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Video Blog

  1. 1. ==== ====Hello dear, You can find much info at: ====First glancing at the My Video Talks Products suite, it will appear or perhaps could look to theactual unaccustomed eye just a little overwhelming.As soon as you look within the instructional videos and discover the step by step procedure, all ofthe My Video Talk products happen to be easy to understand.My Video Talk products technological innovations are interesting and certainly being able to helpbusiness owners and online marketer communicate all over the globe.The My Video Talks product range has six beneficial solutions people and business.Definitely one of the principle benefits which i liked from the my video talk studio room was theway the My Video Talk Products allows the tiny organization man or woman with their ownbranding.So if you buy the My Video talk Products you get access to your own my video talk studio, that youuse to access your my video products and services.1) The My Video BroadcasterThe My Video broadcaster provides you with the ability to broadcast your own company as well asits message all over the globe all in hi-def quality.With the Video broadcaster you can have your own designed custom banner at the top on the left,and a banner / button on the right with your logo design on it. (Brand Awearness )These banners have hyperlinks which means when your client clicks them its going to deliverthem to another site,but maintaining them on the broad cast.A screen lets you view a live streaming video. This screen can be moved from left to right up ordown or if you wish not show at all, it can also be shown as a full screen.The screen to the left at the top, and the Instant chat under that screen, with power pointpresentation to the right seems to work best, but that is up to you. I must say that the quality of theHD is first-rate.You can also let your guests download files like jpegs,Powerpoint, live videos,pre-recordedvideos,customer surveys which allows you to interact with your customers and prospects and staff.
  2. 2. The quick chat is in the control of the administrator and can be removed at any point.2) The My Video Web ConferencingA bit like the my video talk board casting the my video web conferencing has added features andbenefits.Like the guest exchange, one on one conversation face to face, with up to 7 participants atonce,and the ability to bring people from the audience and exchange them for a person on the livecall, excellent for people giving review or presentations.3) The My Video DesignerI have to confess, I like this of software. Why? well it allows people to send a very good qualitybranded video email right in the customers in- boxSo now it is possible to stop sending old texted messages emails. It is now very easy to send apotential prospect a branded video email with text as well if you wish. Once again the My VideoDesigner can be branded to your speck with banners. both the button and banner can behyperlinked.The My Video Talk Products are not the easiest to use but this is very easy to set up.There is tracking of all of your campaign available, telling you when and what has been opened.This will give any business an unfair advantage over the competition.4) The My Video ChannelThis could be a game change a YOUtube style site. This can also be customize to however youfeel. This is your own branded web site at the click of a button, no hosting required and no webdesigners.A good benefit to having this video channel is that there is not a 3rd party leading your hard-earned prospects or traffic away to other web-sites through advertizing. You have total control ofwhat your prospects view. That means that you can point them to whatever you like.You have the ability to place a capture form on this site, so that you can start to capture emailaddress and names.It is also possible to add meta tags and keywords and for Search Engine Optimization purposes.This will help your My video talk site get found by all the search engines.5) My Video WebShowThis product is a live or can be pre-recorded web internet show.This is your own CNN 24/7 network.
  3. 3. People are now using this channel to teach a hobbies to folks and train people from their ownhome.The shows are live people can interact with you or they can just be recorded.You can let people know about your show through the Facebook and twitter share button.The my video web show also gives you a pay per view feature, so you could charge folks to watchyou if you wanted to.This is a good opportunity to turn a hobby of a life time or passion into a new revenue stream.6) The My Live Learning CenterThis product will be launching in the month of April 2011 and will be a fantastic learning centre.At home you will be viewing the best professionals teaching topics from cooking to marketing,online affiliate marketing, attitude and much more.These all will be business leaders and motivators helping you reach where you want to be.The products are designed by in-house software designers and have been well thought out.The My Video Talk Products are high speck as well as good value for the money. However youmust be sure that they are right for your business needs. You can take a closer look at the myvideo products below.Utilizing the My Video Talk Products is straightforward what is more demanding would be the togenerate leads when using the My Video Talk Products, follow this link and find out moreinformation on free lead generation with all the My Video Talk Products.Article Source: ====
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