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The Timeline Evolution of Nike Inc

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Nike Timeline

  1. 1. niketimeline HIGHLIGHTS 1947 1963 1968 Before there was Nike, there was Bill Bowerman, Nike's future co-founder. And before Bowerman there was Bill Hayward, Knight's first shipment of Tiger shoes The first BRS West retail store was opened the first track director at the University of arrives in December, 200 pairs in all. in Eugene, Oregon, by future veteran Oregon. Hayward led Oregon athletics employee Geoff Hollister and future from 1904 to 1947. Named in his honor, company president Bob Woodell. the University's historic track & field venue has hosted three Olympic Trials, and a variety of National, NCAA, and Masters championships. A claim could be made that Hayward Field was Nike's unofficial 1964 birthplace. 1969 Knight and Bowerman join together in the new enterprise, each contributing $500 to the partnership. Knight works for an accounting firm and in his spare time Knight resigns his position as Assistant distributes the shoes from his father's Professor of Business Administration at 1948 basement, and out of the back of his car at Portland State University to devote himself local and regional track meets. Runners full time to the company. don BRS shoes -- many prototypes Bill Bowerman - Olympian, Olympic coach, designed by Bowerman -- and provide innovator and inspirational mentor - took feedback to the company on concepts for over as head track coach at the University future footwear development. of Oregon in 1948, a job he held until 1973. 1970 1965 Bowerman begins experimenting with rubber spikes by pouring a liquid rubber 1955 compound into his wife's waffle iron, Jeff Johnson, a former track competitor of creating a sole that forever changes the Phil Knight at Stanford, agrees to work on design of running shoes. The future co-founders of Nike meet at the University of Oregon in Eugene, commission as BRS' first full-time America's running citadel. Bill Bowerman, employee. already one of the top U.S. track coaches, and Phil Knight, a middle distance runner on Bowerman's track team, begin their relationship. 1971 1966 For a fee of $35, the Swoosh trademark is Jeff Johnson opens the first BRS retail created by a graphic design student 1962 outlet in Santa Monica, Calif. named Carolyn Davidson whom Phil Knight had met at Portland State University. Phil Knight's research paper at Stanford asserts that low-priced, high-performance well-merchandised exports from Japan could replace Germany's domination of 1967 the U.S. athletic shoe industry. After receiving his MBA, Knight takes a world tour. Stopping in Japan, he contacts the 1971 Onitsuka Tiger company, manufacturers of Knight and Bowerman incorporate BRS, quality athletic shoes, and convinces it of Inc., an Oregon corporation, as successor great marketing opportunities for its to their partnership known as Blue Ribbon product in the U.S. Put on the spot to Sports. BRS, Inc. (doing business as Blue Jeff Johnson, Nike's first employee, makes appear as though he owns a company, Ribbon Sports) is the exclusive marketer, his most enduring contribution to the Knight makes up a company name, giving distributor, and seller of Onitsuka Tiger company. While sleeping he dreams of birth to quot;Blue Ribbon Sports,quot; the running shoes imported from Japan. The Nike, the Greek goddess of victory -- forerunner of Nike. shoes are based on a foam cushion heel giving the company its new name. Nike wedge design proposed by Bill won out over Knight's idea of calling the Bowerman. Dec. 26, 1967 company quot;Dimension 6.quot; page 1
  2. 2. s niketimeline HIGHLIGHTS 1971 1975 1979 Frustrated with the inability to secure loans at local banks, Knight finds a new method of creative financing. Through the Bank of Steve Prefontaine dies in a car accident in Tokyo, a trading company called Nissho Nike introduces the TAILWIND, the first Eugene, Oregon. At the time of his death, Iwai introduces BRS to import letters of running shoe with Nike Air, the technologi- Pre held the American records at every credit and lays the foundation for future cally advanced, patented Air-Sole distance from 2,000 to 10,000 meters -- rapid growth. cushioning system. seven in all. It is a feat never accomplished before or since. The loss of America's best runner has an enormous impact on Nike and the running world. 1980 1972 1976 The first athlete to win an Olympic medal A distribution dispute leads to litigation wearing Nike shoes is British runner, Steve At the Olympic Trials, Nike shoes are seen and an eventual break in business relations Ovett. Though a U.S. boycott of the 1980 in abundance for the first time -- worn by between BRS and Onitsuka Tiger. Moscow Games denied America's best young, rising stars in both middle- and distance runners a chance at glory, it gave long-distance events.The Eugene-based Ovett a golden opportunity. Competing trials signal a promising future for the in the 800m, Ovett clinched a gold medal company's promotional activities. in 1:45.4. For the first time, Nike shoes graced the highest podium beneath the flame. 1972 1977 BRS launches Nike for athletes competing at the U.S. Olympic Trials in Eugene. Nike starts the first U.S. track-and-field 1980 training club for elite athletes, calling it Athletics West. Nike completes an initial public offering of 2,377,000 shares of Class B common stock. 1978 1973 Tennis great John McEnroe signs a deal American record-holder Steve Prefontaine with the company. Nike recognizes itself in becomes the first major track athlete to 1981 McEnroe's colorful character and feisty wear Nike brand shoes. He converts many personality. of his fellow competitors to the young brand. BRS, Inc., the subsidiary of Nike, Inc., is merged into Nike, Inc. Nike, Inc. is the surviving corporation. 1979 Frank Rudy, former NASA employee, came 1974 to Nike with an idea which Nike helped refine to create a better shoe. Together, 1982 Nike and Rudy engineered the first Air-Sole The WAFFLE TRAINER is introduced units: durable bags filled with pressurized featuring Coach Bowerman's famous gas that compress under impact, then Waffle outsole. It quickly becomes the spring back. The result is Nike Air Nike opens a footwear distribution center best-selling training shoe in the country. cushioning, the single greatest footwear in Memphis, Tennessee. cushioning innovation ever developed. page 2
  3. 3. niketimeline HIGHLIGHTS 1983 1992 1988 Nike-shod Joan Benoit shatters the women's world marathon record just four months before 23 Nike-supported athletes Just Do It ad -- It became both universal Every medallist on the USA track and field capture medals in the inaugural World and intensely personal. It spoke of sports. team at the Barcelona Games wears Nike Track and Field Championships in Helsinki, It invited dreams. It was a call to action, a apparel. And they will do so for every Finland. refusal to hear excuses, and a license to be event into the next century as a result of eccentric, courageous and exceptional. It an exclusive agreement between Nike and was Nike. This campaign is now The Athletics Congress. ensconced in the Americana exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum -- it truly became part of America's history. 1984 1993 58 Nike-supported athletes from around the globe take home 65 medals at the L.A. Games. Nike introduces an innovative sustainabil- 1988 ity program, Reuse-A-Shoe which collects athletic shoes, separates and grinds them up into Nike Grind which is used in the Nike breaks new ground with the making of athletic courts, tracks and fields. acquisition of Cole Haan. The American 1985 luxury brand, Cole Haan, makes men's and women's footwear, accessories and outerwear focusing on craftsmanship, Chicago Bulls basketball rookie Michael design innovation and character. Jordan endorses a Nike line of AIR 1995 JORDAN court shoes and specialized apparel. Cal Ripken breaks Lou Gehrig's record streak of 2,130 consecutive games played. 1990 1986 The doors open to the Nike World Campus located in Beaverton, Oregon. 1995 Revenues top the landmark billion-dollar The Campus sits on 74 acres and offers mark. Nike begins producing apparel 570,000 square feet of breathtaking work collections, beginning with John McEnroe space throughout seven buildings, each for tennis, followed by Michael Jordan for named after a special athlete. Nike enters the hockey arena with the basketball. acquisition of Canstar Sports Inc. which includes Bauer, and introduces its first skate, Air Eccel Elite. All Canstar brands were later consolidated under the Bauer brand name (1998). 1987 1990 The Air Max shoe, giving athletes their first The first NikeTown opens in Portland, 1996 look at Nike-AIR cushioning, is introduced Oregon. The store invents pure sports by the controversial quot;Revolutionquot; ad retail with 23,095 sq. ft. of athlete-driven campaign award-winning design. In November 1996, NIKETOWN New York opens its 85,000 sq. ft. of innovative retail design and sports heritage. 1987 Cross-Training emerges as the natural 1991 1996 evolution of the fitness revolution, led by the Air Cross Trainer High shoe -- cushioned enough for court sports and Michael Jordan leads the Chicago Bulls to Carl Lewis, Gail Devers and the golden- aerobics. their first NBA Championship. spiked Michael Johnson win gold in the Atlanta Games. page 3
  4. 4. s niketimeline HIGHLIGHTS 1997 2000 2002 Tiger Woods wins his first Masters by an unprecedented 12 strokes, becomes Nike Golf sales surge after Tiger Woods Nike celebrates 30th anniversary by Augusta's youngest champion and switches to Nike Precision Tour Accuracy restoring nearly 90 Portland Parks & officially begins his reign over golf. golf balls and wins three majors during the Recreation outdoor basketball courts. season. 2002 1998 2000 NikeGO launches - nationwide community program to increase physical activity in Phil Knight formally commits Nike to strict Nike designs uniforms for over 2,000 American youth. standards for manufacturing facilities used athletes at the Sydney Games for 25 sports. by Nike, including: minimum age; air The Games give Nike the perfect quality; mandatory education programs; opportunity to introduce high-performance, expansion of microloan program; factory innovative products to the world, including monitoring; and enhanced transparency of revealing the lightest track spike ever made, Nike's corporate responsibility practices. the aerodynamic and thermo-regulatory 2002 Swift Suit, the recyclable Marathon Singlet and a new standard in responsive cushioning systems called Nike Shox. Soccer fans worldwide embrace the “Secret Tournament” campaign, which features three-on-three contests between the world's 1998 elite soccer players in a “secret tournament” on an ocean tanker offshore; millions participate on the integrated web site. 2001 Bauer Nike Hockey is formed. Former Canstar brands are consolidated under the Bauer brand name. Following the tragedy of September 11, Nike remembers the victims and families 2003 touched by this event and honors America's firefighters by running. Some 265 employee runners participate in a 7-week fundraiser, Run Across America, Nike is again named “advertiser of the starting in Astoria, OR stopping at 44 year” by the Cannes Advertising Festival, firehouses along the way and ending in 1999 the first two-time recipient in the New York City. prestigious award's 50-year history. Lance Armstrong wins his first Tour de France. The Nike athlete and cancer survivor made world headlines in Paris on July 25, 1999, with one of the most stunning comebacks ever in the history of 2002 2003 sport. Speedskaters wearing Nike Swift Skin suits Lance Armstrong wins his fifth consecutive set 8 world records and earn gold medals Tour de France. at the Salt Lake City Olympic Games. 1999 International sales exceed U.S. sales 2003 Nike mourns the passing of its co-founder, 2002 Bill Bowerman in December. For the first time in Nike’s History, Nike acquires premium teen lifestyle brand International sales exceed U.S. sales. Hurley International. page 4
  5. 5. s niketimeline HIGHLIGHTS 2003 Converse Inc. joins the growing Nike portfolio. 2004 In August, Nike created the Exeter Brands Group, a wholly owned subsidiary, dedicated to building athletic footwear and apparel brands for the value retail channel. 2004 Nike Acquired Official Starter Properties LLC and Official Starter LLC which are the sole owners and licensors of the Starter, Team Starter and Asphalt brand names as well as master licensee of the Shaq and Dunkman brands, a line of athletic apparel, footwear and accessory products for the value retail channel. 2004 Nike announced the appointment of William D. Perez as President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director effective December 28, 2004. Mr. Perez succeeds Nike, Inc. co-founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Philip H. Knight. Mr. Perez, 57, had been President and Chief Executive Officer of S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. since 1996 wrapping up his 34-year career with the company. page 5