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Taking off from Città di Castello


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What they need to know about ICM

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Taking off from Città di Castello

  1. 1. Is there a role for Direct Mailing in the Integrated Communication? Enrico Barboglio Valentina Carnevali General Secretary Xplor Italy Accredited Officer Xplor Italy European ABOD Representative The Electronic Document Systems Association
  2. 2. How has the consumer changed? Has less and less time!!! ........ AND less time for the various media
  3. 3. Hard to catch 65% of consumers feel they are bombarded with advertising not relevant to them 61% perceive that advertising doesn’t treat consumers with respect 69% are willing to pay for products and services which could help to avoid or break advertising Sources: IAB, eMarketer, AAA, EAA (collected in North America & Europe) Don’t replace one media with another one but increase the use of all of them at the same time Attention please         What else where you doing when you last…? %     watched TV listened to the radio read a newspaper used the internet talked on the phone watched TV * 9 38 17 54 listened to the radio 13 * 21 16 30 read a newspaper 43 21 * 2 14 used the internet 20 17 2 * 19 talked on the phone 57 25 14 18 * Source: Forrester Research, North American users 2004    
  4. 4. Other behaviours Consumers have more trust in “non corporate” sources of information Sources of information when buying a car Source: Forrester data Consumers are disloyal 25% of purchases in large Distribution are related to promo activities (high level of brand switching) Consumers are emancipated and evoluted In US 10% purchasing through web 40% self-organized tourism
  5. 5. How have the marketers changed? 66% of marketing managers believe the advertising industry lacks innovation 91% believe innovation is the key to increase or maintain ROI 78% notice a substantial decrease in TV advertising effectiveness over the last 2 years 79% believe direct media (including new media) have the greatest innovation potential
  6. 6. How have the media changed? Media - Atomization
  7. 7. New media don’t replace old media Integrated Marketing Communication Combined and synergistic use of different communication media
  8. 8. “ The medium is the message” Herbert Marshall McLuhan (1911 -1980, Canadian Sociologist). Advantages of IMC
  9. 9. Positioning of Direct Marketing
  10. 10. Interactive communication: direct marketing Target microsegments or single clients selected on behaviour active Media narrowcasting model two way pull Message differentiated – personalized on demand Feedback direct immediate continously monitored
  11. 11. Interactive communication: direct marketing  direct mail
  12. 12. Why paper? Why mail? Receiving a letter and opening it is usually a pleasant moment Who opens letters at home is usually the purchasing decision maker A letter is tangible, stays, lasts and…. make its reader think It is more likely for a letter to be archived and/or read by more than one person With a letter you can create emotions and relationships 3.4 – 4.2 minutes dedicated to read a letter 35% to 49% letters have created an interest 16% to 22% letters have induced to an action GfK Eurisko, 2007. Survay on representative sample of the italian population aged 14 and over; total 11,500 inteview
  13. 13. Thanks for your attention further information: [email_address] Sources: Infotrends, DMAB, European Commission, Mintel Copermedia, DMA, Assocomunicazione, Forrester Research