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new model pharma business

  1. 1. a profitable new business model for pharma how growing participation chains will grow sales ENRICO FISICHELLA - Business Models Design
  2. 2. The challenge: efficiently enable and complement the sales force (without losing control of the message) It’s harder than ever for sales reps to connect with prescribers Last year, the number of docs who would see most reps dropped significantly and the number who refused to see most reps increased by half. REP-ACCESSIBLE DOCS REP-INACCESSIBLE DOCS 20% 50% AccessMonitor™, a report from global consulting firm ZS Associates, 5/2010 ENRICO FISICHELLA - Business Models Design
  3. 3. pharma companies need an effective & easy tool to: engage physicians share scientific knowledge get information from CRM system show products’ benefits reduce on field waste of time engage sales force reduce cost of paper ENRICO FISICHELLA - Business Models Design
  4. 4. Two-thirds of physicians use web content for professional purposes This doc- 115,000 to-doc docs talk blogger to each has other on 53,000 Sermo. readers this month + 20,000 Twitter followers 65% of docs plan to use social media for professional developmentManhattan Research 2009, 2010 Sermo,com ENRICO FISICHELLA - Business Models Design
  5. 5. before selling we must engage how............ ENRICO FISICHELLA - Business Models Design
  6. 6. 1 opening up the possibility of outiside-in pattern, running platform that connects the company ecosystem:employee, physicians, project teams, prospects, opinion leaders, sales network ENRICO FISICHELLA - Business Models Design
  7. 7. 2 developing platform that manage multi-channels live meetings congresses symposiasmart phoneIpadweb site community spaces sales reps international branches ENRICO FISICHELLA - Business Models Design
  8. 8. 3 designing interactive platform on web for the medical professionals over the world to share their knowledge. ...... for sharing medical images, videos and discuss them with a large community of physicians.The web-platform enables users to connect, contribute and collaborate with others through articles, forums, news updates, Physician interviews and much more." ENRICO FISICHELLA - Business Models Design
  9. 9. why the Ipad tool could be useful tosupport a new way to grow up sales on pharma market
  10. 10. A few of the companies that have issued iPads to field repsand sales people include: Otsuka Abbott Laboratories Medtronic Inc. Boston Scientific Corp. Astra ZenecaArguably more portable and convenient than a laptop, somecompanies have purchased thousands of units, recognizing thatface-time with physicians is always a precious commodity. The sales force can quickly fire-up, display productinformation and more effectively engage physicians in theiroffice, at trade shows and at professional conferences.
  11. 11. The iPad offers a number of advantages over the Tablet PC 1- the iPad is light—1.5 pounds to be precise—which means it’s easy to tote around. 2- it has excellent battery life. 3- the screen is beautiful to look at and intuitive to navigate. 4- there’s little learning curve for reps and their customers, many of whom already have iPhones or iPads themselves 5- the iPad is relatively cheap. The basic model goes for 499 euros. 6- reps must have more information at the ready and more compelling solutions to quickly pique physician interest. On the other hand, PC tablet computers are great for presentations in a classroom but are heavy to lug around, take a long time to start up, and have a tendency to run out of battery life.
  12. 12. By far, one of the advantages that the iPad will offer salesforce efforts is the large format display of content through theiPad app.Using the Apple-provided SDK, apps are relatively easy to develop and cost effectiveto implement and deploy.More importantly, we can now develop apps for use by the sales force withouthaving to rely on integration with enterprise-level software and design formatguidelines.Users will have the ability to download new content from within these apps ondemand, and marketers will have the ability to update or remove expired appswhenever needed.
  13. 13. Communication empowerment Ipad can transform from a lecture to a dialogue with physicians touching and interacting with slides and graphics. All studies show that if you can get hands-on, the remembrance and the recall rate will be much higher The iPad allows for a much more fluid narrative style one in which the presenter can scroll through a presentation like a flipbook, from diagnostic to compliance to safety and so on
  14. 14. Drawbacks ?- the device doesn’t allow more than one applicationto run at the same time- the iPad doesn’t support Adobe Flash (right now)- sales forces may need secondary devices tosupport administrative tasksThe biggest mistake we can make when we have new media isto take the old media solution and push it into the new.
  15. 15. Two-thirds of physicians use web content for professional purposes This doc-115,000 to-docdocs talk blogger to each hasother on 53,000 Sermo. readers this month + 20,000 Twitter followers 65% of docs plan to use social media for professional development Manhattan Research 2009, 2010 Sermo,com
  16. 16. to support sales reps and to give a reliable service to physicians target we design a double-side web-platform Community on line FOR PHYSICIANS ONLY isf platform ISF KNOWLEDGE SHARINGWEB-PLATFORM ENRICO FISICHELLA - Business Models Design
  17. 17. visuals of the productsnews, congresses agenda & apps ISF KNOWLEDGE scientific documentation SHARING WEB- PLATFORM sales best practices &multimedia products presentations e-training sales data & CRM system ENRICO FISICHELLA - Business Models Design
  18. 18. the on line community FOR PHYSICIANS ONLY• 4 key uses: - Collaborate on diagnoses • Accelerates the emergence of trends - Share observations from and new insights on pathology treatments in the medical community of specialists daily practice • Provides instant access to peer - Discuss value of new opinions from around the world (more on research, drugs and demand than most sales forces) therapies • Is part of a fundamental shift that we’re seeing online. - education ENRICO FISICHELLA - Business Models Design
  19. 19. business model that explains themechanism by which the company developthe community of doctors and benefits from hearing ENRICO FISICHELLA - Business Models Design
  20. 20. web community of doctors REDAZIONE: attività di gestione e sviluppo degli interventi e dei contenuti prodotti dai medici in officina key opinion leader PRODUCONO CONTENUTI evangelist 10 contenuti scientifici esempi di pratica clinica PRODUCONO CONTENUTI 50medium prescribers ACOLTANO discussioni utilizzo prodotto FANNO DOMANDE farmaco domande & risposte moduli formazione low or non prescribers/specializzandi 500 ASCOLTANO FANNO DOMANDE immagini e videoargomenti e strumenti per l’informazione medica sul farmaco RIELABORAZIONE dei contenuti PIATTAFORMA WEB prodotti dai medici in officina per la ISF : realizzazione di materiale di promozione supporto continuativo farmaco a supporto attività ISF alle attività di sales training & produzione contenuti ENRICO FISICHELLA - Business Models Design
  21. 21. do you need to innovate and deliver physicians and sale force focused services and design business best practice? we offer: - design of processes and systems - design of platforms technical features - design of client experience - design of marketing and sales models ENRICO FISICHELLA - Business Models Design
  22. 22. enrico fisichellabusiness and service models design for pharma industry milano