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Output ppt for AIESEC Global Steering Team meeting (Nov 2012). Please refer to for more info.

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Implement 1 output

  1. 1. IMPLEMENT 1 by Steering team 12-13 November 2012
  2. 2. PURPOSE OF THIS BLOCKOne of the Purpose of Steering team is providing feedback for AI strategieswhich have long-term impact on the organization.During this block we discussed the following projects run by AI in term 12-13in a perspective of achieving 2015:1. Production Capacity (process optimization)2. Quality Delivery (NPS implementation)3. Branding and Marketing (Brand refresh, Storytelling platform)Each idea was presented by AI responsible for the project, then weanalyze it by SWOT model and gave recommendations as aconclusion to it.
  3. 3. PRODUCTION AI responsible: Mate CAPACITY
  4. 4. PROJECT DESCRIPTIONAnalysing the current processes of running GCDP and GIP todevelop outside of the box ideas to create more efficientprocessesIt can bring long-term shift in our operation management whatwill let us allocate more HR to realization of projects rather thanpreparation for it.
  5. 5. WHY?This project aims to achieve the following KPIs: 100% realization rate GIP matching duration: 30 days GCDP matching duration: 15 days Average realization time: 30 daysAdditional: Breakthrough: SCALE, TIME, QUALITY Online Engagement Business Development
  6. 6. CONNECT REGISTRATION ON A WEBSITE >> Social media based, but it can be manual >> Personal Information, Academic Background >> Working Experience, Skills, Languages, Interests ACCESS TO OPPORTUNITIES Available Corporate Opportunities (GIP TNs) Available Volunteer Opportunities (GCDP TNs) IT CONTINUES APPLICATION PREPARAITONPARTICIPAT Corporate: application for exact opportunities Volunteer: application for sample issues & REALIZATION destinations … Volunteer Corporate Matching E Matching Home entity: check Home entity: check the eligibility the eligibility Home+hosting entity: Hosting entity: short- short-listing listing Organization: final Company: selection
  8. 8. STEERING TEAM RECOMMENDATIONS• Restricting number of applicants to opportunities available for higher realization rate.• and this platform need to complement each other.• Preparation of the EP needs to be emphasized so EP’s understand the WHY of AIESEC.• After people apply, selection to matching should be semi-automatically.• Consider how CY-CY cooperations will be integrated into the system.• Contact info should not be available, just the job description.• Database of people applying should be available to the home CYs in a user-friendly format.
  9. 9. PRODUCTION AI responsible: Junior CAPACITY
  10. 10. WHY? To improve and invent systems and tools in order to maximize the delivery of AIESEC experiences.3 main proposals under this project:1) Switch to Cloud hosting2) Creation of API3) Web applications
  11. 11. Your Gdocs are here:CLOUD IS… CHECK HEREWhy Cloud Computing? • Reduce cost of IT infrastructure • From 14.000 to 5.000 • Enhance competitive advantage • Inflexibility of current infrastructureRisks• Legal implication in different countries• Lack of technical knowledge and external advice
  12. 12. API IS CHECK HEREWhy? To create an open architecture for sharing content and data betweencommunities and applications. In this way, content that is created in one place canbe dynamically posted and updated in multiple locations on the web. MC Risks A LC P BR • Lack of programmers and web developers within AIESEC’s membership I IN • Lack of control from Global/National level versus Global/National policies • Lack of IT Infrastructure in National/Local level
  13. 13. WEB APPLICATIONSExchange Management web application:Application Process Management (EP can apply directly through the system and be shown to TN taker without sending e-mail)Enhanced EP/TN search filtersRelative search of EP/TN (shows % how EP fits your TN) EP/TN CartTMP/TLP Management web application:Team assignment (visualization with tree structure when you can assign people by dragging and dropping them in the entity structure)
  14. 14. NEXT STEPS: GST PROJECTSCreation of Resource/Learning Center (decision should be made by the endof December)DAAL Files & AFT Evolution (Live)Mobile Application Research
  15. 15. STEERING TEAM RECOMMENDATIONS as IMAC, IT auditor before • Seeking consultancy from experts such Cloud implementing • Understand if there will be any downtime during the switch over • Approving apps before they go public in the network API • Figure out a solution to ensure that we have IT/programming capacity to take such a system forward • Build awareness of what has been already generated so we do not duplicate efforts (example: create an ‘APP store’) • Create a usage guideWeb application • Make a wish-list for future apps
  16. 16. QUALITY DELIVERY AI responsible: Juanki
  17. 17. NPS
  18. 18. SUMMARY OF THE WORKFLOWIN STEERING TEAM MEETING The flow of this part started by a presentation from AIESEC International, updating us about the status of the 1st of phase of implementation and raising the bottlenecks that they are facing and the coming steps for NPS usage among the network and how it will migrate into our operations and MoS
  19. 19. WHY ? PROVIDE BETTER EXPERIENCESHOW does NPS Measure of Success Quality Index as one of MoS help ? Increase # Enhancing the Experiences Understanding what our people wants of Promoters Product Development & OnGoing & direct input from Innovation people living the XPs
  20. 20. TIME LINE Individual Platform MCPs implementation Summary Report per MC through 2n Phase of Piloting in IC pilot 2012
  21. 21. HOW TO DO GOAL SETTINGBASED ON NPS ? There is no one indicator that we can use NPS for to give a fixed measurement for our quality There is set of indicators that we can use to measure quality % of NPS Response Fire Trend Promoters Score Rate Fighting
  22. 22. WHAT IS THE USAGE OF THE DATA FROM NPS? Process Fire Marketing Improve fighting ment1- Why are our promoterliking us? 1- Reactive approach 1- What to adjust - 100% Comments to get more2- What are our passives are readand detractors missing? - Every case is promoters managed!3- Combining attraction with 2- ProactiveValue 2- GST track approach!
  23. 23. RECOMMENDATIONSFROM STEERING TEAM • Full time NPS firefighters (Outsource or AI Role?) Weekly NPS reports + Operational plans based on quality issues • Pilot countries to give structure AIESEC recommendations for NPS responsible forInternational distribution to network • Showcase GCPs of NPS usage • Integrate NPS sessions at IPM (not as a separate session, but as part of the whole) • Education of EP’s around NPS and promoting usage of the same by MC and AI
  24. 24. RECOMMENDATIONSFROM STEERING TEAM • Integrate NPS inside CY operations • Part of Membership criteria for LC • Attach NPS to LC/MC Planning • Use NPS in the productMCPs development process • Tracking the output of NPS and see the reflect on how many customers I am attracting
  25. 25. ALUMNI AI responsible: Misha
  26. 26. SUMMARY OF THEWORKFLOW IN STEERINGTEAM MEETING This topic was handled through out a discussion about the challenges AI is facing with some Alumni and showing the MCPs in Steering team these challenges and then MCPs began to develop ideas under the scope of these challenges to ensure that this won’t affect our brand.
  27. 27. MAIN CASESActwit: This is platform is created by 2 AIESEC Alumni and they are usingthe AIESEC brand in this platformCurrent Status: The Alumni has been contacted by AIESEC International tostop any kind of activities in that website using the AIESEC BrandAction to be taken: Last warning is to be sent to him and if he didn’t respond,AIESEC International would consult a lawyer and raise a case on him
  28. 28. MAIN CASESAIESEC World: This is platform is created by AIESEC Alumni in Brazil andhe is using the AIESEC brandCurrent Status: The Alumni has been contacted by AIESEC Brazil and theyraised a big promotional campaign about this Alumni that no body shoulddeal with him and that AIESEC World isn’t under the AIESEC BrandAction to be taken: The Alumni stopped the activity that was running on thewebsite
  29. 29. IMPORTANT FACT AIESEC International doesn’t have any legal power to suit anyone that uses the AIESEC Brand except within the European Union
  30. 30. RECOMMENDATIONS • Each AIESEC entity should have a lawyer established and consultancy towards this matter as AI cannot fulfill this answers. • To have a minimum criteria to the MCPs status of Alumni. • Reinforce the values of AIESEC towards the Alumni and members. • Mandate the L&G SC to propose new Alumni principles.
  31. 31. RECOMMENDATIONS • The Global Association should be aware of the situations that entities live. Share and get them aware of that • To create a draft of global Black List of associations/organizations that we don’t AIESEC want to cope with. International • : Have some JD in AI to provide frameworks to Alumni relations and avoiding problems that might happen. • To have a legal board/legal unity to help us with this sort of issue.
  32. 32. BRANDING AND AI responsible: Peter, Steve MARKETING
  33. 33. BRANDING AND MARKETING Branding and Marketing is a part of AI 12-13 plan as an amplifier for our activities. It consists of 3 parts: Brand Evolution, Organizational Reputation, Online Engagement. Find more on wiki HERE.Organisatio nal Online During Steering Team Meeting we discussed 2 projectsReputati Engage under this driver: Brand Refreshment and Storytelling on ment platform to ensure that it is relevant for network and it moves us to the right direction. As well as to understand what the Network should do to support this initiatives.
  34. 34. BRAND REFRESH Brand Refresh Organis Why a new brand? ational Online Our impact model moves us towards a bigger and better Reput Engag ation AIESEC, more capable of fulfilling what we envision. ement To strive towards this impact and 2015 ambition with new AIESEC XP model we need - stronger positioning in the market - more and more people to know about AIESEC and recognize our purpose and place in the world.Our brand should be attractive for non-members and actionable for members
  35. 35. WHAT HAPPENED SO FAR Oct- Jan - Investigation into brand management Global Student Market Survey May - Qualitative: Interviews with ~200 students - PR summit (@ers& non- @ers) - Re- freshed brand draft concept 2.0 April Global Student Market survey - Quantitative: YouthSpeak ~35.000 responses - 1st Re- Freshed brand Draft concept - Global PR Hubs
  36. 36. WHAT HAPPENED SO FAR Nov - Dec -Brand XP Summt - Global Brand Jun - Sep Testing - DesignThinkers- - Final Brand start of collaboration definition Jul - Sep From Jan - AI Transition -implementation of Sessions with DT new brand - IC - GST Selection
  37. 37. NEXT STEPS Building the SUMMIT + Implementation elements Focus Groups with Network GOAL: GOAL: Experiment with and develop new brand visual Create new ways of presenting elements GOAL: the AIESEC brand online, in materials and in person Model and evaluate focus Alignment of the Global group format Network EXPECTED OUTCOME: - Refreshed visual elements EXPECTED OUTCOME: EXPECTED OUTCOME: - Customizable material for Global Brand Alignment More people applying for countries and LCs and Implementation ELD programs - Brand Strategy and Guide Brand identity – upgrade Strong positioning in the guidelines (how to communicate market and align the AIESEC Brand Online Materials Globally ex. online media, events etc.)
  38. 38. RECOMMENDATIONS FROM STEERING TEAMBrand is moreyouth oriented Not clear Recommendations for AIESEC Internationa S WExpertsworking on itLOGO will notbe changed communication to the network which caused confusion Explain timeline and implementation steps to the network Prepare education materials for the network for No different levels (ex: Brand book) O TDevelop right understanding of Make clear attributes and visual elements forBrand Audit what brand is Programsbased on it exactly Launch Brand at one moment for the whole Confusion on LC Network level
  39. 39. STORYTELLING PLATFORM Interactive storytelling platformOrganisational OnlineReputation Engag Why do we need a new Global online platform? ement To enable more young people experience AIESEC – providing them with micro XP. Therefore we get more promoters and customers. Topic should be relevant and connected to our product  cultural experience. Online | Interactive | User generated content
  40. 40. STORYTELLING PLATFORM The platform will differ from your storytelling blogs by: • Interactive features (interactive map, filters, etc) • High quality content generated by users all over the world • Increases credibility of AIESEC
  41. 41. NEXT STEPS Phase 1 Nov launch of blog AIESECers stories collection Non- social AIESECer sharing Dec Phase 2: professional app launch of app stories collection Jan Proof & Insights
  42. 42. RECOMMENDATIONS FROM STEERING TEAMEvery member of the network should:• Become a user• Feedback constantly to AI• If you are not interested – explain WHY NOT, because you are the target groupOnly if everyone commits to use the platform, will it work and bring impact onour organization.