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CheckMark - Code the Deal hackathon


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Code the Deal hackathon submission

Published in: Law
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CheckMark - Code the Deal hackathon

  1. 1. CheckMark Making trademark clearance more efficient Ami Bhatt & Arun Nagarajan
  2. 2. Trademarks: Background Trademarks are valuable assets of every business. Selecting and registering trademarks and important process in protecting this asset Cornerstone to this process is the USPTO site.
  3. 3. Importance of Trademark Clearance To determine whether the mark can be used and registered, conduct trademark clearance ● Avoid refusal by PTO for likelihood of confusion with an existing trademark ● Avoid suit for infringement of an existing trademark ● Allows for selection of a strong mark ● Reduces risk of having to rebrand or destroying infringing merchandise after the launch of a product or campaign ● Ability to enforce trademark against others
  4. 4. Broadly, a Two-Step Process 1. “Knock-Out” Search 2. “Full” Search
  5. 5. Searching on USPTO Site: TESS
  6. 6. Basic Search - The Name Says It All
  7. 7. Structured Search - Limited Criteria
  8. 8. Free Form Search - Mastery of Codes
  9. 9. Constructing Free Form Searches
  10. 10. Result of Records
  11. 11. Individually Review Each Result
  12. 12. And PTO Website Has More Info! TSDR contains information relevant for clearance, but not available through TESS records results page, including: ● Goods or Services ● Date of Registration ● Design Elements ● Owner ● “Live” or “Dead” ● Prosecution History of the Mark
  13. 13. Time and Hassle! Beware the time-out
  14. 14. What Does This Mean? Trademark Office website has relevant information, but is not easy to obtain and view. Leads to inefficient, uninformed, incorrect decision-making.
  15. 15. Solution: CheckMark CheckMark allows a user to leverage information available on the Trademark Office Site to save time and make better decisions.
  16. 16. Demo
  17. 17. Automatic Alerts
  18. 18. Beyond Delivering Key Information Build product’s capabilities to include: ● Smarter Searching: ○ Advanced searching and refine results by TSDR criteria ○ Add way to search by design elements ○ Phonetic searching capabilities ○ Provide “similarity” index ○ Suggested related classes of goods and services ● Go beyond trademark clearance: ○ Use in registration and prosecution of marks ○ Brand and Mark protection through automatic alerts
  19. 19. Example - Related Classes Identify that the relevant service is beer. CheckMark would note relevant goods & services in classes 032, 033, 040, 043.
  20. 20. Thank you! Questions? Ami Bhatt, Arun Nagarajan Attorney, Norris, McLaughlin & Marcus, P.A. Lead Technologist, Stealth
  21. 21. Checkmark: Sample Result
  22. 22. Checkmark: Link to TSDR Info