Venezuela, Visit Venezuela, Tourism in Venezuela


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Visit this country, home of nice people. Visit us at:

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Venezuela, Visit Venezuela, Tourism in Venezuela

  1. 1. ==== ====Best places in Venezuela........Ciudad Guayana, Bolivar State. Visit us at: ====Venezuela is a beautiful country where you can find different environments to travel and have avacation experience quite rewarding. No tourist who comes to be disappointed Venezuela, on thecontrary, has fond memories, beautiful and eager to come back again.You have beaches, rivers, mountains, plains, valleys and many environments. First, in speaking ofbeaches, we mention the beautiful cays that are in the Morrocoy National Park, where you havebeaches with crystal clear, warm, clean, beautiful, and likewise, you can meet the Los RoquesArchipelago or Island Margarita. All these beaches represent the natural beauty of the country.You also have mountain areas, such as La Cordillera de Los Andes, or the Pico Bolivar. Beautifulvillages such as La Colonia Tovar, crowded very humble, friendly and eager to make yourvacation in Venezuela are the most tasty. Another tourist attraction in mountain areas is the stateof Merida, where you have many hills and interesting places, pretty, nice, very cold and verybeautiful. Merida is a city with more development of tourism in Venezuela, because it has wondersthat other countries do not have. It is a relatively small city, but has been growing steadily.You can also visit Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, is a world-class cosmopolitan city. In thewest of the city, in the Libertador municipality, tourism is important in regard to the historic old city,the Cable Car Caracas, Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas, the Zoos, Boulevard de SabanaGrande, among others. In the east of the city, especially in the municipalities of Chacao andBaruta environment is indisputable progress and modernism, European-style shopping malls,beautiful places, night clubs, etc. Also, the Parque del Este, located in the Sucre municipality isheavily exploited for tourism.South of Venezuela in the states of Bolivar, Amazonas and Delta Amacuro begins the AmazonRainforest, the largest rainforest and the worlds largest nature reserve. This area of the countryhas a great tourist value, because there is Angel Falls, considered the highest waterfall in theworld, the savannah, rivers, jungle and the Orinoco river, forming a point of ecotourism has not yetactually been exploited, we need to promote the national government to make plans for this land inVenezuela in a crucial point for ecotourism in this part of the world.The plains of Venezuela is the region with low elevations, dominated by tables, mountains, hills,pastures and lakes, the weather is hot and has a tourist reception average, but is an important sitefor rural tourism, covers most of Apure, Barinas, Cojedes, Portuguesa, Guarico, Anzoategui,Monagas and Delta Amacuro in these rural plains combine flora, fauna, and typical of theindigenous culture of Venezuela. The highest peaks of this mountainous region are achievedVenezuela in San Juan de Los Morros.Venezuela is one of the countries that may have greater exploitation of tourism, because it has
  2. 2. different environments: mountains, beaches, deserts, forests, plains, modern cities, etc.. I hope inVenezuela, welcome, friend.Kervin Vergara invites you to visit our blog Tourism in Venezuela, where you will find informationon tourist sites in Venezuela, and tips for traveling to this beautiful country.Article Source: ====Best places in Venezuela........Ciudad Guayana, Bolivar State. Visit us at: ====