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HealthXL Asia Pacific: Changing The World Of Digital Health


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The key to success in the age of the digital patient is to think about the patient as being at the center of the health care and communication network and to design solutions to make it easier for them to participate in their own health care.

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HealthXL Asia Pacific: Changing The World Of Digital Health

  1. 1. Co Design Moving The Needle On Digital Health Marie Ennis-O’Connor @JBBC
  2. 2. Co-Design
  3. 3. Understanding the digital patient and enabling them to become actively and appropriately involved in achieving better health care outcomes must become a new priority for the health care industry. Digital Patient
  4. 4. Google Play (Android) App Store > 50% of healthcare apps receive less than 500 downloads 5 apps account for 15% of estimated 660 million downloads in this category Source: Patient Apps for Improved Healthcare: From Novelty to Mainstream. Report by the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics
  5. 5. If you build it, will they come?
  6. 6. Listen
  7. 7. Selling An App Doesn’t = Adoption
  8. 8. Technology is a tool not a solution
  9. 9. Cultural Diversity
  10. 10. • Meet the Woman With 27 Fitness Trackers
  11. 11. SickKids Pain Squad Mobile App
  12. 12. Stop Talking About Technology and Start Designing Experiences!