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Linux administration roles and responsibilities


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Linux administration roles and responsibilities,Linux administration roles ,Linux administration responsibilities

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Linux administration roles and responsibilities

  1. 1.,Mail Us: Call Us:+91-9705981289,Skype id: Linux administrationroles and responsibilities Summary 5 years experience on Grid Computing, a specialized knowledge and administration experience on both gLite and OSG Grid Middleware. Remarkable research and administration experience on storage systems like dCache, Lustre, NFS. 2 years full administration experience on ATLAS Tier2/Tier3 site (AGLT2 in USATLAS). Solid programming skills in Perl, Linux C/C++, Shell. Education background Sep, 2000--Jun, 2004 Bachelor, Beijing Normal University, Information School Main Classes: C language, C++ language, Operating System, Computer System Architecture, Principles of Microcomputer and Interface Technology, Assembly Language, Principles of Compilation Sep, 2004--Dec, 2009 Master and PhD student, IHEP, Computer Center Main Classes: Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms, Software Engineering, Principles of Database Design, Advanced Network Technology, Distributed System, High Performance Computing, Network Security, Analysis of Network Performance. 2 Research Interests: Massive Storage Systems, Distributed File Systems, Grid Storage System and Grid Middleware. Qualifications: English Skills: „ Good score in CET6, excellent verbal and written communication skills in English. „ 2 years of research experience in the University of Michigan. „ Great communication, presentation, writing skills in both English and Chinese. „ Very familiar with North American culture, geography and customs. Computer Skills: „ 6 years experience on Redhat Linux, great skill in configuring, troubleshooting and tuning various Linux services, also familiar with Solaris, FreeBSD and Debian. „ 5 years experience with Perl Programming (Scripting and Perl CGI) and Linux C/C++ programming, 1 year experience with PHP, 1 year experience with C#, asp,, familiar with Java, Linux Shell, sed, awk, Python. „ 2 years programming experience on Mysql, Postgresql databases, 3 months on SQL Server. „ Administration experience: 9 3 years with dCache Massive Storage System, 2 years with NFS, 1 year with Lustre,3 years with grid middleware(both gLite and OSG). 9 Remarkable experience in performance tuning of PostgreSQL, Mysql databases, RAID, JVM. Research Qualification: „ Strong specialized knowledge of Massive Storage Systems, Distributed File Systems, Grid Middleware, High Performance Computing.
  2. 2.,Mail Us: Call Us:+91-9705981289,Skype id: „ Skilled in formulating scientific problems and designing experimental research methodology. „ Solid specialized knowledge of classic computer algorithms. „ Solid experience in programming with Perl, Linux C/C++. 3 „ Experienced in collecting, analyzing and presenting scientific data. „ Experience of presentation in both national and international conferences. „ Publications in scientific journals and national/international conferences. Work Experience June 2007--May 2009 Visiting Scholar in Physics department, the University of Michigan Participated in the construction and research work for AGLT2 in USATLAS. Responsible for primary research work on achieving stability, high performance, and availability for production systems. Specific research topics include: „ Designed and implemented a management system dCDB for dCache to address the stability, availability, health issues of the massive storage system during full production capacity. „ Proposed a new frequency based dynamic replication strategy and implemented it on dCache system. „ Proposed and implemented a dynamic and extensible performance test tool SEperf to benchmark the performance of grid storage system. „ Benchmarking and tuning of local IO and network resources. „ Performance tuning of dCache massive storage system and PostgreSQL, Mysql, JVM. „ Performance research on Lustre distributed file system. „ Participated in USATLAS Tier2/Tier3, OSG workshops and Utralight tutorials, giving presentations on topics as performance tuning on local resources and gaining high availability on dCache system. Feb 2004--May 2007 PhD Student in Computer Center, Institute of High Energy Physics „ Developed a grid job submission client based on Web Service architecture. „ Developed an online bookstore website with, SQL Server, C# on the .net platform. „ Developed a GUI for CASTOR client with gtk2.0 and GDK on Redhat Linux. „ Participated in the BES (BEijing Spectrometer) grid project, responsible for the deployment and management of the BES Grid testbed (includes grid middleware services as CE, SE, WN, RB, BDII, Myproxy, R-GMA, GridICE, UI and LFC). 4 „ Tutoring for the EUChinagrid 2nd/3rd tutorials, giving tutorials on topics as Grid Information System and Special Jobs on Grid. „ As a member of the WP5 of the EUChinagrid project, participated in the deployment and maintenance of the Gilda IHEP-BEIJING Grid site. „ Responsible for the deployment and administration of Quattor (a system to install and configurate computer clusters) on IHEP computer clusters, defined and implemented templates for local software to make configuration information updates dynamically and automatically. „ Planned and
  3. 3.,Mail Us: Call Us:+91-9705981289,Skype id: performed performance tests and diagnosed compatibility problems on CASTOR massive storage system with STK, IBM, ADIC Tape Libraries. Appendice 2: Research Work on Doctoral dissertation Research on Performance of Grid Storage System over 10Gb Network With the pervasive use of 10Gb WAN and continually increasing requirements of storage and computing from the new generation of high energy of physics, Grid storage is facing great challenges. Grid Storage with high availability, reliability, stability and IO performance is required for a massive, fully loaded HEP computing production system. To address these problems, the following research work has been done in this dissertation: Performance Tuning on Grid Storage System Based on the 3-layer model of grid storage service, benchmark and tune various factors which affect the IO performance. On the Physical Storage layer, based on the typical RAID system, benchmark and tune parameters at controller level (PCI Slots, RAID Controller, RAID Levels, Parallel Disk Numbers, Read and Write Policies, Stripe Width of RAID Controller), Operating System kernel level(Various kernels, IO scheduler, the depth of request queue, maximum waiting number on request queue, read ahead size ) and File system level(Inode size, stripe unite/stripe width ,external and internal log device of XFS file system). Storage servers achieved over 60% IO performance improvement with all the tunings. On the Storage System layer, performance of Postgresql and JVM are tuned to serve continuously increased data access requests. On the Grid Protocol layer, GridFTP and SRM performance are tuned to improve the data transfer performance. Efficient Management on Massive Storage System A management system dCDB is designed and implemented in order to address the integrity, consistency, balance and availability problems which are commonly brought in by massive production systems. dCDB provides functions as monitoring, resource statistics, alert, maintenance, troubleshooting and automatic system restore. A new Fuzzy Pool Balance (FPB) strategy is proposed to solve the two dimensional imbalance problems on storage pools: space and file number imbalances.
  4. 4.,Mail Us: Call Us:+91-9705981289,Skype id: DynamicReplication inMassive Storage Based on the characteristics of topology and storage unit of Massive Storage Systems, a new Frequency Based Dynamic Replication strategy is proposed and applied to the dCache system. Compared with traditional dynamic replica strategies, FBDR use two newly proposed algorithms called OFMI and TFMS to identify high frequency files based on their access record history and improve the hit rate of hot files(archive 70% hit rate). FBDR takes 7 System available space, system load and IO performance of storage pools into account to decide the location to replicate files. This not only improves the IO performance (improved by 80%) of frequently accessed files, but also balances the system load and resource consumptions on different storage pools. Grid Performance Test Tool SEperf To benchmark the performance of Grid Storage Service, a Performance test tool SEperf is proposed and implemented. Compared with other grid benchmark tool, SEperf is tightly related to the features of grid storage use patterns. It supports dynamically extensible clients, different IO patterns, various ways of source file generation, and real time monitoring on resource consumption and test processes. SEperf also supports integrated tests and makes comparison plots based on all test results. As an auxiliary tool, SEperf can be used to benchmark the reliability, stability and performance of grid storage systems.