Thinking Sphinx Talk at Boston.rb


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Dan Pickett talks about Thinking Sphinx, the Ruby plugin/gem that interfaces with the Sphinx Full Text Search Engine

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Thinking Sphinx Talk at Boston.rb

  1. 1. Searching With Thinking Sphinx Dan Pickett
  2. 2. I Know What You’re Thinking... But, No
  3. 3. The Sphinx We’re Talking About Yes, the Eye is looking at you
  4. 4. What is Full Text, Indexed Search? • Searches for keyword matches • Think of the DB “like” operator on steroids • File based index (reduces DB load) • Relevance Ranking / Phrase Proximity • Two step process • Query the DB and create indices (indexer) • Search against created indices (searchd)
  5. 5. Can Haz Search? What’s Out There • Direct SQL • Ferret • SOLR • Lucene • Sphinx Every time you integrate Ferret, an angel weeps for you
  6. 6. Courtesy of: Evan Weaver, “Rails Search Benchmarks” 03/17/08 ‘Nuff Said Although angels are known to be emotional characters
  7. 7. UltraSphinx Also, Evan Weaver likes Thinking Sphinx
  8. 8. Why Sphinx Rocks • Relevance Ratings and Phrase Proximity • Active Development • searchd Daemon doesn’t hog memory • Delta Indexing • Fast Indexing + Querying • Distributed Capability You rock too, but Sphinx is cooler
  9. 9. Why TS Rocks • Maximizes use of the Riddle Client • Sort modes • Match modes • Great support and active community • Available as a gem and a plug-in • Beautiful Code • Pat Allan is the man That was mean - I apologize for the burn in the last slide. You are equally as cool as Sphinx
  10. 10. Let’s Play A Game... Where the F*ck is Carmen Sandiego?© Courtesy: Bob-Rz @ Deviant Art 02/19/07 “Where the F*ck is Carmen Sandiego?” is a registered trademark of Enlight Solutions, Inc. Well, not really but it sounds cool. Honestly, though, does anyone ever read the fine print? You should be paying attention to the presentation. On we go...seriously, focus people.
  11. 11. Define your Index of Suspects
  12. 12. InstallShield FTL Let’s Use Rake • rake ts:config • rake ts:in • rake ts:start • rake ts:stop • rake ts:restart
  13. 13. Get to Work, Detective
  14. 14. Make Your Arrest That was easy...
  15. 15. Additional Features • Match Modes • Sort Modes • Polymorphism • Field Weighting • Integration with will_paginate
  16. 16. What I Wish I Knew Serious Mullet Protip: Despite its misleading name, Rockapella does not rock
  17. 17. What I Wish I Knew About Integrating TS • Sometimes the indexer silently fails • Watch your output • Disregard the Distributed Index warning • Use delta indexing • Run regular index tasks • Use delayed_job or another queue manager to handle delta indexing What time is it? Beer o’clock
  18. 18. What I Wish I Knew About Deploying TS • Store PID files in a shared folder • Ensure you’ve set proper permissions • Set memory limits on indexing • mem_limit option in sphinx.yml • For large data sets, indices can be extremely large • Ensure you have a surplus of storage capacity Are we done yet? It’s about that time for a beer...
  19. 19. What’s Missing? • Excerpting • Strong Facet Support • ASpell Integration/Spell Check support Blah, blah, blah - You must be getting thirsty by now
  20. 20. It’s a Young but Awesome Utility • Clone the source and see for yourself • freelancing-god/thinking-sphinx • Cucumber test-suite • Extremely well architected • Join the mailing list (Google Groups) Did he mention Pat Allan is the man, yet?
  21. 21. Thanks • Follow me on Twitter • • Check out my blog • • Recommend me
  22. 22. Questions?