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The Brand Canvas


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The Brand Canvas

  1. 1. The story we use to communicate our brand externally VALUEDRIVERS GROWTH • Customers • Leadership • Revenue • Leads • Market share • Customer retention THE BRAND CANVAS DIFFERENTIATION • What is it that differentiate our brand in the eye of the stakeholder from other brands? PROPOSITION • How is the brand proposition structured that enable stakeholders to find value in our brand? AWARENESS • What is it that make stakeholders aware of our brand? INTERNAL PERSPECTIVE EXPERIENCE • How is the stakeholder experience designed for maximum delight? BRAND NAME BRAND TYPE http://enklare.wordpress.comThe Brand Canvas is a tool for visualizing brand architecture devised and designed by Jörgen Dahlberg EMOTIONS • What emotions does the brand raise in the stakeholders? CUSTOMER • Usability • Functionality • Performance • Community • Satisfaction • Empathy LEARNING • Velocity • Excellence • Simplicity • Time to market QUALITY • Availability • Stability • Security • Compliance • Integrity INCREASE REVENUE SECURE PROFIT REDUCE COSTS INVESTORS PERSPECTIVE VALUEREQs EXTERNAL PERSPECTIVE BRAND LOGO EXTERNALMSG The story we use to communicate our brand internally INTERNALMSG