Your Brand Is You


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Presentation delivered at the Cardiff University Library Staff Awayday 15th June 2012

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  • Why branding is importantit helps customers recognise your product or service it differentiates your product or service from your competitorsit helps build a loyal customer baseit helps customers and staff understand what your service is all aboutit makes what you have to offer relevant to particular target markets it enables you to focus your marketing message
  • creating congruency to build credibility deliver on all = congruenceExample: The alternative accountant
  • In small groupsIt has been said that your personal brand is not what you say about yourself, but what someone else says about you when you leave the roomIdentify 5 words to describe your personal valuestrusted / trustworthycost-effectiveprofessionalambitiousmoderncreativeThat’s stage 1! Stage 2 is to get at least 3 (better with 5) people to describe you in 5 words – do your actions / behaviours (the real you) match your vision of yourself?
  • Your visual identity must be used consistently in person and across all media
  • Develop your vocal range and delivery and find opportunities to ‘perform’Present with clarity, confidence, conviction, credibility and impactAFTERS
  • “Your customers are writing about your products on blogs and recutting your commercials on YouTube. They’re defining you on Wikipedia and ganging up on you in social networking sites like Facebook. These are all elements of a social phenomenon – the groundswell – that has created a permanent, long-lasting shift in the way the world works. Most companies see it as a threatou can see it as an opportunity.”Groundswell - Charlene Li & Josh Bernoff, 2008
  • it enables customers to recognise you as a potential supplier / employee – immediate recognition / does what it says on the tinit differentiates you from your competitors – what makes one accountant better than another?it helps build loyalty – customer loyalty means they keep coming back – easier to keep than to find newit helps customers understand and buy into your core valuesit makes what you have to offer relevant to your target marketit enables you to focus your personal marketing message
  • Your Brand Is You

    1. 1. what is a brand? logo trademark visual manifestation strap-line / tag-line a brand is a collection of thoughts and feelings that customers have about a particular product or service
    2. 2. why branding is important recognition differentiation loyalty relevance focus
    3. 3. exercise 1
    4. 4. exercise 2
    5. 5. visual literacy tv advertising growth of printed materials the media the internet within three seconds of seeing a person for the first time we have decided their: • social status, politics, education, religion, sexuality, friendliness / approachability, aptitude
    6. 6. sensation transference &impression management People trust what they see before they trust what they hear, touch, feel, taste (Louis Cheskin) People give an assessment of something they might buy … without realising it they transfer sensations or impressions that they have about the packaging of the product to the product itself … most of us don’t make a distinction – on an unconscious level – between the package and the product. The product is the package and the product combined (Malcolm Gladwell, Blink, 2005) A process by which people in social situations manage the setting and their dress, words and gestures to correspond to the impressions they are trying to make or the image they are trying to project (A definition of Impression Management – The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, Erving Goffman)
    7. 7. personal branding is … authentic consistent my definition: “personal branding unites your passions, strengths, skills, behaviours, attitudes and core values in a focussed message. It makes you instantly recognisable, differentiates your uniqueness, builds a loyal following and makes you relevant to your target audience”
    8. 8. alignmentthe 4 Vs principle© values who you are, what you believe in, your actions and intentions, your USP visuals your behaviours / body language, appearance, colours, shapes etc vocals your voice, message, your presentation skills, networking skills verbals Blog, social media, articles, books, e-zines
    9. 9. values who you are what you believe in your actions and intentions your USP
    10. 10. exercise 3
    11. 11. visuals your body language the way you dress the colours you use
    12. 12. first impressions 38% tone pitch and55% appearance pace of your voiceand body language 7% words / content
    13. 13. ongoing perception 10% doing your job 30% the quality of the work you produce30% appearanceand bodylanguage 30% being seen to be doing a good job
    14. 14. exercise 4 what’s yourfavourite colour?
    15. 15. the language of colour red – romantic, sensual, danger orange – fast, young, frivolous yellow – vitality, health, cowardice brown – robust, earthy blue – cool, authoritative, melancholy green – earth, calm, sickly purple – thoughtful, rich, aloof white – clean, innocent, sterile black – powerful, sophisticated, death
    16. 16. vocals your voice your presentation skills your networking skills
    17. 17. exercise 5what do you do?
    18. 18. verbals blog social media articles books e-zines
    19. 19. the old vs. the new the old • closed • selective • controlling the new • open • random • supportive
    20. 20. how’s youronlinereputation?
    21. 21. consistency all interactions need to reflect your personal brand identity ‘brand ambassadors’
    22. 22. why the 4 Vs Principle© works it enables employers to see you as a potential employee it differentiates you from your colleagues / competitors It encourages employers and customers to become (and remain) loyal it enables others to understand you and buy into your core values people will see that what you have to offer is relevant It allows you to focus your personal marketing message
    23. 23. exercise 6action steps
    24. 24. what next? sign up for my free newsletter full of hints and tips at talk to me about my mentoring programme designed to boost your career keep me in mind for future training and conferences
    25. 25. thank you Kathy Ennis 020 8926 0331 @kathyennis /in/kathyennis /KathyEnnisYourBrandIsYou