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Classifying bugs

Classifying bugs is a little project made in the school Els Convents, Martorell. Grade 2 (7 yearss) in the ESL class.

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Classifying bugs

  1. 1.  Categorizing and classifying bugs into insects, arachnids and molluscs. Vocabulary: Legs, wings, antenna, eyes, mouth, sting, strong… Learning to prepare an animal report.
  2. 2. Some toybugs toclassify...They arealmost real!
  3. 3. With flashcards we can count thelegs and wings, learn the namesand discover other characteristics.
  4. 4. A mosquito has got 6legs, four wings ...
  5. 5. How many One, two,legs has a three, four, spider? five, six, seven, eight!
  6. 6. A mantishas got 6legs, twoantenna... It’s an insect!Very good , David!
  7. 7. I think anant is not an arachnid... But it has not wings! Yes, but it has got six legs!
  8. 8. Individualization and personalization for two SEN students ...
  9. 9. Categorizing and classifying...
  10. 10. It was quite challanging but...
  11. 11. ... a nice and “cognitive” final outcome.