OpenStack dotscale workshop -08062013


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Emilien Macchi and Sebastien han, OpenStack Engineers @eNovance

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OpenStack dotscale workshop -08062013

  1. 1. OpenStackTechnical WorkshopEmilien Macchi, Sebastien HanOpenStack Engineers @ eNovanceParis, 8th June 2013
  2. 2. Summary Cloud Computing : Basics What is OpenStack ?- Presentation- Integration in the IaaS- Differents sub-projects How to learn and play with OpenStack ?
  3. 3. Cloud Computing : Basics
  4. 4. What is Cloud Computing ?« Cloud Computing is a model for enablingconvenient, on-demand network access to a sharedpool of configurable computing ressources ».On DemandResources are dynamicallycreated depending of the demandMulti-tenantResources are shared between« clients » or « users »Quick ElasticityThe infrastructure is flexible andcan grow or reduce easily.Measured ServiceIn a Cloud, all is measurable andclients pay what they use.
  5. 5. Categories of Clouds
  6. 6. What is OpenStack ?
  7. 7. OpenStack Project created in 2010 by NASA & RackSpace Licence Apache 2.0 (Open-Source) Manage Infrastructure as a Service Open-Source Framework API, Plugins, Drivers Multi-tenancy, Scalable, multi-plateform Developed in Python Cycle = Ubuntu (6 months) → Folsom now.
  8. 8. * Infrastructure as a ServiceOpenStack in the IaaS*ComputeStorageNetworkingIaaS Components OpenStack ProjectsNova(Virtual Machines)Swift(Object Storage)Cinder(Block Storage)Quantum(Virtual Networking)
  9. 9. MySQL (Backend Databases)→ Used by Keystone, Glance, Nova,Cinder, and Quantum.RabbitMQ (Middleware for queuing)→ Used by Glance, Nova, CinderCeilometer and Quantum.Common Services
  10. 10. Identity (Users, tenants, roles, metadata)→ Can be backed by LDAPToken : Authentify requests from user /tenantService Catalog : Endpoint registryPolicy Services : Rule-based authorizationengineKeystone : Identity as a Service
  11. 11. Discovering, Registring, Retrieving VirtualMachine images.The images can be stored in : regular FS,RBD (Ceph), Amazon S3 or Swift.Disk Formats : raw, vhd, vmdk, vdi, iso,qcow2, aki, ari, ami.Container Formats : bare, ovf, aki, ami, ari.Glance : Image Delivery
  12. 12. Create / Delete / Attach / Detach volumesto a VMStorage backed by : NFS, iSCSI, SolidFire,NetAPP, etc...Cinder : Block Storage
  13. 13. Provides connectivity to VmsManage L2 & L3 with an APINetworking backed by plugins :Open-vSwitch, Linux Bridge, Cisco,OpenFlow (BigSwitch, Floodlight, NEC, Ryu,etc), Midonet (Midokura) and NVP (Nicira /Vmware).Quantum : Networking
  14. 14. Manages Virtual MachinesLibvirt friendlyHypervisors supported : KVM / qemu, Xen,Hyper-V (all ready for production)Interact with other services (Cinder,Quantum, Glance, Keystone, etc)Nova : Compute Service
  15. 15. Developped with Python / DjangoManage VMs, Images, Identity, Volumes,Networking from a single dashboard.Horizon : Dashboard
  16. 16. Provide efficient collection of meteringdata, in terms of CPU and network costsData may be collected by monitoringnotificationsVisible to some users through a REST APIMessages are signed and non-repudiable.Ceilometer : Metering
  17. 17. Build servers from templatesCloudFormation equivalentSeveral modes : HA, auto-scalingWorks with Ceilometer for AlarmingHeat: Orchestration
  18. 18. Swift is a highly available, distributed,eventually consistent object/blob store.Organizations can use Swift to store lots ofdata efficiently, safely, and cheaply.Swift : Object Storage
  19. 19. How to learn and play withOpenStack ?
  20. 20. RTFM :OpenStack Wiki :Using LaunchpadDiscuss on IRC #openstack (freenode)Subscribe to mailing listsSetup a testing environment (DevStack orBasic-Install doc) and debug in real-time.How can you learn OpenStack ?
  21. 21. Configure identity with KeystoneImport images with GlanceConfigure networking with QuantumCreate volumes with CinderCreate your first VM with NovaPlay with object storageLets go to work !
  22. 22. Questions ?