How to make Grape Juice


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A science project made in the class, first in català and then in English.Lots of vocabulary and sentences were arisen!

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How to make Grape Juice

  1. 1. Let’s Make Grape Juice (or vinegar!) Students of Grade 4 School Pau Vila Esparreguera. October, 2013
  2. 2. So, here’s how we made our own Grape juice. First, we go to harvest some grapes in a vineyard near the school (we ask for permission!)
  3. 3. In the school we know more about the different parts of the grape plant.
  4. 4. We’ve got 2 types of grapes: black and green. We separate in two bowls.
  5. 5. Here we are separating the grapes from the stems, making sure to pick out any damaged or rotted ones.
  6. 6. In these photos we are weighing the grapes with scales. It is difficult to find the right weigh with these scales!
  7. 7. We clean them with fresh water and… Now it is time to mash the grapes with our hands (people in the past made it with their nude feet!!)
  8. 8. It isn’t funny! It’s a little disgusting!
  9. 9. But finally we get some grape juice! Here, we are straining the mixture with a strainer... separate the juice from the “rapa”. We don’t know how to say “rapa” in English, so we leave the Catalan name!
  10. 10. Now we pour the grape juice into bottles.
  11. 11. This is “rapa” We put the “rapa” in a plate...
  12. 12. ... And weigh again with the scales to check how much weigh does the grapes have lost! (some math is needed!!)
  13. 13. The grape juice is ready! We taste it! Mmm! Yummy! The reporter takes some photos for the class diary.
  14. 14. Now we want to experiment something. What happened if we leave the grape juice in closed bottles, without air? We learn about “fermentation”.
  15. 15. What can you see in these photos? The bottles are full of carbon dioxide and the plastic bottle is hard, full like a balloon! But there is another thing... Yes! Hundreds, maybe thousands of flies!! On the computer, on the table, at the wall... And it smells nasty!
  16. 16. A group of students catch some flies and observe them carefully. They make a little research and here it is the result:
  17. 17. The Fruit Fly or the Vinegar Fly
  18. 18. Through the fermentation process we get “vinegar” Time to note down the results of our research.
  19. 19. Finally, we round up with and incredible discussion! And we decide to make a Power Point.
  20. 20. Brainstorming ideas, vocabulary, actions... Building vocabulary
  21. 21. Mind mapping, listing, translating...
  22. 22. Working in groups preparing the different slides…
  23. 23. Using the Power Point to explain our experiment to other students
  24. 24. Let’s Make Grape Juice (or vinegar!) Students of Grade 4 School Pau Vila Esparreguera. October, 2013