning.
    6. 6. ANTISPAM (FREE MODULES)Messages received by UserGate Mail Server go through several filteringstages. Each message is filtered by connection, source address,destination address and content. UserGate Mail Server supports thefollowing spam filtering technologies: DNS-based filtering (DNSBL, RHSBL, Backscatter, MX, SPF, SURBL); Statistics-based filtering(Bayesian filtering method designed by Entensys).Additionally, UserGate Mail Server features SMTP control (verifiesvalidity of commands in accordance with RFC) and may applyrestrictions to message size, number of recipients, etc.
    7. 7. CLOUD-BASED ANTISPAMSpam detection rate - above 97%Low false response level – less than one in 1.5 mln messagesThe client submits to the cloud-based service a message’s UID thathelps identify if the message contains spam. The resulting decision isto block a specific message or spam attack instead of an IP address,domain or e-mail address.Therefore, cloud-based antispam is a convenient solution forbusinesses where a message deleted by mistake may result in a lossof client or other unwanted consequences.
    8. 8. CLOUD-BASED ANTISPAMCloud-based antispam module at Mail Server uses such technologies asRecurrent Pattern Detection (RPD™) and GlobalView™ designed byCommtouch, the world’s leader in spam analysis.A network of data centers (spam bots) analyzes over 2 billion messagesdaily, monitoring mail traffic in any part of the world.Recurrent Pattern Detectiontechnology and GlobalViewreputation service help the MailServer analyze the informationin real time and classify IPaddresses.Consequently, spam attackscan be blocked immediately asthey begin.
    9. 9. CLOUD-BASED ANTIVIRUSProactive virus detectionDoes not require installation of bulky softwarePresent-day viruses, worms and trojans use various weak points ofantivirus technologies. The major issue is the time required to createsignatures or carry out heuristics analysis. Entensys Zero-Hour™enables the earliest detection of new epidemics.Entensys continuosly monitors Internet and identifies massiveepidemics as soon as they break out. Using hundreds of servers(honeypots) all over the world, the solution can detect both spam andviruses. Unlike many other antivirus solutions, Entensys Zero-Hour™is not based just on virus signatures.
    10. 10. MONITORING AND STATISTICSUserGate Mail Server generates reports on all messages processedby the mail server solutions. Using the message monitoring capability,you can filter messages by date, processing status(delivered/blocked), source address and destination address, push-send messages blocked as spam and create exception lists.MODULAR STRUCTUREUserGate Mail Server has a modular structure. This enhances thesolution’s fail-safety, while each module restarts on failureautomatically, and failure of one specific module does not affect thesystem in general. Additionally, UserGate Mail Server may run on adistributed system.
    11. 11. IMAP INTEGRATIONUserGate Mail Server supports IMAP integration MSExchange or Lotus Domino servers. IMAP integration featureallows the product to create a shared IMAP folder on a remotemail.MAIL ARCHIVINGUserGate Mail Server stores archives of all received, sent andforwarded mail. This feature may become very important when youneed to recover deleted mail or prove compliance with therequirements of regulatory authorities.
    12. 12. ENTENSYS COMPANY  Founded in 2001  Offices in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Leipzig (Germany)  Staff: more than 40 employees  More details about the company and other products: STRATEGIC PARTNERSKaspersky Lab Panda BrightCloud CommtouchRussia Security USA Israel Spain