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The Sixties


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The Sixties

  1. 1. The Sixties
  2. 2. Swinging sixties – hoogsad kuuekümnendad 02.03.15
  3. 3. There was nothing quite like before and nothing was ever the same again 02.03.15
  4. 4. The first generation without the memory of war, able to choose their own path of personal freedom 02.03.15
  5. 5. The birth of youth culture • The generation of the post World War II baby boom • Opposition between the old and the new, the established and the untried • teenagers • during the 60ies youth fashion was created • until the 60ies you had to look like your mother • Men’s hair got longer and women’s skirts got shorter •
  6. 6. Class structure started to crumble • upper class, middle class, working class (influenced by factors of wealth, occupation and education) • huge political scandals in 1963 involving sex and spies • especially after Churchill’s death in 1965 • the first time the public found out about immoral behaviour of an upper-class person (an affair of the war minister and a call girl) 02.03.15
  7. 7. Music broke down class barriers  the Beatles were enjoyed by both working class people and upper society.  1964 there was a private underground radio station from a ship because BBC refused to play pop music all day   This was the first time when pop musicians made jokes about upper classes and after that BBC and newspapers started to do it too.  The Prime Minister Harold Wilson wanted to increase his popularity by giving The Beatles the MBE’s  02.03.15
  8. 8. New freedom: you can say what you want  riots and mass protest actions against racism, sexism, war  a new generation of peace protesters:  against nuclear war  The Cold War (political and military tension after World War II between powers in the Western and Eastern Bloc, arms race, space race)  Che Guevara’s face becomes a symbol 02.03.15
  9. 9. Black Civil Rights • Rosa Parks – the mother of civil rights movement (1955-56) 02.03.15
  10. 10.
  11. 11. The First Age of Mass Media  Taking advantage of TV to promote oneself (J.F.Kennedy)  people were rated based on the image they created 02.03.15
  12. 12. Optimism - living standard drastically improved  new materials and designs (plastic, nylon for colours), symbol: a plastic chair – new, cheap, fashionable  consumer boom, the days of food rations were gone, hedonism – very untypical for the Brits  ‘buy now, pay later’ vs ‘save up and buy later’  new household appliances gave people more free time  The Beatles had an effect on economy: the scales of merchancise, records; tourism boost: people came to Britain to see Liverpool  Brits started to travel (spaghetti joke) 
  13. 13. Sex revolution – introduction of baby pills 02.03.15
  14. 14. Art… … became hotshot – new ideas and creativity were encouraged, culture to the masses … mad creativity became mainstream, snobbism (fine art deco) was out 02.03.15
  15. 15. mixing up high and low culture 02.03.15 Pop icons: Oh, Jeff...I Love You, Too...' (1964) by Roy Lichtenstein and 'Campbell's Soup I: Black Bean' (1968) by Andy Warhol
  16. 16. Hippies  hippies – the most influential youth movement of the 60ies (hip= "sophisticated; currently fashionable; fully up-to-date")  a.k.a. „Flower Children“ - ’San Francisco’ by Scott McKenzie: "If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair" (written for a 1967 pop festival) 02.03.15
  17. 17. 02.03.15
  18. 18.  the highest ideals peace and love  raise awareness of the beauty of the earth and the importance of keeping it beautiful  interested in mysticism, sometimes chemically induced, they practised astrology and free love  dropped out of the society and live in communes  protests and the end of the decade, especially against the Vietnam War - ’make love not war’  their style became more and more mainstream 02.03.15
  19. 19. THE DECADE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE The effects of the decade still continue to influence 02.03.15
  20. 20. 02.03.15
  21. 21. Sources: Portfolio/Gallery/Drawings/Sixties-Forever/413672/ 10696.htm 08/The-1960s-Youth-Movement/ 02.03.15