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Do Service Providers need CRM


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CRM for I.T. Industry. To our surprise, companies engaged in IT industry, use the least amount of IT. Accounting package and basic email is the only automation.

This presentation attempts to explain the problems of IT industry and how and where CRM can help to increase profitability, customer satisfaction and employee efficiency.

This is CRM software for small business. however it more fine tuned for IT Industry.
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Do Service Providers need CRM

  1. 1. do you require one ? Enjay CRM for Service Providers
  2. 2. This is what all IT Vendors Sell.
  3. 3. Is this how you run your business.
  4. 4. No proper KYC do you really know your customer ? ! ! customer details are either in Tally or in Mobile or in owners diary.
  5. 5. Unhappy Customers and unhappy with customers Customer informs you that things are not working, no internal mechanism to WARN. ! in absence of time/cost analysis, cannot decide which business to leave.
  6. 6. No track of enquiries and opportunities when even enquiries received cannot be tracked. How can you think of strategy and target ? ! Do you get list of Visitors to your website? how do you follow them?
  7. 7. Unhappy Employees and unhappy with employees In absence of Time and cost analysis, proper appraisal of employees is not available ! ! Lack of proper and simple appraisal system creates stress with employees.
  8. 8. absence of Project management all installations and implementations are mini project, which overrun cost and time both. ! involvement of internal teams, clients, consultants, vendors makes it complicated.
  9. 9. Revenue leak due to mismanaged AMC No timely alerts of AMC maturity. Paid calls/visits don’t get billed properly. ! Information of AMC is not available in Realtime, when Support case is received.
  10. 10. excuses, excuses and excuses, then few more excuses. for not implementing CRM
  11. 11. untrained staff Is it actually untrained ? ! think again, your staff is more efficient that you can imagine.
  12. 12. Un affordable ? Is America developed country because it has good roads. Or Does America have good roads because it is developed country? ! CRM is INFRA, cannot be ignored
  13. 13. We are too small? Big ones did not implement systems after becoming big. They became big because they implemented systems. ! If growth is priority, you need System driven organisation.
  14. 14. Enjay CRM for Service Providers Talks to tally, your telephone, your website, your team, you and your customers
  15. 15. Detailed KYC What is the use of information if you cannot analyse it Accounts Contacts leads Unlimited categorisation and classification
  16. 16. Marketing & Sales Entire Sales process Lifecycle Targets Leads Opportunities Quotes
  17. 17. Customer Service Support, AMC, Visit/Calls. Cases Bugs Calls Visits/Tasks Contracts
  18. 18. Project Management All installations are minor Projects projects and Checklists Users Contacts Visits/TasksTeams
  19. 19. Integrations and extensions Extensions unlimited. Website Integration SMS Integration Email Integration Telephony Integration
  20. 20. Automation personalised Automatic escalations, alerts and notifications Escalations notifications Alerts Time & Cost Analysis
  21. 21. Track Team Activities Automatic escalations, alerts and notifications Emails Calls Documents MeetingsTasks Notes
  22. 22. Why Enjay for CRM What we add to “Normal SugarCRM”
  23. 23. Why choose Enjay? Experience, expertise & Innovation counts Kickstart Support Customisation Hosting Experienced Implementation Team
  24. 24. Making SugarCRM Sweeter
  25. 25. Productivity Add-ons Third Party Integration Add-ons
  26. 26. Call us for a Demo +91-260-6612900