Challenges of the network final


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Output ppt for AIESEC Global Steering Team meeting (Nov 2012). Please refer to for more info.

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Challenges of the network final

  1. 1. Challenges in the network
  2. 2. AI tasked the steering team with diving into the top 3 challengeswe currently see in the network. There are many challenges in the network right now of course based on the input of the MCP network. We took this input and prioritized the following 3 areas: 1. Localizing National Strategy 2. Talent Capacity 3. GIP sales Activity
  3. 3. Localizing National Strategy It has been identified that some LCs cannot implement national or global strategy properly.
  4. 4. Root causes of the problem• No MC-LC alignment (MC and LC are not on the same page) • Most of our suggestions are related to alignment and when we consider alignment, the key starting point is planning. • MCs filter information to be passed from AI to LCs • Management challenges between LCs and MC • Cultural challenges between MC and LC.
  5. 5. Recommendation for the network (MCPs) • Plan virtual sessions including LCPs, SG, National Plenary for the Planning Process  it helps with the implementation and the creation of relevant National Strategy for your entity, commitment and ownership • Define the processes needed and the skills needed for the LCPs and your people in order to implement the strategy properly • Provide support to LCs in order to make dynamic and flexible structures based on the strategy and the timeline. The structure of the LC teams changes according to the timeline and the Strategy that is being implemented at the moment. Ex Different Structure for LC Teams in December, different for March • MCPs should consider a common point of education to understand AI strategy.
  6. 6. Recommendation for the AIESEC International • Study elections and conferences in order to facilitate a further standardized network in terms of timeline or customize support, summits based on the info you get • Standardized planning models within clusters [WENA –CEE common planning model of DRIVERS] • Customize planning to fitting the needs of the regions and regions should plan together by having summits where AI regional responsible are present. • Include more LCPs and LCVPs at the GSTs in order to implement faster Global Activities and Strategies • Implementation HUBs: • 1) Use Countries for piloting Global Strategies, • 2) Connect the Piloting Countries, creating HUBs like that • Create follow up strategy specific for each region after International Conferences • Clear Customized channels for downscaling Plan, ex. videos for LCPs, etc
  7. 7. Talent Capacity
  8. 8. Root causes of the problem• TMP and TLP are not being planned based on exchange delivery.• Lack of understanding of the “Why”• Lack of TMP and TLP tracking to ensure quality experiences and learning ofmembers.• The method of how AIESEC in developed countries is approaching andcapitalizing on the student market
  9. 9. Recommendation to MCPs Recommended wikis:• Separate Promotion and • Team Based Recruitment to Selection activities in order to Build Talent Capacity. be able to focus on the right • Talent Capacity Driving GIP thing. and GCDP Growth• MCP/LCP are participating at • Flexible Structure to Drive least in Talent Planning and GCDP and GIP Growth Talent tracking along with the program heads. Tracking all TMP/TLP experiences• Processes optimization for that members are living in order Selection in order to have to ensure quality and also check better capacity in Talent NPS score. Using this in order to Recruitment. engage even more people.• Delivering “Why” content from MC to LCs by national conferences, coaching and other implementation channels.
  10. 10. Recommendation for the AIESEC International • Give recommendations on Talent Management Department Structure. • To create webinars for delivery wiki’s content. • To explain how NPS usage is in TMP/TLP. • To showcase what other countries are doing in process optimization for talent management. • To find an external talent management consultancy for AIESEC. • How can we make talent management process less time consuming and more efficient?
  11. 11. Sales Activity • There are not enough members doing sales, and those that are, are not doing a high enough intensity of sales
  12. 12. Root causes of the problem• Positioning of the value of being a salesperson in AIESEC, even if you don’t want to go into a sales career.• Expectations misaligned to new salespeople regarding the amount of sales activity and time or energy required to achieve success in sales.• Not using resources optimally
  13. 13. Recommendation for the network (MCPs) Sales Management • Have a clear responsible to drive LC sales activities on the MC and ensure their activities role-model, recognize and track sales activity • MCPs need to ensure integration of AI GIP strategies into daily operations. • MCPs need to ensure engagement of LC sales people with AI sales development resources. Sales Positioning to Membership • Position the value of developing sales skills to different types of career and individual aspirations during recruitment • Improve the expectation setting about the amount of effort required to see success in sales to new members in inductions. • Build GIP sales excitement through any touch points possible with your membership. E.g. LCP newsletter, public recognitions. We need more people doing more intensive sales!!
  14. 14. Recommendation for the AIESEC International • Recognition to global level for salespeople through newsletter or other public communication channels. • Define different cluster of GIP entities (e.g. according to level of difficulties) and translate AI GIP Strategies respectively. • Create global sales community (virtually) to ensure proper implementation and usage of global sales development resources.
  15. 15. Our message to the network“If the world had a flower for everytime youstood up and led towards positive impact, we’dhave a garden to walk in forever.”