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CRM Implementation Challenges and Solutions


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59% of CRM implementations fail due to lack of proper user adoption. But at the same time, it's the most ignored factor. Here are some reasons and solutions.

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CRM Implementation Challenges and Solutions

  1. 1. CRM user adoption Challenges & Solutions
  2. 2. Why CRM Fails? 59% of CRM Implementations fails because of Low user adoption. No one likes change, especially when you introduce something which is going to track every activity of everybody. its obvious that people don't like it. Low User Adoption 59% Management Drive 17% Technology Failures. 9% Misaligned Goals 15%
  3. 3. Most ignored reason… Why User adoption gets least attention. When going for CRM, everybody in organisation is excited with features of software, technology, scalability, mobility, security etc. Nobody thinks seriously of user adoption. In fact you cannot implement CRM without help of HR Team.
  4. 4. How to solve this ? Increasing User adoption. More often than not People problems are most difficult problems to solve. So don't look for the solution in Technology alone, it will not help. You need a 360 degree solution. Following slides explore various solutions.
  5. 5. let users know their benefits. Most of time we take it for granted that user knows everything. Most of the time, employees see CRM as a reporting tool deployed by Bosses to monitor and track them. No wonder they don't like it. The benefits needs to be explained to all concerned.
  6. 6. Make it Easy. Sometimes CRM is more difficult than make actual Sales. Many organisations try to make CRM as difficult as it can get. Employees have to go out of the way just for reporting in CRM. Keep minimum fields as “required”, don't keep unnecessary authorisations. Avoid extra security at least in beginning.
  7. 7. Plan phase wise Using 80/20 rule always help. Its a great idea to plan implementation phase wise. Not department wise, but phase wise, eg: In first three months just get 100% complete KYC details, or for Sales teams just get leads/opportunities listed
  8. 8. Don’t just plan, do it Planning (alone) does not help. Its a 4 step process. Regular data quality checks and feedback is required from your team. In case they are doing something wrong, then correct it.
  9. 9. Stop Excel Bosses don’t change !!! Most of the companies have their reporting formats in Excel. Even if staff is using CRM, boss insists on getting reports in Excel, its difficult. If bosses insist on seeing reports in CRM, then people will have to use it.
  10. 10. User Training Most ignored Do you think your Team can learn CRM without being taught? Just create a list of 20 basic features and best practices and check how many of your users know this ? (We have this list ready, call us for it)
  11. 11. Do you train all users ? Thinking of training only 1 person then he will train others ? We were 4 kids, still my dad educated us all ? Just understand that your organisation is not that of Trainers, so please train all (at least 60% should be trained properly)
  12. 12. No Proxies Please. Data Entry Operators for CRM ? This is the biggest mistake any company can make. CRM is always meant to be used by the person who is handing the process. If it sounds too much, either change the process or change the team.
  13. 13. Best Solution is to have a best CRM Implementation partner and help them help you.
  14. 14. Thank you Visit our site for more information on CRM and how we can help