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The idea card


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Whatever business you are in innovation is the name of the game. Today it's even more important than ever that you innovate fast and somewhat accurate. This little card is designed to help you go fast by staying small and keeping it nimble

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The idea card

  1. 1. THE IDEA CARD NAME OF IDEA CHAMPION DATE OF INCEPTION The Idea Card is a tool for visualizing a way of working innovation devised and designed by Jörgen Dahlberg IDEA to INVESTMENT WHY What KPIs are affected +/- by this idea? WHEN When do we start to develop this idea? IDEA PITCH 140 character elevator pitch for your idea. Make sure to cover the problem you are addressing. If there is a hypothetical solution be quick and put it in the pitch. HOW Which delivery vehicles do we use to test the idea? PROOF-OF-CONCEPT We are to carry out the planned activities in the business, measure the feasibility, report produced results and the performed analysis. BUSINESS CASE We are to build a solid business case for the productification of the idea as the POC unfolds. DELIVER We disseminate our product and services to all our customers. POC to BC WHO Who’s needed to develop this idea? WHAT What needs to be done to develop this idea? BUILD We build a product with associated service out of the learnings we made in the POC. BUILD to DELIVER !?