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Promoted Posts: 8 Tips For Using Sponsored Updates on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter


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Should you use LinkedIn’s promoted posts, Twitter Ads or Facebook’s Promoted Posts to promote your business and help your organisation achieve its aims? In this presentation we offer best practice advice for making more of this marketing solution on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn’s platforms. These tips should clarify in your mind whether your business has the resources at the ready to execute an advertising campaign driven by content.

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Promoted Posts: 8 Tips For Using Sponsored Updates on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter

  1. 1. Make your promoted posts work 8 tips to improve the impact of your posts
  2. 2. Excellent Headline ● most important factor in a promoted post ● Limited space ~ about 100 characters ○ check your spelling, ○ don’t use txtspk or acronyms ○ craft unique headlines for each platform.
  3. 3. Test, iterate or segment ● How a post will perform for a targeted audience? ● Tweak and split your budget into subcampaigns. ● Be conservative in your spend initially. ● Familiarise yourself with the platform ● Measure the results.
  4. 4. Strong image ● Pin-stragam-ation of social ● “Tweets using 94% more likely to be retweeted” - ● Facebook Newsfeed increased emphasis on images ● Code to display images & excerpts
  5. 5. Well crafted introduction ● Twitter = 120 characters ● Facebook = 63,206 characters ● Shorter = better response
  6. 6. Share a single link ● ● ● ● ● No Twofors Split your campaign budget If you can’t decide, review Images trump links on Twitter LinkedIn strips custom URLs ○
  7. 7. Strong Call to Action ● Be clear about what you want reader to do ● Be clear about what will happen when they do ● No subscription gates without warning
  8. 8. Unique post per platform ● Audience overlap ● Numerous factors make same individual different ● Trust your intuition and maintain your voice
  9. 9. Unique Landing Page ● Customised welcome to new visitors ● Measure efficacy of campaign ● Don’t fall foul of Google with duplicate content ● If no resources for Unique Landing Page use Custom URLs
  10. 10. Full article available at Pixel Design Thanks! @enormous