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Group project overview_(1)_(1)

  1. 1. Group Project Fall 2013 - ISYS 363 – Sections 1,2 and 8 Daniel Ciomek
  2. 2. Purpose  Simulate business environment: working w/ distributed teams leveraging modern technology  Gain hands-on experience with some commonly used software and tools  Apply theoretical knowledge gained from the class to practical decision making for a business environment
  3. 3. Group Setup  Groups of 6 students  Randomly assigned by iLearn  Groups numbered bt sports teams  Each group will have their own workspace on iLearn created for them  Each group must select a team leader: team leader will be the “project manager” of the team – extra responsibility = extra credit = extra work/hassle
  4. 4. Expected Collaboration  Location, work, and life schedule are no valid excuses for limited participation  Find the time, and the tools, and the discipline, to make it work  Communicate with your team members (email, chat, SMS, iLearn, Skype,WhatsUp, Viber, Facebook)  Do things on time, communicate on time!
  5. 5. Voluntary meeting  During the course of the semester, each group can select to have a voluntary group meeting with the instructor to discuss their progress on the group project during selected time slots.  This meeting will be made by prior appointment with the instructor; who will provide feedback and answer questions at this time.
  6. 6. Mandatory meeting  If groups are not performing well (non-functioning collaboration) a team member can request a mandatory group meeting with the instructor. In this case, all members of the group will be required to attend this meeting  no shows and non-participation members might be removed from the group and receive a zero (0) for their group project grade.
  7. 7. Removal from Group  Members may suggest “removal” of members for non-participation. Consultation with the instructor is required.  If you are “removed” from a group for non- participation, you will be expected to immediately apply to other groups within your section or lose your entire grade for the group project.  You may not complete the project individually since it is a group project.
  8. 8. Group Project =15.00% of grade  Limited Participation ◦ No participation – 100% loss of grade ◦ Extremely limited participation – 75% loss ◦ Limited participation – 25% to 50% loss  Grading Rubrics ◦ Group Project Form: 5% ◦ ProjectTask One: 15% ◦ ProjectTask Two: 20% ◦ ProjectTask Three: 25% ◦ Final Presentation: 35%
  9. 9. Project Task One  Research Project: Group Collaboration Tools  Research at least 5 group collaboration tools in detail, figure out at least 3 pros and cons for each tool, and decide which ones you might want to use for your group collaboration.  Create a SlideShare presentation w/ 10 slides about the topic
  10. 10. Project One Details  1 cover slide (no names, but state SFSU ISYS 363 – Fall 2013 – Section # + your group)  2 slides intro on the topic/category/space ◦ Features needed / to expect ◦ Your criteria, concerns, market leaders  5 slides for the tools you compared in details (3+ pros, 3+ cons)  I slide which ones you will use for the group projects (your “winner(s)”)  1 slide references (links) to your sources  Upload the presentation on and submit the link on iLearn.
  11. 11. Limitations  You need to pick tools from different categories (cannot compare Dropbox to Skydrive to etc.)  Consider that you all are on different computers and locations – needs to be multiplatform (Win/Mac/Mobile) and browser based (or mobile apps)  Needs to be free / open source software that you can use throughout the semester.
  12. 12. Suggested Approach  Think about how you will use these tools  How can they help you with the group project: ◦ Discuss desired criteria / features ◦ Research individually and share the results ◦ Select “Top 5” ◦ Have all members use all 5 tools and discuss pros and cons ◦ Create presentation
  13. 13. Things (criteria) to consider  File sharing and storage capabilities  Version control  Audio and video conferencing  Notifications  Collaboration  Security and privacy  Backup (?)  Platform, pricing, and availability  Would you use this for a business?
  14. 14. Outlook for part 2-4 tbd  Part 2: Avatar / AnimatedVideo Presentation on class topic  Part 3: Business Conferencing Software Comparison/Presentation ◦ Webex, GoToMeeting,AdobeGoLive, etc.  Part 4: Captivate/Camtasia Presentation ◦ Evaluate 3 pieces of business software ◦ Present pros and cons using screen capture software and select your winner