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Google Maps on iOS with Swift


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Talk at Brooklyn iOS Meetup on experience playing with Google Maps SDK on iOS with Swift

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Google Maps on iOS with Swift

  1. 1. Google Maps on iOS with Swift Brooklyn iOS, 3/25/15
  2. 2. About me Arun Nagarajan (@entaq) Currently Founding Engineer, funded stealth startup in NYC We are hiring! Email us at Previously 2 yrs at Google - Tech Lead, Developer Platform 9 yrs at Verivo Software (Boston) - VP of Architecture
  3. 3. Lets get started ● MapKit started using Apple Maps in fall of 2012 ● Google Maps SDK for iOS came out in Dec 2012
  4. 4. But seriously... ● Apple Maps and MapKit has come a long way ● We use it in our app and its very powerful!
  5. 5. Google Maps SDK features ● SDKs are easier to update than underlying OS ● Couple of nice touches like tap and drag for zoom ● Subjective look and feel might be better ● Better if you are building an Android app as well
  6. 6. Invoking Google Maps App ● Check if Google Maps invoked ● Invoke with parameters
  7. 7. Invoking Google Maps App (more) ● Search is also supported ● Be able to come “back” to your app
  8. 8. Steps to get Google Maps SDK 1. Download latest SDK (version 1.9.2, 23 mb) 2. Drag in Google Maps Framework 3. Find/Drag in Google Maps Resource Bundle 4. Add -ObjC linker flags
  9. 9. Lots of binaries to link
  10. 10. Add Objective-C Bridging Header
  11. 11. ...or clone a bootstrap project
  12. 12. ...or use Cocoapods pod 'Google-Maps-iOS-SDK', '~> 1.9.2'
  13. 13. Get an iOS Google Maps Key 1. 2. Create a new project (or use existing) 3. Enable “Google Maps for iOS” under APIs 4. Create new Public Key for iOS under Credentials 5. Paste in your Bundle ID 6. Get key!
  14. 14. Demo time!
  15. 15. Other factors ● Google Maps SDK adds bit over 4 MB to your app ● Licensing can be tricky - seems like free for non-commercial apps. Reading required -
  16. 16. Recap ● MapKit is awesome ● But Google Maps SDK for iOS provides a nice option ● Super easy to get started with Swift ● Get starter code here
  17. 17. Thanks Questions? Arun Nagarajan We are hiring! Email us at