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Australia: an interdisciplinary project
in upper primary. School Els Conemvents. Martorell, Barcelona. December, 2011. Grade 6

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  1. 1. ESL Australia: an interdisciplinary project in upper primary.
  2. 2. This project was carried out during the first term of the school year 2011-2012 in theschool Els Convents (Martorell – Barcelona) by the students of grade 6 (11 year olds).In this project the following subjects where directly involved: 1. English as a third language 2. Art 3. Geography 4. Social studies 5. Sport 6. LiteracyThe linguistic goals of this project were mainly focused on productive communicativeskills (writing and speaking), as well as on one of the receptive skills (readingcomprehension).But we considered other “social skills” such as how to work with other people, howto share work, how to appreciate the work of others, how to work alone… To usescissors, to design a neat page, to use a variety of ICT tools or dictionaries, creativity,structure and organization …
  3. 3. A LETTER FROM JULIAN Hello everybody,At the beginning of the My name is J ulian and I am f rom Aust ralia. I live inschool year the students Coolum Beach, a small t own in t he east coast , neargot an e-mail from a new Brisbane.australian friend -animaginary friend, of Aust ralia is in t he sout h hemisphere and it is very big.course! We speak English as well as ot her aboriginal languages.Let’s read this mail fromour new friend. He is Look! This is me! I’ m 2 3Australian. years old. I’ m t all and t hin. I’ ve got blond hairRead and underline the and blue eyes. I likeunknown words. Find wearing surf clot hes:them in the dictionary. f lower t - shirt s, short s and f lip- f lops! Do you know what “ f lip- f lops” are? Have a look in Google!Teacher asks somequestions for checking Do you want t o know more t hings about me?understanding. J ust writ e some qüest ions t o me and give t hem t o your t eacher. See you soon. Bye J ulian
  4. 4. World map: Find Australia and New Zealand in theatlas. Then colour them. Find in the atlas other countries where people speaks in English and colour them.
  5. 5. Our Questions to JulienDo you want toknow more things 1. Do you like spaghetti? 15. Have you gotabout Julian? Messenger? 2. Have you got brothers orWhat do you want to sisters? 16. Do you like footing?ask him? 3. What’s your favourite 17. Have you got facebook? colour?Each student writes 18. Have you travelled to 4. Do you like Italy? Argentina?a question in a worddocument and then 5. Do you like music? 19. Do you like tomatoes?send it to Julian. 6. What’s your favourite 20. When’s your birthday? season? 21. Have you got any pets? 7. Do you like English? 22. Do you like macaroni? 8. What’s your favourite 23. Do you like football? sport? 9. Do you like TV? 10. Do you like chicken? 11. Can you surf? 12. What sports do you like?He answers a longmail… and he attached 13. What’s your favourite music?some photos… 14. Have you got girlfriend?
  6. 6. Hello every body , I use to we surf clothes: t-shirts (e ar specially blue!), shorts, trainers, f lip-f lops and a cap, because surf ing is my f avourite sport. I canThank y ou f or ask ing me so many questions. practice all the y e but in summer is the best ar,My complete name is J ulian Carte . I was born in y time to do it. I have won dif f e rent competitions andSunshine Coast, Australia, in November the 8, in 2010 I was the “Triple Crown Rook ie Of The1988, but I live in Coolum Beach, with my dog, Year” in Australia.Ruf us. I also lik e motorcy cling and f ootball, but people I’ve got two brothers, don’t play very much f ootball in Australia. The yMark and Seb, who the y pref er Rugby or Tennis. In autumn, when it isare older than me. My cold and the weather is dull, I go running or I domum, Claire, is a gy mnastics f or training.secretary and my dad, I haven’t got much time f or computers, so I haven’tJohn, is a f armer, in got Msn but I’ve got Facebook , of course?Queensland. I’ve got agirlf riend, J She is 20. ess. I lik e travelling. I went to Argentina in 2009 f or a surf competition and I loved “churrasco”. I neverI lik e watching TV at been to Italy or to Spain but I would lik e to go!nights. My f avourite TV series is “Sea Patrol”.Sometimes, I pref er listening to music: I love Have y ou got any more questions?Rock ’n’Roll but I also lik e Robbie William. At Hope to hear f rom y ou soon!lunch time I lik e e ating lots of things, but the f oodI lik e the most is pasta a la Bologne But I don’t se. A big hug.lik e ve getables and I hate chick en. Julian
  7. 7. 1 2 3 4 6 5 7 8 12 11 9 10 1314 16 17 15
  8. 8. We did some different activities...1. Read through and catch the overallmeaning.2. “Discover” where the answer to theirquestions is.3. Show the photos and match them withthe sentences.4. Write the answers on the worksheet:“Our Questions to Julian”5. What questions doesn’t Julian answer?Does he write any extra information?6. Let’s write our personal introduction toJulian (using a model, of course!)
  9. 9. Two examples of personalintroduction
  10. 10. Hello, how are you? Thank you very much for your introductions. I like them very much. They are very interesting and I know lots of things about you, now. I want to propose a quest for you all, a little research to know a little bit more about my country Australia. They are three activities. If you complete them you will get a small prize. So let’s go on!JULIAN’S QUEST Activity 1. Ask your teacher for a map of Australia. Circle or write the following places:Julian has read the Where’s Queensland?personal introduction of Where’s Brisbane?each student. They like Where’s Sunshine Coast?them very much! Where’s Coolum Beach?They want to propose a What’s the capital of Australia?quest (or a little research) What are the six states of Australia?about his country What are the State level capitals?Australia… Activity 2. Complete the Australian Adventure Sports worksheet. Cut out the names of sports and stick under the correct sport drawing. Ask Enric. Activity 3. Let’s hunt some photographs! Your teacher will give you a word you must find in Internet (Google). Find a photo, print it and write something about it. (Enric, please! Can you show them an example?) You’ve got one week to do it. Good luck! Bye! Julian
  11. 11. Activity 1Map of Australiaworksheet.Find or write onthe map.Where’sQueensland?Where’s CoolumBeach?And Brisbane?Where’s SunshineCoast?What’s the capitalof Australia?What are the 6states of Australia?And, what are thestate levelcapitals?
  12. 12. Activity 2. About sports inAustralia… Adventure sportsCut out, match and paste(names and drawings).Oral practice: He/she is ….- waterskiinging . horse-ridingTalk about other famous cyclingadventure sports fromAustralia. hiking climbing kayaking surfing snorkelling Surfboarding
  13. 13. IN AUSTRALIAWhat are they doing? Paste the name of each sport
  14. 14. This is a photo of a W hite SharkActivity 3. Let’s do alittle research on imagesabout Australia.The teacher gives somewords to the students tobe found in Internetusing Google. They mustfind a photo, open aword document and This is a very dangerous animal. It lives in t he sea,write something about near t he Coral reefs. There are many whit e sharks init, following a model. Aust ralia. They are meat eat ers and we cannot surf when t here is one near us. By J ulian Sth about the photo (First, you can use L1 and then translate into English)
  15. 15. And this was the final result of our researchabout Australian “things”.The assignments were published in Issuu to bedisplayed in the school blog. Daniel López The Great Victoria is a desert very nice. The red sand desert is very, very large, without many plants, and without water. This desert is between western Australia and south Australia. Coral reef Joan The coral reef is in the sea of Australia. It is in the north east of Australia. It is very long coral barrier. It is very beautiful. But we wanted to go further in our research It has got fish, plants and red coral. about Australia. ..
  16. 16. What about aboriginal art?
  17. 17. And these curious animals?
  18. 18. And the extraordinary Sidney Opera House?
  19. 19. The final outcomes..
  20. 20. Map of Australia anddisplay of assignments
  21. 21. Aboriginal art:tiles in the hall
  22. 22. Opera house:computer madedrawings made withdrawings using Paint.Paint.A nice drawing madeA beautiful drawingon a window withon a window withtempera.temperas.
  23. 23. Animals: koalas, akangaroo and crocodilesmade with cardboard
  24. 24. Project assessment A rubric to evaluate student performanceInstant Rubric makers:
  25. 25. Project published School Blog Cockroaches and Ladybugs ©Enric Calvet, 2011