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July 2010 material connexion - New materials update


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ENiTo Coconut Palm Wood in Material ConneXion's 2010 newest and innovative materials.

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July 2010 material connexion - New materials update

  1. 1. JULY2010MATERIALS  PDATE UAs part of our continuing efforts to provide our clients with Andrew H. Dent, PhDthe newest and most innovative materials sourced from Vice President, Library & Material Researcharound the world, we are pleased to present our monthly Material ConneXion® P +1 212 842 2050Materials Update. Here you will find the latest materials to have been E adent@materialconnexion.comadded to the database, upon their acceptance by our regular jury process. W www.materialconnexion.comThese materials can be seen online and on-site at our New York location. Chompoonuj WeerakittiSelected materials are also available at our Cologne, Daegu, Milan, and Director, Library & Materials ResearchBangkok locations; please call or email us at any of the addresses listed Material ConneXion® Bangkokfor more information. P +66 (0) 2 664 8448 E cweerakitti@materialconnexion.comInterested in these materials but not a client? Our subscription-based W Library is the world’s largest library of advanced, innovativeand sustainable materials and processes. With 45-60 new materials Karsten Bleymehladded every month, our libraries around the world give you immediate Director, Library & Materials Research Material ConneXion® Cologneaccess to over 4,500 materials onsite and online, Material Specialists P +49 (0) 221 99 22 28 - 22and Monthly Updates on what’s new. E W a member of Material ConneXion® today!Contact us at 212 842 2050 or to find Sun Ah Kimout about more about membership levels and benefits. Director of Library & Consulting Material ConneXion® DaeguNeed hands-on expertise? P +82 53 740 0033Our Advanced Material Solutions Team™ provides a wide array of E sakim@materialconnexion.comconsulting services. Contact us at W call today. Micol Costi Director, Library & Materials Research Material ConneXion® Milano P +39 02 39 32 55 85 E W
  2. 2. JULY2010MATERIALSUPDATE This fine, cellulose based Chromium-free color shiftCATEGORY INDEX MC#: 2499-08 MC#: 3077-06 textile fiber is derived effect pigments. These from Beechwood and can pigments are composed Carbon Cement be spun to thread sizes up to Nm 225. This is the of titanium, magnesium fluoride, and aluminum. lightest modal fiber avail- Unlike traditional able for knits and woven color shift pigments, the fabrics. chromium content in these pigments has been Metal Glass replaced by titanium. Polymer Ceramic Natural ProcessMC#: 3585-04  MC#: 5008-04 MC#: 5008-05 These vinyl tiles are Bio-based compounding Durable textured printing durable, water-resistant, resin. These patent- inks for textiles. These colorfast and have anti- pending compounds plastisol based printing slip properties. The color combine a minimum of inks are available in two shift effect is created by 30% bio-derived content textures: natural suede chromium-free color shift bio-based polymers base and plush base. Ap- effect pigments. Uses such as PLA, PHB, PHBV, plications are for fashion, are for interior flooring in and bio-polyesters with accessories and home commercial and residen- compatible engineering décor items including pil- tial spaces. thermoplastic resins. lows and pillowcases. Patterned burn-out Bonded leather panels Thin, flexible embossedMC#: 5021-06  MC#: 5247-05 MC#: 5247-06 effects created in a wide made from reconstituted leather films that are com- width fabric that can be natural leather fibers. The posed of reconstituted stretched and used on surface is waxed, creating leather. These sheets frames or tension struc- a hand that is soft and comprise 70% leather, tures. The 100 % polyester smooth to the touch. Ap- 10% latex and 20% poly- fabric is translucent with plications are for fashion urethane bonded together the pattern set against a accessories, belts, bags to form flexible films that sheer mesh ground. and home furnishing can be laminated to a accents. wide variety of surfaces. Fully formable, thermo- This laminated glass Decorative laminatedMC#: 5323-05 MC#: 5498-03 MC#: 5498-04  plastic shape memory incorporates a polymer glass. This glass contains polymer (SMP) resin. This interlayer for decorative a polymer interlayer that reconfigurable polymer applications. The inter- be customized in color can be easily processed layer of PVB (polyvinyl and pattern (random, full, into memory shapes using butyral) is tough, resilient scatter gradient). It is UV- conventional methods and dampens sound. Ap- resistant and can be used in injection molding, plications are for interior as flooring, partitions, and thermoforming and doors, cabinets and wall wall coverings. extrusion. and ceiling elements.60 Madison Avenue 2nd Floor New York NY 10010 T 212 842 2050 F 212 842 1090 E W www.materialconnexion.comAll material contained in this publication remains the property of Material ConneXion, Inc. and cannot be reproduced without express written permission. © 2010 Material ConneXion, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. JULY2010MATERIALSUPDATE A range of membrane This two-colored pileCATEGORY INDEX MC#: 6002-06 MC#: 6576-02 stretch ceiling and wall carpet has extreme textiles. These textiles softness and various Carbon Cement are composed of 100% Trevira®, a flame retardant color availability due to its content of 100% Viscose polyester fabric with a rayon and two-step color polyurethane coating. Ap- dye process. Used as plications are for ceilings, flooring for residential walls, panels and murals. interiors. Metal Glass Polymer Ceramic Natural ProcessMC#: 6591-02 MC#: 6660-01 MC#: 6662-01  This hard-wearing leather Laser cut acrylic (PMMA). Woven textiles that are is composed of European These decorative panels composed of silk and bull hides and is treated are laser cut into intricate urushi lacquered wall to have antibacterial, designs and patterns and paper. Two traditional antimicrobial and mildew- the level of transparency Japanese techniques and resistant properties. is customizable. Patterns, materials are employed to Applications are for medi- size, materials, colors, create this hybrid textile. cal, maritime, aviation, texture and thickness can Applications are for luxury railed vehicles and the be customized as wall home accessories. automobile industry. panels. A range of lacquered These glass tiles are A range of natural stoneMC#: 6662-02 MC#: 6663-01 MC#: 6664-01 fabrics with surface melted together than building materials. These design and texture. These slowly annealed in a mold, building materials are fabrics are composed for up to a few weeks. available in a variety of of silk (40-60%), urushi They are then polished types including: marble, lacquer coated washi to a smooth shine, or travertine, limestone, paper (20-30%) and silver sandblasted for a matte slate, sandstone and (10-30%). Applications are finish. Applications are for granite and a range of for fashion, accessories counter tops, tables, wall finishes. and home décor. relief and art objects. Direct shrink sleeve Glass mosaic tiles. These Temperature colorMC#: 6665-01 MC#: 6666-01  MC#: 6667-01 application for packaging glass mosaic tiles are changing powder coat- that incorporates color available in sheets and ings. These coatings shift and diffractive effect come in transparent, are composed of a pigments. This extruded translucent, opaque, or microencapsulated liquid polyester film is used matte finishes. Applica- crystal emulsion with as a film that is shrunk tions are for interior and a coating composed of onto products to act as exterior décor. polyurethane, ultraviolet a tamper-evident seal radiation (UV) inhibitors, and label. binders and fixers.60 Madison Avenue 2nd Floor New York NY 10010 T 212 842 2050 F 212 842 1090 E W www.materialconnexion.comAll material contained in this publication remains the property of Material ConneXion, Inc. and cannot be reproduced without express written permission. © 2010 Material ConneXion, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. JULY2010MATERIALSUPDATE These glow-in-the-dark These textiles are madeCATEGORY INDEX MC#: 6667-02 MC#: 6668-01 coatings are composed from non-spun silk of polyester and will worm cocoons, which Carbon Cement illuminate in the absence of light. The pigment does are stitched by hand or machine, with cotton or not impart any color to polyester thread, into the substrate, allowing large sheets. The pure for photoluminescence silk has a soft web-like in white substrates. Used structure which can also Metal Glass for signage. be laminated. Polymer Ceramic Natural ProcessMC#: 6669-01 MC#: 6670-01 MC#: 6671-01 Thermoformable high PLA (polylactic acid) Flooring made from waste performance rigid panels based biopolymer that palm wood. This 100% are composed of coconut is suitable for injection Cocos Nucifera (coconut fibers and polypropylene molding, thermoforming palm wood) is derived (PP). Coconut fiber is and blow molding applica- from trees at the end of used as a replacement tions. It is FDA compliant their useful life and can be for synthetic polyester as food and microwavable cut to order. It is suitable fibers found in traditional safe containers, insulated for outdoor or indoor, compression-molded ice coolers, and other commercial or residential composites. food packaging items. applications. This bamboo paper isMC#: 6672-01 handmade by villagers in Laos using all natural techniques for growth, harvesting, processing and dying. Applications are for printing, let- terpress printing, writing, cards, origami and gift wrapping.60 Madison Avenue 2nd Floor New York NY 10010 T 212 842 2050 F 212 842 1090 E W www.materialconnexion.comAll material contained in this publication remains the property of Material ConneXion, Inc. and cannot be reproduced without express written permission. © 2010 Material ConneXion, Inc. All Rights Reserved.