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Envision is a SaaS (Software as a Service) construction management tool that reduces project administration effort and costs and radically improves field productivity. Built upon the principles of Agile and Lean Construction, Envision represents a new and more efficient way to work.

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Envision Overview

  1. 1. Engineering Innovation. Envision. Project Delivery Using Agile, Lean and Envision.
  2. 2. Why Agile and Lean for Construction ProjectsEngineering Innovation.
  3. 3. The State of ConstructionEngineering Innovation.
  4. 4. The State of Construction Manufacturing Construction Waste Value Added 26% Waste 10% 57% 12% Support 33% 62% Support Value Added Waste Support Activity Value Added Source: Construction Industry InstituteEngineering Innovation.
  5. 5. Agile Methods Agile is an umbrella term for a set of values, principles and practices. Increase Management! Practices! Value Technical! Social/Team! Practices! Practices! Reduce Values &! Risk Principles! Manage ComplexityEngineering Innovation. Empirical control, Continuous monitoring, Heuristics
  6. 6. Lean Construction Lean Construction is an adaption of Lean Manufacturing principles and practices to the design and execution of construction projects. The principles of Lean Construction are focused on maximising value whilst eliminating waste. ! Shortest Lead Time – Best Quality – Lower Cost! Best Safety – High Morale! Through shortening the production flow by eliminating waste! Just-In-Time! Quality! ! ! Continuous Flow! Error Proofing! ! Continuous ! Pull Systems! Improvement! Quality Control! ! ! Integrated Waste ! Root Cause Logistics! Reduction! Analysis! Standardised Processes! Visual Management! Philosophy!Engineering Innovation.
  7. 7. Envision. Envision is a web-based construction management and execution tool that has been purpose built to optimise project outcomes by improving field productivity. Envision is built upon the principles of Agile and Lean Construction. Smart Browser Tablet Phone Project Executive Project Dashboard Summary Reporting Photo Libraries Document Integration Material Management Envision. Custom Time Schedule 4D Model Management Updates Animation Work Kanban Quality Packages Board Management Event Correspondence Notifications Management Features ts en um oc D ERP ScheduleEngineering Innovation.
  8. 8. Mobility Envision supports the use of smartphone’s and tablet devices for viewing and collecting field data. Using these devices with Envision allows the realtime collection of field data relating to progress, events and time tracking.Engineering Innovation.
  9. 9. Weekly Work Plan 6 week look ahead Should Do Master Schedule Master schedule updated with actuals from Envision Can Do Will Do Weekly work plan is a commitment from the team on what they will do. % of Plan Completed is tracked. Work that should be done that isn’t ready is identified constraints removed and made ready for release to weekly work plan Work completed each week is used for evidence based planning in future weekly work plans BLOCKED work in progress that needs to be resolved to be completedEngineering Innovation.
  10. 10. Event Management Envision allows field personnel to log events of any type directly from a smartphone. Field personnel can capture information such as photographs, videos, voice recordings and text comments using the Envision smartphone app. Save time and instantly share conversations and photo’s all in one place.Engineering Innovation.
  11. 11. Notices and Correspondence Envision provides the ability to create documents from configurable templates, such as delay notices, inspection requests, non-conformance reports or any other contractual documents. These documents are tracked to ensure they are closed within contractual time periods. Your company logo hereEngineering Innovation.
  12. 12. Project Log The project log provides a social and engaging log of all project activity in real-time. From the data collected in Envision (Activity / Event Status, Time Tracked, Comments and Photo’s) a daily log report provides full visibility of daily site progress.Engineering Innovation.
  13. 13. Time Tracking Envision makes capturing time simple and fast. Time can be tracked against Activities or Events. Using the GoodData Business Intelligence platform with Envision provides powerful productivity analysis. Consolidated time can be exported to enterprise systems for cost accounting and invoicing.Engineering Innovation.
  14. 14. Business Intelligence Reporting Envision uses the GoodData Business Intelligence platform to allow project administrators to build completely customised reports on demand. Dashboard reports provide big visible indicators of project health and status to the team.Engineering Innovation.
  15. 15. Benefits Envision provides a significant opportunity for financial savings and reducing project risks. Owners & Executives & EPC Contractors Project Management • Reduce total installed cost • Increase project controls • Improve safety and reporting reliability • Increase transparency • Decrease project risks • Minimise delays • Reduce overhead costs • Facilitate coordination of • Optimise field productivity subcontractors • Maximise profits Construction Field Management Supervisors • Simplify project controls • Improve work package and reporting management • Improve coordination of field • Minimise desk time and resources and equipment increase field time • Provide real-time activity • Simplify time recording and event tracking and schedule updatesEngineering Innovation.
  16. 16. Testimonials If you would like to talk with people that have used Envision we can provide reference contact details on request.Engineering Innovation.
  17. 17. Contact Ennova Web: ennova.com.au Twitter: @ennova_au Email: info@ennova.com.auEngineering Innovation.