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Texas S Ta R Charts

  1. 1. Texas STaR Charts<br />A Report on Lufkin’s Technological Resourcefulness<br />
  2. 2. Path to the STaR<br />What is a STaR Chart?<br />Teaching & Learning<br />Educator Preparation<br />Administration & Support<br />Infrastructure<br />Key Area Classifications<br />Lufkin High School’s STaR Chart Summary<br />What this data means to Lufkin High School.<br />Reaching for the STaR.<br />
  3. 3. What is a Star Chart?<br /><ul><li>The Texas Teacher STaR Charts is an assessment tool .
  4. 4. To help teachers, campuses, and districts determine their progress toward meeting the goals of the Long-Range Plan for Technology.
  5. 5. Measures the impact of state and local efforts to improve student learning through the use of technology .
  6. 6. Identify needs for on-going professional development.
  7. 7. Raise awareness of research-based instructional goals.
  8. 8. Enables teachers to see what the expectations for Technology and Instruction are for all Texas teachers .
  9. 9. Enables teachers to self-assess their progress toward meeting these expectations.
  10. 10. Broken down into four key areas: Teaching & Learning, Educator Preparation, Administration & Support, and Infrastructure.</li></li></ul><li>Teaching and Learning<br /><ul><li>Based on the five State Board for Educator Certification technology application standards.
  11. 11. Standard I- All teachers use technology-related terms, concepts, data input strategies and ethical practices to make informed decisions about current technologies and their applications.
  12. 12. Standard II- All teachers identify task requirements, apply search strategies and use current technology to efficiently acquire, analyze, and evaluate a variety of electronic information.
  13. 13. Standard III- All teachers use task-appropriate tools to synthesize knowledge, create and modify solutions and evaluate results in a way that supports the work of individuals and groups in problem-solving situations.
  14. 14. Standard IV- All teachers communicate information in different formats and for diverse audiences.
  15. 15. Standard V- All teachers know how to plan, organize, deliver and evaluate instruction for all students that incorporates the effective use of current technology for teaching and integrating the Technology Applications Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) into the curriculum.</li></li></ul><li>Educator Peparation<br /><ul><li>Rates school on amount, availability, and content of professional development.
  16. 16. Must prepare teachers for significantly different roles, different tools, and resources.</li></ul>Preparing teachers and administrators to effectively facilitate and manage 21st century learning in technology and<br />information rich settings involves radical<br />retooling of the existing professional core<br />of the educational system.<br />
  17. 17. Administration & Support<br /><ul><li>The process of integrating technology in schools, in itself,</li></ul>promotes school reform.<br /><ul><li>Providing visionary school leadership with the necessary background and requisite skills to lead and nurture the changes technology brings is one of Texas’ biggest challenges.
  18. 18. Systems of technical support, staffing patterns, budgeting</li></ul>functions, and funding acquisition, require ongoing professional<br />and staff growth.<br /><ul><li>School decision-makers are challenged to budget real costs of technology, both initial and ongoing, and to secure funding to support that budget.</li></li></ul><li>Infrastructure<br /><ul><li>Issues of support and maintenance for existing and evolving</li></ul>technologies will test our true commitment to connected schools.<br /><ul><li>Maintaining appropriate funding levels, securing and retaining qualified staff, maintaining the infrastructure, providing upgrades and greater bandwidth, all provide significant challenges for schools.
  19. 19. The infrastructure of a school is the critical element of support</li></ul>for all four areas.<br /><ul><li>While school connectivity presents tremendous challenges, implementing that connectivity offers new and exciting opportunities for transforming the institution of schooling.</li></li></ul><li>Key Area Classifications<br />Each Key Area is classified or rated using the following four terms and their guidelines as a rubric to gauge where they are technologically: <br />Early Tech- Educators move from the initial struggles to learn the basics of using technology to successful use of technology on a basic level (e.g., integration of drill and practice software into instruction). <br />Developing Tech- Educators move from basic use of<br /> technology to discovery of its potential for increased<br /> productivity (e.g., use of word processors for student <br /> writing, and research on the Internet).<br />Advanced Tech- Having achieved complete mastery<br /> over the technology, educators use it effortlessly as a tool to<br /> accomplish a variety of instructional and management <br /> goals.<br />Target Tech- Educators are prepared to develop entirely<br /> new learning environments that utilize technology as a<br /> flexible tool. Learning becomes more collaborative, <br /> interactive and customized.<br />
  20. 20. Lufkin High School STaR Chart Summary<br />
  21. 21. What does this data mean for Lufkin High School<br /><ul><li>Improvement has been made in strengthening the infrastructure.
  22. 22. Overall improvement seems to be stagnant.
  23. 23. Need to improve the training of the staff.
  24. 24. As a campus, Lufkin High School needs to utilize the resources available more eficienly.</li></li></ul><li>Reaching for the STaR<br />We as educators must work together to make technology work for us.<br />Strong leadership and eagerness to develop ourselves professionally will lead us into the future of technological education.<br />For more information follow the link below:<br />http://starchart.esc12.net/<br />