A Project To Advertise The Italian Art


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Bank Foundations and Art in Italy: a new project to advertise

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A Project To Advertise The Italian Art

  1. 1. A project to advertise the Italian artistic heritage with Internet Travel in Italy through the works restored by the intervention of the Banking Foundations Private Property of Consulting & Promotion 1
  2. 2. What are the “Bank Foundations”  Foundations of banking origin are non-profit, private and autonomous, pursuing only the purpose of social and economic development. I am 88 and have substantial assets, investing in diversified, conservative and profitable.  Since the profits from the good management of these investments take the resources to support activities of collective interest, particularly in the areas of scientific research, education, art, health, culture, conservation and enhancement of environmental assets and landscape, assistance to vulnerable groups in society and in all those areas, among those allowed by law, the Foundation believes that each provide in their statutes. Private Property of Consulting & Promotion 2
  3. 3. The art in the bank foundations  As philanthropic entities, the foundations of banking origin each year to provide free round and a half billion euros over the last 6 years the growth of payments was on average 8% a year and since 1993 of 20.6%. Among the 20 sectors which every three years each Foundation selects five, as defined in relevant fields, which gives most of the resources that will provide (at least 50% per year).  Among the 20 "permitted areas" by law, 7 are those which concentrates most of the disbursements of the Foundations. Based on the amount of input, first confirming the sector art, activities and assets with a market share of 30.6% (30.7% in 2006, because the total amount of donations has grown in terms absolute increase in the payments sector: +7.4%). In this area the main area of action is that of conservation and enhancement of the architectural and archaeological assets (accounts for 33.7% of disbursements to the sector), individua payments have an average more than twice the average for the sector and partnership with other actors, both public and private, are quite frequent. In second place there are initiatives in support of artistic and literary production (19.2%), follows the industry as other cultural and artistic activities (18%) because it includes a very diverse variety of initiatives that have not been classified in heading already encoded. In fourth place with 10.4% of the resources provided to the sector are the activities of museums, the fifth of the Visual Arts (6.5%), and Libraries and archives (3.2%) and Books and other media (1 , 8%). Private Property of Consulting & Promotion 3
  4. 4. The presence of Foundations Bank in the national territory Private Property of Consulting & Promotion 4
  5. 5. Cultural tourism  "Not enough visits to museums ....“ We need to breathe to the tourist in Italy is that the atmosphere and emotions of the place, offering a unique experience that the reasons to come back.“  An operation to be carried out and communicate first of all within the territories themselves, ie by involving operators in process of gradual rediscovery of its own traditions and their artistic and cultural heritage  In order to create a virtuous circle tour, - focused, the field of cultural tourism that is now in Italy about 25% of total business - and it is a significant development in the segment - it must be disclosed by any means works of art which have been maintained and developed with the fundamental foundations of banking. Private Property of Consulting & Promotion 5
  6. 6. So what to do?  Regroup and organize into a single website restored works of art with the economic contributions of the banking foundations;  Disclose the website through the help of local authorities and the Ministry of Tourism, recently restored;  Create synergies with the Chambers of Commerce Abroad and all the tourist agencies responsible for capturing the attention of tourists in the process of choosing the country as Italy's goal;  Offer complete packages to visit the works of art listed on the site. Private Property of Consulting & Promotion 6
  7. 7. Our sources  ACRI  ENIT  Ministry of Italian Tourism  ISTAT Private Property of Consulting & Promotion 7
  8. 8. Who we are, what we do  We are Senior Consultants at the Department for Development and Competitiveness of Tourism in the Ministry of Italian Tourism;  We have the experience to to help you in promoting your product, be it a service or a facility in Italy and abroad;  We also disclosure of your material, not only through the "usual" channels, but by investigating the possible variants of distribution with new methodologies in co-partnership and putting the focus on new marketing techniques;  We study the Marketing Plan, in agreement with you will follow the correct application;  …we would like to develop this project with you! Private Property of Consulting & Promotion 8
  9. 9. Our contact details Private Property of Consulting & Promotion 9