OpenStack in Action 4! Patrick Hamon - Architectures of reference for OpenStack, Dell Crowbar


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Paris, 5th December 2013 : OpenStack in Action 4! organized by eNovance, brings together members of the OpenStack community.

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OpenStack in Action 4! Patrick Hamon - Architectures of reference for OpenStack, Dell Crowbar

  1. 1. Dell OpenStack-Powered Solutions Patrick Hamon Consultant Cloud
  2. 2. Cloud goes beyond the hype Enterprise cloud application revenues reached $22.9B in 2011 and is projected reach$67.3B by 2016. 60% of server workloads will be virtualized by 2014. Global cloud traffic will account for nearly two-thirds of total data center traffic by 2016. Projected Market Spend of $241 Billion by 2020 85% of organizations will use cloud tools moderately to extensively in the next 3 years. - Bain and Dell Public 68% of spending on private clouds Currently 46% of business data is stored outside of internal IT structures. Over the past three years nearly 74% of data centers increased their physical server count. IaaS cloud management & security and PaaS are growing from $7.6B in 2011 to $35.5B in 2016. Source: Dell Customer Research, April 2013
  3. 3. What enterprises IT departments and service providers contend with today Enterprises challenges Service provider challenges •  Cost-effectively scaling and competing in the emerging public cloud ecosystem •  Ability to quickly launch new cloud services •  Keeping license costs down on traditional virtualization solutions – costs increase linearly with scale, often per node •  •  •  Lack of infrastructure standardization and automation leading to poor resource utilization, cost escalation, slow application delivery •  Locked-in to proprietary vendors and technologies – increasing license costs with growth and scale •  Poor understanding of cost allocations Keeping maintenance costs down on home-grown components that have been built haphazardly over time •  Long resource provisioning cycle times •  Inflexible and non-adaptive infrastructure Flexibility to rapidly add/change features in response to customer needs –commercial solutions lack features they need •  Building a cloud is too complex and takes too long •  Lack of availability and support of the entire solution
  4. 4. Open source cloud software for building private and public clouds The OpenStack project aims to deliver solutions for all types of clouds by being simple to implement, massively scalable, and feature rich •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Support from major industry players Collaboratively developed without a single owner An API that is service provider license friendly Demonstrated to run at scale Global reach and support Community-driven since July 19, 2010 10,268 members > 180 companies 124 countries
  5. 5. OpenStack The fastest growing global open source community COMPANIES 231 INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS 10,149 TOTAL CONTRIBUTORS 1,036 AVERAGE MONTHLY CONTRIBUTORS 238 COUNTRIES 121 CODE CONTRIBUTIONS 70,137 As of July 2013
  6. 6. Inside OpenStack The open source cloud operating system OpenStack is a set of Dashboard (Horizon) interrelated software Compute (Nova) components Designed with open standards and versatility in mind Developed and maintained collaboratively by a large, active community • Multiple hypervisors (Xen, KVM, VMWare, Hyper-V) Object Storage (Swift) Block Storage (Cinder) Network (Neutron) Identity (Keystone) Image Service (Glance) • Amazon and Rackspace APIs are supported • Distributed under Apache 2.0 license
  7. 7. Why are customers considering OpenStack versus commercial alternatives? Cost Control “Implementing private cloud with commercial software is too expensive.” “I want to be in control of my infrastructure and the software to manage it!” “We’re unable to quickly address consumer demand.” “We want to develop our own features rather than wait for vendors – it’s faster, more cost efficient, and specific to our environment.” “We want options for cloud – on premise, off premise, hybrid.” OpenStack is cost effective OpenStack allow operators to control their destiny Scale “The cost to implement private cloud at scale was a dead end.” “Traditional cloud offerings are incomplete, unable to massively scale, difficult to manage.” OpenStack is proven at scale OpenStack allows companies to aggressively innovate on an open platform and framework to accelerate time-to-market of new capabilities at cloud scale
  8. 8. Dell’s Commitment to OpenStack Proven solutions •  First OpenStack cloud solution provider •  Pioneering OpenStack partner Only tier 1 day 1 hardware provider •  Deep partner ecosystem with single point of service and support •  ONLY company with automated software for multi-node OpenStack provisioning: Crowbar •  Dell OpenStack experts continually invest in the community •  Gold Foundation Member with 2 board positions “Dell … was one of the first of the hardware vendors to grasp the fact that cloud is about provisioning services, not about the hardware.” Maxwell Cooter, Cloud Pro Proven components Save on licensing fees Innovate aggressively Scale operations efficiently
  9. 9. Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution Validated reference architecture built and delivered by Dell Proven solutions Develop, deploy, & deliver your own cloud •  Validated reference architecture with infrastructure, software and services •  Open cloud infrastructure to drive innovation and flexibility ü  Quickly offer new cloud services ü  Lower software licensing costs ü  Help mitigate the risks of cloud computing Key components Dell Crowbar Operations Platform Software OpenStack Grizzly software release Dell PowerEdge C8000, C6220, R720, R720xd Dell Force10 S60 and S4810 Switches Dell Multi-Cloud Manager support Inktank Ceph storage support Deployment Guide Dell services, implementation and support
  10. 10. Deploy an OpenStack cloud in ~2 hours Evolve to meet your needs over time with built in DevOps Use Crowbar to: •  Automate the deployment and configuration of an OpenStack cloud Crowbar operations platform •  Quickly provision bare-metal servers from box to cluster with minimal intervention •  Maintain, upgrade and evolve your OpenStack cloud over time •  Leverage an open source framework backed by a growing global developer ecosystem Accelerates multi-node deployments Simplifies maintenance Streamlines ongoing updates
  11. 11. IT management firm rapidly deploys new cloud services “It didn’t take long to go from bare metal servers to a functioning cloud-services environment using the Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution. Using Dell Crowbar, we installed the foundation systems to complete the first tests in a single working day, so we were able to focus on developing the best solutions for our clients.” Fernando Benito, CEO, ackstorm •  Ackstorm required fast entry into the emerging cloud services market •  Launch of ECmanaged cloud services grows to over 500 virtual machines within few months −  Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution reference architecture −  Energy efficient PowerEdge C hyperscale servers −  Dell Crowbar for easy deployment and expansion
  12. 12. Centralized storage cloud based on OpenStack, Crowbar and Ceph •  Flexible, fully open-source infrastructure based on Dell reference design −  OpenStack, Crowbar and Ceph −  Standard PowerEdge servers and storage −  400+ TBs at less than 41¢ per gigabyte •  Distributed scale-out storage provisions capacity from a massive common pool −  Scalable to 5 petabytes •  Data migration to and from HPC clusters via dedicated 10Gb Ethernet fabric •  Easily extendable framework for developing and hosting additional services −  Simplified backup service now enabled “We’ve made it possible for users to satisfy their own storage needs with the Dell private cloud, so that their research is not hampered by IT.” David L. Shealy, PhD Faculty Director, Research Computing Chairman, Dept. of Physics
  13. 13. OpenStack-powered cloud speeds deployment to just a few hours, instead of days Challenge Web hosting provider needed scalable block storage for their cloud computing customers Solution •  OpenStack-based cloud infrastructure built using Dell PowerEdge servers and Crowbar operations platform •  Dreamhost joined OpenStack project and committed resources to integrate Ceph with OpenStack •  Developed new Crowbar barclamp for Ceph storage Benefits •  Dell’s OpenStack expertise in reference architecture and deployment framework •  Saved 4-6 months of software development work •  Leveraged platforms for cloud and scale-out data centers •  Realized the business advantages of leasing with Dell Financial Services “ If Dell tried to have a sales person sell us, we probably wouldn’t have bought it. Dell solved a problem that we had. And when Dell solved that problem, our engineers thought, ‘We’re going to use this.” Ben Cherian, general manager of emerging technologies, DreamHost
  14. 14. Embrace OpenStack with confidence Dell Cloud Transformation Services Get up and running more quickly and with greater success Expertise at Every Step •  Partnership with a true industry expert •  Strategic and tactic assistance •  Right blend of business and technical skill Focused on Your Outcomes •  Improved orchestration and management •  Customizable for any stage of adoption •  Enables IT to better serve the business
  15. 15. Dell OpenStack-Powered Solutions Complete cloud infrastructure based on OpenStack Simplify the experience •  OpenStack leadership, expertise, and solutions engineering Accelerate •  Complete solutions combines software, hardware and services time to productive operations Optimize solution performance Deliver the best return on investment •  Reference architectures and sizing •  Robust ecosystem partnerships •  Full service consulting offerings from assessment through implementation and management •  Integrated post sales support
  16. 16. Next Steps Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solutions •  Schedule a demo at a Dell Solution Center near you •  Participate in a Dell Cloud Assessment Workshop to outline your needs
  17. 17.