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Amazon web services interview questions


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Amazon web services interview questions,Amazon web services questions,Amazon web services interview

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Amazon web services interview questions

  1. 1.,Mail Us: Call Us:+91-9705981289,Skype id: What isAmazonWeb Services(AWS)? Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides computing resources and services (together make up a cloud computing platform) that you can use to build applications within minutes at pay-as-you-go pricing. For example, you can rent a server on AWS that you can connect to, configure, secure, and run just as you would a physical server. The difference is the virtual server runs on top of a planet-scale network managedbyAWS. 2. What is S3? What isit usedfor? Shouldencryptionbe used? S3 stands for Simple Storage Service. You can think of it like ftp storage, where you can move files to and from there, but not mountit like a filesystem. AWS automatically puts your snapshots there, as well as AMIs there. Encryption should be considered for sensitive data, as S3 is a proprietary technology developedbyAmazonthemselves,andasyetunprovenvis-a-visasecuritystandpoint. 3. What is an AMI? How do I buildone? AMI stands for Amazon Machine Image. It is effectively a snapshot of the root filesystem. Commodity hardware servers have a bios that points the the master boot record of the first block on a disk. A disk image though can sit anywhere physically on a disk, so Linux can boot from an arbitrary location on the EBS storage network.
  2. 2.,Mail Us: Call Us:+91-9705981289,Skype id: Build a new AMI by first spinning up and instance from a trusted AMI. Then adding packages and components as required. Be wary of putting sensitive data onto an AMI. For instance your access credentials should be added to an instance after spinup. With a database, mount an outside volume that holdsyourMySQL data afterspinupas well. 4. Can I verticallyscale anAmazoninstance? How? Yes. This is an incredible feature of AWS and cloud virtualization. Spinup a new larger instance than the one you are currently running. Pause that instance and detach the root ebs volume from this server and discard. Then stop your live instance, detach its root volume. Note the unique device ID and attach that root volume toyournewserver. Andthe start it again. Voilayouhave scaledverticallyin-place!! 5. What is auto-scaling? Howdoesitwork? Autoscaling is a feature of AWS which allows you to configure and automatically provision and spinup new instances without the need for your intervention. You do this by setting thresholds and metrics to monitor. When those thresholds are crossed a new instance of your choosing will be spun up, configured, and rolledinto the load balancer pool. Voila you've scaled horizontally without any operator intervention! 6. What automationtoolscan I use to spinupservers? The most obvious way is to roll-your-own scripts, and use the AWS API tools. Such scripts could be written in bash, perl or other language or your choice. Next option is to use a configuration management and provisioning tool like puppet or better it's successor Opscode Chef. You might also looktowardsa tool like Scalr. Lastlyyou can go witha managedsolutionsuchasRightscale.
  3. 3.,Mail Us: Call Us:+91-9705981289,Skype id: In VPCswithprivate andpublicsubnets,databaseserversshouldideallybe launchedinto: The publicsubnet The private subnet Eitherof them Notrecommended,theyshouldideallybe launchedoutsideVPC An instance is connected to an ENI (Elastic Network Interface) in one subnet. What happens when you attach an ENI of a differentsubnettothisinstance? The instance followsthe rulesof the oldersubnet The instance followsthe rulesof boththe subnets The instance followsthe rulesof the newersubnet Notpossible cannotbe connectedto2 ENIs You want to use Route53 to direct your www sub-domain to an elastic load balancer fronting your web servers.Whatkindof record setshouldyoucreate? A. AAAA NS CNAME You have created 4 weighted resource record sets with weights 1, 2, 3 and 4. the 3rd record set is selectedbyRoute53: 1/7th of the time 3/10th of the time 3/7th of the time 1/4th of the time
  4. 4.,Mail Us: Call Us:+91-9705981289,Skype id: You have created a Route 53 latency record set from your domain to a machine in Singapore and a similar record to a machine in Oregon. When a user located in India visits your domain he will be routed to: Singapore Oregon Dependsonthe loadon eachmachine Both,because 2 requestsare made,1 to each machine Whichof the followingcanbe usedas an originserverinCloudFront?(Choose 3) A webserverrunningonEC2 A webserverrunninginyourowndatacenter A RDS instance An AmazonS3 bucket In CloudFront what happens when content is NOT present at an Edge location and a request is made to it? An Error 404 notfoundisreturned CloudFront delivers the content directly from the origin server and stores it in the cache of the edge location The requestiskepton holdtill contentisdeliveredtothe edge location The requestisroutedto the nextclosestedge location Whichof the followingistrue withrespecttoservingprivate contentthroughCloudFront? SignedURLs can be createdto access objectsfromCloudFrontedge locations Directaccess to S3 URLs can be removed therefore allowingaccessonlythroughCloudFrontURLs Mark the S3 bucketprivate andallowaccessto CloudFrontbymeansof Roles Mark the S3 bucketprivate andand create an OriginAccessIdentitytoaccessthe objects
  5. 5.,Mail Us: Call Us:+91-9705981289,Skype id: You have written a CloudFormation template that creates 1 elastic load balancer fronting 2 EC2 instances. Which section of the template should you edit so that the DNS of the load balancer is returneduponcreationof the stack. Resources Parameters Outputs Mappings Answers: 1) a 2) b 3) b 4) d 5) b 6) a 7) a, b, d 8) b
  6. 6.,Mail Us: Call Us:+91-9705981289,Skype id: 9) a, b, d 10) c