best embedded training in chennai


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best embedded training in chennai

With our custom designed hardware kits and web based assessment program mes we ensure that students passing out of our academy apply all the skills acquired from our training in their professional careers. We also specialize in giving Corporate Training and conducting Long Term, Medium Term and Short Term Embedded System Design Workshops in colleges.
urabee Training Programmes
Embedded System Design
Level 1. Embedded Foundation
Level 2. Embedded Basic
Level 3. Embedded Intermediate
Level 4. Embedded Advanced
Level 5. Embedded Expert
C Language & Programming
1 Basic C
2 Advanced C

Please Contact:
Contact no 9551699444
164, Arcot Road, Valasaravakkam, Chennai - 600087. (Near Kesavardhini Bus Stop)

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best embedded training in chennai

  1. 1. Surabee School of Electronics (A Division Of Surabee Electronic Systems Private Limited) Surabee Training Programs Get International Quality Education Internship opportunities are available for Surabee Students Web: Email:
  2. 2. Embedded Foundation Course Duration: 1 Month Ready to Learn Embedded System C Functions C Electrical Fundamentals n Generation, Utilization, Transmission, Measurement & Control C Language Programming Electonics Ic = 0 Ic = Icmax Digital Electrical V= IR Electrical P= V1 Electronics ᵝ Ic = IB Analog n Current, Resistance Voltage, n Relationship between Voltage, Current & Resistance n Relationship between Power, Voltage & Current n Resistance circuits Simple n AC/DC n Capacitor & Inductor usage in electrical circuits n Transformers & Relays n SMPS LPS & Electronic Fundamentals n Definition of Electronics C Language & C Programming n Declaration n Assignment & Initialization n Expressions & Statement n Making & Loops Decision n Functions & Storage class n Pointers & Strings Arrays, n Structures, Unions n Preprocessor n Programming exercises n Electronic components - Diodes, Transistors, Ics n PLD, CPLD, FPGA & Microprocessors n Analog Circuits Simple n Digital Circuits Simple n Combinational & Sequential circuits n Chip Select logic & Memory Memory, Map For Fees and latest offers on our courses visit
  3. 3. Embedded Systems - Basic Duration: 3 Months Theory Sessions Introduction to Embedded System n n Embedded System Hardware concepts n Embedded System Software concepts n / PIC Microcontroller 8051 Internals Mini Project Monitoring Input Devices Project (Switch, Keypad, Management IR Sensor, etc) Introduction to Embedded Controlling System Output Embedded Devices System (LED, 7 Seg Hardware Motor, etc) Embedded System Software Junior Embedded Engineer n Controlling devices using Output pins n Monitoring devices using Input pins n Controlling LED / 7Seg displays n Controlling DC Motor / Stepper Motor n Monitoring Switch, Keypad & IR Sensors n Generation PWM n do a Mini Project How to n Management Project Practical Sessions Controlling Multi 7 Segment n Displays using Latch & Scan Method n Monitoring Switches n a digital clock with Making controls n Scanning Keypad n Controlling DC Motors n Controlling Stepper Motors n Monitoring IR & Ultrasonic Sensors n a Robot Making n Controlling Single LEDs n Controlling LED Matrix Displays n Controlling Bi-Color & RGB LEDs n Designing LED Moving Displays n Controlling Single & Multi 7 n Control DTMF Segment Displays n Controlling Motor using PWM Project : As per directions given by the Coach
  4. 4. Embedded Systems - Intermediate Duration: 6 Months Theory Sessions Introduction to Controllers n n Functions and Controllers SPI 12C Controllers and Interfaces nInterface LCD n Interface Timer n Interrupt handling Senior Embedded Engineer RS232 (UART) DAC and ADC Timer and Interrupt LCD (Character and Graphic) n Communication Serial Synchronous / Asynchronous n Asynchronous communication - UART n Modem Interface with GSM Microcontroller n Synchronous communication - SPI & I2C n I2C Device Interface with Microcontroller n SPI Device Interface with Microcontroller n based Microcontroller ARM Internal Practical Sessions Controlling LCD n n Programming Timers n Interrupt Handling n Interfacing I2C Devices like RTC n Interfacing SPI Devices like SPI Flash n a digital clock with RTC Chip Making n Interfacing ADC/DAC with ARM n Waveform generation n Variations - ARM7, ARM9, ARM ARM11, Cortex M, Cortex R, Cortex A series nSensor & Temperature Light n PC - Microcontroller Interface using UART nProcessors AVR n Instrumentation Virtual n / DAC Interfaces ADC ncontroller programming PWM Project : As per directions given by the Coach
  5. 5. Embedded Systems - Advanced Duration: 9 Months Theory Sessions Embedded System Architect Introduction to USB n nDevice programming USB on ARM controllers (FreeScale / LPC) nHost Programming USB on ARM controllers (FreeScale / LPC) Free RTOS RTOS USB Wireless (Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wifi and GSM RTOS Application (Host, Device and OTG) CAN Ethernet n Introduction to CAN Bus nbus Communication CAN n Introduction to Ethernet n Wireless Communication Practical Sessions n / Bluetooth / Wifi Zigbee USB nDevice Programming on n Introduction OS n Why OS Required? n Introduction to RTOS nRTOS Free Task · Management · Queue Management · Interrupt Management · Resource Management LPC / FreeScale ARM controllers nHost Programming on USB LPC / FreeScale ARM controllers nBUS Networking CAN n Wireless Connectivity Simple n Wireless Connectivity Zigbee n Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity · Memory Management n Wifi Wireless Connectivity · Trouble Shooting n Creating multiple tasks in Comparison of various RTOS n like VxWorks, ThreadX, QNX, etc. FreeRTOS n Controlling devices using FreeRTOS Project : As per directions given by the Coach
  6. 6. Embedded Systems - Expert Duration: 12 Months Theory Sessions n Introduction to Linux n Linux vs Embedded Desktop Linux difference n Embedded Linux · Loader Boot · U-Boot · Kernel Device Driver (Char. Block Network & USB) Embedded Linux Application Embedded System Expert Interrupt Handling Debugging Techniques Linux Internals Boot Loader Embedded Linux · Devices Introduction · Driver Introduction · Kernel Modules · Ramdisk & NFS · Systems File · Memory Technology Devices n Driver Device File · I/O · Systems File · Introduction to Devices · Accessing Drivers · Kernel Compilation and Kernel Modules · Writing Kernel Modules · Drivers Input · Drivers Char · Interrupts & Blocking I/O · Device Model Practical Sessions n Embedded Linux Building Build · Tools · Make · Cross Compile tools · Building UserSpace · Building Kernel · Building the Boot Loader n Kernel Modules Writing n Input Drivers n Char Drivers · 7 Segment Display Project : As per directions given by the Coach
  7. 7. Advanced C Programming Duration: 6 Months Expert C Programmer Advanced n I/O Examples Simple n Simple mathematical Solving Time & Code Optimization Projects using C Basic C Programming Programming C Concepts Introduction to Programming Introduction Advanced to ‘C’ C Language Features Basic C Programming problems n Loop programs n Programs using Pointers, Arrays & Strings n List Linked Advanced C features Multi Dimensional Arrays n n to pointer Pointer n Array Pointers n pointers Function Introduction to Programming n Programming? What is n Programming & Teaching Comparison n develop programming skill? How to n think in programming way. How to n Programming Languages nConcept of programming Basic Languages C Programming Language n Declaration n Assignment & Initialization n Expressions & Statement n Making & Loops Decision n Functions & Storage class n Pointers & Strings Arrays, n Structures, Unions n Preprocessor n Portable Code Writing n important Libraries Various Advanced C programming n Data Structures – Linear & Non- linear n Algorithms Sorting n operation File I/O n Network Socket programming n Process control Time & Code Optimization Optimizing Algorithm Optimization of Code Profilers Compiler/Assembler level optimization C Projects Live Projects Project Handling Project Management Project : As per directions given by the Coach
  8. 8. Professional Engineer Project Practice Internship Theory Audio Visual Assessment Practicals Embedded System Design Test 5. What is the expected answer for this code? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 #include <stdio.h> main () { char a,c; a = 83; c = ~a; printf(”%d”, c); } Free Online Test for Embedded & C Language Log on to Enter the answer in the space provided below. Surabee School of Electronics (A Division Of Surabee Electronic Systems Private Limited) Corporate Office: 164, Arcot Road, Valasaravakkam, Chennai - 600087. (Near Kesavardhini Bus Stop) : 98408 98594, 99406 17084 : 044 - 42664708 HUB: Arulagam, 2nd Floor, HIG 508, Kurinji Street, New Housing Unit, Above State Bank of India, Thanjavur - 613 005. (Near New Bus Stand) : 97101 22444, 95510 88444 : 04362 - 227570 Web: Email: