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A matter of raising Cats or Chickens


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Published in: Lifestyle, Technology
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A matter of raising Cats or Chickens

  1. 1. A matter of raisingcats or chickensEmilien MacchiOpenStack Engineer @ eNovance
  2. 2. FarmersThe farmChickens
  3. 3. 3 farms2 data centers in Paris 1 in Montreal
  4. 4. We started by raising cats in 2008● At the beginning ofVirtualization● Maintaining of servers● Handmade platform● A bit spaghetti but working● Hard to manage, nohomogeneity
  5. 5. And we have been raising chickens since 2012● After Virtualization, the Cloud● 100 % DevOps● Agile, Scrum● Design for Scale● Cutting-edge technology
  6. 6. To summarize...● Old-school● Expensive● Hard to manage / maintain● Decreasing demand● Scalable● Design for Cloud, Big Data● Provisioning framework● High demand
  7. 7. What about farmers ?DevelopersDevOpsSys & NetworkEngineersMarketingSalesHR Financial60 eNovancers
  8. 8. What do we do ?
  9. 9. CloudWatt-box● Store files● Synchronize files● Collaboration● Share files with other Box● Using OpenStack FolsomSwift & S3 API● Swift / Keystone● Large scale deployment● Status : Private Beta
  10. 10. eNoCloud● Public Cloud (Demonstrator)● "Pay as you grow"● Provide Compute & ObjectStorage services● Using OpenStack Grizzly● OpenStack API + EC2 + S3● Keystone, Glance, Nova,Swift, Horizon● Status : Public
  11. 11. uses eNoCloud● Time to market is reduced● No vendor lock-in● Progressive migration to theCloud● Pay-per-use● Production & Pre-production
  12. 12. Questions ?(the more the merrier)E-mail : emilien.macchi@enovance.comIRC : EmilienMTwitter : @eNovance