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- Emilien Macchi & Chmouel Boudjnah (eNovance)

Emilien et Chmouel sont tous deux développeurs OpenStack et sont de forts contributeurs aux projets Swift et Quantum. Ils introduiront le meetup en donnant une update sur les projets, les fonctionnalités de la release Grizzly et ce que nous pouvons attendre de la release Havana qui se dessinera à l'OpenStack Summit de Portland. Ils présenteront également un rapide bilan sur: "OpenStack: 3 ans après: qui sont les plus gros contributeurs du projet?"

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Meetup open stack_grizzly

  1. 1. OpenStack GrizzlyThe awesome release.
  2. 2. Whats a Grizzly?
  3. 3. adj. cooler than cool, hotter than hot, possessing a quality of complete and utter awesomeness. From the most reliable source -- The Urban Dictionary
  4. 4. Who are we! Chmouel Boudjnah - The darkie - eNovance Señor dev - aka David Starsky. Emilien Macchi -- The blondie- eNovance engineer - aka Kenneth Hutch.
  5. 5. Summary
  6. 6. Nova I want to scale my Nova, like a lot! We give you Cells!!!!
  7. 7. Nova The DB access is a pain on Nova. We give you No-DB!!!! • upgrades - without this, you need to take down all compute services (potentially 1000s) to do a db schema sync • security - if you break out of the VM, you ownz the cloud right now because you have full DB access and access to the message queue • scalability - limit the amount of agents which need to hit the DB; reduce the connections, but also potentially reduce the number of queries
  8. 8. Nova Hey let me track all that stuff. We give you Instance Action tracking Nova has been updated to keep track of all actions performed on an instance. There is an API extension for accessing this information. Viewing the list of instance actions provides deeper insight into the history of an instance. It also provides much better error reporting for users and administrators.
  9. 9. Nova And many many mores• Availability Zones:• Admin APIs:• API support for instance passwords:• Improved MySQL connector added lines: 281036 performance:• Database archiving: removed lines : 214574• Quantum Security Groups:• File injection without mounting guest filesystem: total lines: 66462• Default Security Group Rules:• libvirt Custom Hardware:• libvirt Spice Console: 1889 Commits• powervm Resize, Migrate, and Snapshot:• Availability Zones in OpenStack API• Glance Direct Image File Copy.
  10. 10. Quantum I want to scale my Quantum, like a superstar ! We give you Multi-host !!!! • Utilize resource ● Support scalability on quantum agent ● Availability zone ● Works on multiple hosts • Agent management ● Monitoring agents ● Manage agent’s capabilities • High availability
  11. 11. Quantum Let me choose my IP address space. We give you overlapping !!!! • Security Groups • Floating IP • Metadata Server ... are now able to manage the same IP address space.
  12. 12. Quantum I want friends for my VM We give you Load Balancing ! • API for cloud admins: manage a pool of HW and SW load- balancing appliances • API for OpenStack tenants: load balancing as a service • transparency and flexibility (multi-tenancy support, isolation and per-tenant resource limits • mechanism of drivers for supporting load balancers from different vendors • drivers already in development for HAProxy, Cisco ACE, and F5 BigIP
  13. 13. Quantum And many many mores added lines: 92376• Service Insertion removed lines : 41864• RPC support for l3 agent• IPtables support for OVS• VIF Plugging Improvements total lines: 50512• Security Groups API 602 Commits
  14. 14. Keystone Those token UUID are so 1990s. We give you PKI tokens!!!! More secure and more efficient.
  15. 15. Keystone How do I plug Keystone to my auth Server? Use REMOTE_USER and Apache, it will do just that.
  16. 16. Keystone I WANT a new API. Sure here is the v3 APIFormer "Service" and "Admin" APIs (including CRUD operations previously definedin the v2 OS-KSADM extension) are consolidated into a single core API"Tenants" are now known as "projects""Groups": a container representing a collection of users"Domains": a high-level container for projects, users and groups"Policies": a centralized repository for policy engine rule sets"Credentials": generic credential storage per user (e.g. EC2, PKI, SSH, etc.)"Trusts": Project-specific role delegation between users, with optionalimpersonationRoles can be granted at either the domain or project levelUser, group and project names only have to be unique within their owning domainRetrieving your list of projects (previously GET /tenants) is now explicitly based onyour user ID: GET /users/{user_id}/projectsTokens explicitly represent user+project or user+domain pairsPartial updates are performed using the HTTP PATCH methodToken ID values no longer appear in URLs
  17. 17. Keystone added lines: 28488 And more! removed lines : 17265 total lines: 11223 289 Commits
  18. 18. Here is a puppy for you.
  19. 19. Glance - Multi Image location! - Tenant Sharing! added lines: 15717 removed lines : 13163 total lines: 2554 253 Commits
  20. 20. Cinder - Multi-Backend - Volume Backups - Cloning added lines: 73344 removed lines : 72825 total lines: 519 306 Commits
  21. 21. Horizon - VM Migration - Full networking management & overview - Glance Image upload - Load Balancing Support added lines: 187351 removed lines : 125838 total lines: 61513 160 Commits
  22. 22. Swift I want to do a webapp with Swift in HTML5 that does fancy upload directly to my cluster. We got you covered with CORS support in Swift.
  23. 23. Swift I want to bulk multiple operations. Good thing we added the bulk middleware! • Upload via tar/zip. • Multiple Deletes.
  24. 24. Swift Stop filling my cluster you filthy user. Nice one we have quota now in Swift! • account quota. • user/container quota.
  25. 25. Swift added lines: 17270 removed lines : 6313 And many more. total lines: 10957 222 commit
  26. 26. The incubated Projects
  27. 27. Ceilometer
  28. 28. Heat
  29. 29. Olso
  30. 30. We made it.Questions ?