J2ME Polish - Overcome fragmentation barriers, speed up mobile Java development


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An overview on J2ME Polish, the developers' framework for J2ME application development. Learn how this comprehensive toolset helps you to take the fragmented device landscape as an opportunity and how to get your application running on any handset.

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  • Overcome fragmentation barriers, speed up mobile Java development
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J2ME Polish - Overcome fragmentation barriers, speed up mobile Java development

  1. 1. J2ME Polish Overcome fragmentation barriers, speed up mobile Java development Robert Virkus, CEO Enough Software
  2. 2. Limits of Fragmentation One of the first experiences for a mobile developer
  3. 3. Mobile applications need to be adjusted to hundreds of devices with different operation systems different funcionalities different keyboards different screens ... New Handsets every month
  4. 4. J2ME Polish overcomes fragmentation barriers Fragmentation is here to stay, developers should take it as an opportunity .
  5. 5. J2ME Polish is Open Source A community of 12,000 developers share their experience and contribute to the project
  6. 6. J2ME Polish: A collection of tools to ease and speed up development User Interface Design: Lush Server-client communication: Touch Storage and Persistence: Trunk Device Database: Marjory IDE integration Netbeans Eclipse Ant
  7. 7. easy handling (similar to CSS) integrate animation styles multimedia text and RGB effects other non-standard UI features separate software architecture from design best enduser experience Lush: Adapt the design of the application individually and independently
  8. 8. Touch: Optimize communication between your application and your server implement upload features display dynamic content call remote methods integrate RSS feeds use bluetooth funcionality within your application
  9. 9. Trunk: Optimized storage, better perfomance automatically optimize application data structure store objects, not data
  10. 10. Marjory: Know everything about the quirks of hundreds of handsets integrated database with comprehensive information on hundreds of devices maintained and feeded by a large developer community
  11. 11. Not limited to Java enabled devices: Port your application easily J2ME Polish converts your Java application into a native application for Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android or iPhone. Automatically.
  12. 12. J2ME Polish today is the quasi-standard for mobile Java development 1 million downloads 400 commercial licensees
  13. 13. Overcome development barriers, get your applications to the market faster. Get in touch with us. Sögestrasse 70 28195 Bremen Germany phone: +49 421 9889 1331 fax: +49 421 9889 1332 email: [email_address] www.enough.de