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Facebook ad metrics

  1. 1. Success Metrics for Online Advertising Facebook Ads: Reach over 800 million people Anna Jo (E-mail: blessedanna.j@gmail.com, Tel:+82-10 -8938-3926)
  2. 2. I. Facebook metricsfor Fan pages and Ads
  3. 3. Impressions Clicks Unique clicksSocial Impressions Social Clicks Unique CTRSocial % Interactions CTR (click through rate)Unique impressions Social CTRAction Rate Actions CPC(Cost-per-click)Conversions CPM(Cost per thousand impressions)Cost per conversion New leadsSpent New Customers
  4. 4. 20 Facebook Ad Metrics Marketer should know1. Impressions:How many times an ad has beenshown to a Facebook user.* Watch this number => If it stopsincreasing, the bid may havefallen out of the suggested range.
  5. 5. 20 Facebook Ad Metrics Marketer should know2. Social Impressions:How many times an ad has beenshown to a Facebook user withsocial context (i.e. withinformation about a usersfriend(s) who connected with yourpage, event, or application).* This is applicable only foradvertising within Facebook, suchas for fan pages, events, or apps.
  6. 6. 20 Facebook Ad Metrics Marketer should know3. Social %:what percentage of the totalimpressions were socialimpressions.
  7. 7. 20 Facebook Ad Metrics Marketer should know4. Clicks:The actual number of clicks on thead.*A click is also counted if someone„Liked your fan page right fromthe ad itself.
  8. 8. 20 Facebook Ad Metrics Marketer should know5. Social Clicks:How many clicks you receivedfrom an ad with social context (i.e.with information about a usersfriend(s) who connected with yourpage, event, or application).*Only applicable when youadvertise within Facebook for fanpages, groups, or events.
  9. 9. 20 Facebook Ad Metrics Marketer should know6. CTR (Click-Through Rate):How many times your ad wasclicked, divided by the number oftimes your ad was shown(impressions).
  10. 10. 20 Facebook Ad Metrics Marketer should know7. Social CTR:The number of social clicksdivided by the number of socialimpressions. Theoretically, thisnumber should be higher than thegeneral CTR, because the ad wastargeted at a personal friendwhod already Liked the page,thus demonstrating social proof.
  11. 11. 20 Facebook Ad Metrics Marketer should know8. Actions:The number of people who tookthe action desired from the aditself, such as Liking your fanpage or responding to your event.9. Action Rate:The number of actions divided bythe number of impressions.
  12. 12. 20 Facebook Ad Metrics Marketer should know10. Conversions:Measurement of how many peopleresponded to your call-to-action.This counts actions from the aditself and includes when someonevisits your fan page and thenclicks Like.
  13. 13. 20 Facebook Ad Metrics Marketer should know11. Cost-Per-Conversion:Calculates your cost perconversion, so you can see howmuch you pay for a new fan, anevent RSVP, or a new groupmember.
  14. 14. 20 Facebook Ad Metrics Marketer should know12. CPC (Cost-Per-Click):How much each click you receivedcost you. This number iscalculated even if you didn‟t bidon the cost-per-click model. Itconsiders how many clicks youreceived (even if you‟re paying byimpression) and calculates howmuch it cost you for each click.
  15. 15. 20 Facebook Ad Metrics Marketer should know13. CPM (Cost Per ThousandImpressions):Even if you did not bid using theCPM model when you placed yourad, Facebook Reports willcalculate it for your reference.This is helpful if you decide toswitch to the CPM bidding modelso you can compare how your adsare performing between thedifferent bidding models.
  16. 16. 20 Facebook Ad Metrics Marketer should know14. Spent:The amount you spent for thattime summary you chose in thereport: daily, weekly, or monthly.
  17. 17. 20 Facebook Ad Metrics Marketer should know15. Unique Impressions:How many times your ad wasshown to a unique person.Compare this against the numberof impressions to see how manytimes your ad was shown to thesame person.
  18. 18. 20 Facebook Ad Metrics Marketer should know16. Unique Clicks:How many unique clicks youreceived. This data is helpful toknow if the same personhappened to be shown your adtwice and clicked it both times,because the second click wouldn‟tbe a unique click.
  19. 19. 20 Facebook Ad Metrics Marketer should know17. Unique CTR :Unique clicks divided by uniqueimpressions. Again, in relation tothe unique clicks and the uniqueimpressions, you want to knowwhether new people are clickingthrough to your ad or if it is oneperson clicking on your ad overand over. It‟s best to have yourUnique CTR come close to yourCTR.
  20. 20. 20 Facebook Ad Metrics Marketer should know18. New Leads:If your goal is lead generation,then you need to make sure thatyour ads are helping you convertvisitors into leads. How manypeople converted on your offerand opted in to continue theirrelationship with your company?
  21. 21. 20 Facebook Ad Metrics Marketer should know19. New CustomersWere you able to drive newcustomers from all that Facebookadvertising? If so, what was theconversion rate from visitor tocustomer compared to the sameconversion rate on a differentsocial network. You should havethe data to make such strategicdecisions.
  22. 22. 20 Facebook Ad Metrics Marketer should know20. Interactions:Total number of comments, Wallposts, and likes a page had. Themore interactions a page has themore naturally viral it is inFacebook due to the feeds.- Interactions Per Post- Post Quality Score- Reviews
  23. 23. II. Online Advertising framework From the perspective of ROI metrics
  24. 24. Step 1: Choose Step 2: Createmeasurements metrics Create two to fourSelect one or two metrics for each activityactivities that are good identified. Always useearly proxies for future the top two boxes, whichsales. Leads and provide a cost-efficiencyinteractions are obvious and a quality metricchoices for B2B which directly drivemarketers. results for a campaign.
  25. 25. Step 3: Measure Step 4: Learn and Optimize and Apply Learn from what isUse the quality and the working, and from whatcost efficiency metrics isn‟t. Although they maytogether. It helps avoid not be primary successthe mistake of chasing metrics, they givevolume from lower context to thequality sources. performance.
  26. 26. Example. Cost Efficiency Quality Preferred: Preferred: - Cost per Activity - Activities/ClicksCampaign Alternate: Alternate:Responses - Cost per Click - Page Views/Clicks - Cost per Visit Preferred: Preferred: - Cost per Activity - Activities/ImpressionsPublisher Alternate: Alternate:Audience - Cost per Page View - Page Views/Impressions - Cost per Visit - Visits/Impressions
  27. 27. What is ROI?1. ROI= (Gains-Costs)/Costs X 1002. Savings 1st Contact - Call Deflection Resolution (Direct/Indirect) Average - Average Handling Time Handling Time - 1st Contact Resolution Call Deflection
  28. 28. 4 elements to calculate direct deflections1. Cost of a call2. # of Questions asked per month on Facebook 1st Contact3. % of Questions answered by Resolution Super Users Average Handling4.% of Questions deflected Call Time Deflection
  29. 29. How to calculate savings1. (# of Questions asked) (% of Answers)= # of conversations by super users2. (% of Answers)(% of deflections)= # of deflected calls3. (# of deflected calls) ($/call)= $ saved per month 1st Contact4. ($ saved per month) (12)= Resolution $ saved per year Average Gains Handling Time Call Center savings Call Deflection - Direct deflection - Indirect deflection - Avg. Handling Time - First call Resolution
  30. 30. How to calculate ROISummary of Gains Versus Costs Gains ROI= (Gains – Costs)/ Costs X 100 Call Center savings - Direct deflection - Indirect deflection - Avg. Handling Time - First call Resolution Costs 1st Contact People costs(Manager, Analyst, Agents) Resolution - Employee - Third party consultants Average Handling Technology costs Time Call - Solutions and Services Deflection - Process(including Implementation) : Contact Center, Community Platform, Social Monitoring
  31. 31. Social Business ROI Metrics1. Fan growth:When a Facebook user “likes”your Fan Page they become yourfan. This increases the exposure ofyour message not only to that fan,but to their friends as well. Fangrowth creates a portal that allowsyour brand to enter the “friendzone” (a good thing in socialmedia marketing!). This willincrease engagement as well as“people talking about this”.
  32. 32. Social Business ROI Metrics2. Like:As you post content to your FanPage your fan community is givenseveral options as to how they canrelay to you that they wereexposed to your message.* Enhance the experience: Thankthem for liking the post. Pick a fanof the week from the fans thatfrequently liked content posted onyour Fan Page wall.
  33. 33. Social Business ROI Metrics3. Comment:When a fan comments it opens upthe communication channelinviting you to respond which candeepen the relationship betweenbrand and fan.* Enhance the experience: Addvalue to the conversation byasking open ended questionsallowing the fan and other fans toexpand the discussion.
  34. 34. Social Business ROI Metrics4. Share:The golden ticket! If a fan sharescontent from your page they aretaking the role of a brandambassador. This seemingly smallact should not be taking lightlysince they are essentiallybroadcasting your message to anew audience that you may havenot tapped into without their help.
  35. 35. Social Business ROI Metrics5. Tag:Once a fan has liked your pagethey are able to create hyperlinkedtags that link directly to your fanpage. Their friends are able toclick the link giving them theopportunity to like your page andcreate posts using your brand‟sname. When a page is tagged in apost by a fan others are able to seethe story through the “FriendActivity” tab.
  36. 36. Social Business ROI Metrics6. Check-ins:Fans are able to use geo-locationbased apps on smartphones andother wireless devices that telltheir friends their real-timelocation. Check-ins offer socialproof with the opportunity ofrecommendations encouragingothers to visit your brand offline.
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