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ENiTo Decking Asia Pacific


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ENiTo Decking ─ 100% eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to exotic hardwood with exceptional durability guaranteed to last for a lifetime

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ENiTo Decking Asia Pacific

  1. 1. oo ly w nd d rd frie Ha o- lid EcS o 0% 10 The worlds largest producer of premium Coconut Palm Wood
  2. 2. 10 Dur 0% ab ENiTo | Commercial Decking S o le & lid Su Ha sta rd inab w le oo d Breathe new life into your outdoor living space ENiTo® Decking ─ 100% eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to exotic hardwood with exceptional durability guaranteed to last for a lifetime Millions of senile coconut palm trees are wasted each year while rising scarcity in hardwood resulted to diminishing rainforest due to illegal logging. ENiTo Decking was born simply out of the desire to save the world by introducing a naturally solid wood that is great for outdoors yet safe to the environment. Made from 100% solid Coconut Palm Wood, ENiTo Decking is a traditional hardwood decking that fits in today’s modern world. Long lasting with naturally beautiful brown texture and stunning dark flecks that gives warmth and inviting appearance to any surroundings. Be it for balconies, patios, garden or landscape applications, ENiTo Decking is a premium and green choice to create dynamic spaces that will capture your heart, senses and mind ─ seriously, it’s just the real thing!KEY BENEFITS Product Code: PWD-20F4G2-9099 Affordable99 Durable and high-quality99 Pressure treated for long lasting protection99 Fungal decay, borers and termites resistant99 Anti-slip (reeded) and smooth surface99 Grooved for hidden fasteners99 Kiln dried according to the country of destination99 100% Natural solid hardwood99 100% Environmentally friendly & Biodegradable99 100% Sustainable material More Decking Projects at 
  3. 3. ENiTo | Pressure Treated Decking Smooth Surface APPLICATIONS Balcony Bench tops Framing Outdoors Profiled for hidden Gardens fasteners Pergolas Commercial Stairs Swimming pools Trellis Wall panelling ParkAnti-slip Reed Standard & Custom Residential made sizes Vacuum Pressure Treated Pressure Treated. High Durability. Versatile. Easy Maintenance.Better than ever...Vacuum pressure treated with tanalith for morelong lasting protection Discover a new cosy green world Not just for you but for the generations to come!Safe and effective long term protection for decking againstfungal decay and insect attack ENiTo Decking is a quality solid deck boards made from 100% eco-friendly PROFILE Coconut Palm Wood. Yes, it’s NOT a composite. NOT engineered. ENiTo Coconut Palm Wood Decking has been impregnated with eco-friendly tanalith preservatives using vacuum pressure technology to improve the longevity and performance of your decking. Simply a real and naturally solid wood harvested from sustainable resources Vacuum pressure treatment is used extensively for timbers installed both in and above ground made into decking just for you. contact applications where there is a medium to high risk of decay, fungal or insect attack. Whether 1 sided grooved (end-piece) it’s for decking, garden pathways, fences, trellis, wall cladding, pool or parks in any urban and suburban areas, you are ensured that your ENiTo Decking will last for a lifetime. Product Code: PWD-20F2G1-90 2 sided grooved Treated Timber BENEFITS Product Code: PWD-20F2G2-90 99 Service life of 15 – 60 years depending on usage 1 sided grooved (end-piece) 99 Helps lessen the impact on our environment by extending our plantation resources 99 Effective long-term protection against fungal and insect attack 99 Proven performance, widely used and accepted worldwide Product Code: PWD-20F4G1-90 99 Impregnated using vacuum pressure technology 2 sided grooved 99 Conforms to new European Standards and individual countries national requirements 99 Use Class 4, ideal for in ground and/or fresh water contact Product Code: PWD-20F4G2-90 Check the available treatments in your country at 
  4. 4. ENiTo | Residential Decking Quick and Easy to Install. Multi-purpose. Perfect for DIY.Complete solution for yourdecking needsENiTo DEC™ system ─ especially designed for fastand easy installation of your decking Best way to keep that LOVELY look all the time The side grooves allows the use of ENiTo DEC™ system, combination of hidden fasteners and self-tapping stainless steel screws for fast and easy installation Deck Clip Give your exterior decks all the tender of your decking. DEC™ system preserves the natural beauty of your wood by loving care with the ENiTo DEC™ oil getting rid of unsightly nails and screws on the deck surface. The hidden fastener gives an extra holding power and flexibility to allow natural movement ENiTo DEC™ oil is a special formulation that acts as a that all deck wood experiences. DEC™ system leaves an automatic 4.8mm shield against weathering elements including rainwater, gap between the boards to help drain water from the surface and ventilation snow and UV rays, leaving your decks nourished and beautiful ENiTo DEC™ oil4.8 mm gap spacing for your decking. all throughout its useful life. Because its water repellent, ENiTo DEC™ oil stabilizes your decking by regulating the BENEFITS Durable hidden fastener moisture absorbtion of the wood to minimize the swelling or shrinking. Not only that, ENiTo DEC™ oil is also improved ENiTo DEC™ system Designed for easy and ingenious with ingredients to protect your decking against wood BENEFITS installation for all decking pests such as termites, insects, mould, algae, fungus and blue stain. 99 UV & thermal resistant clips Deck Screw Penetrates Does not 99 Marine grade stainless-steel screws ENiTo DEC™ oil highlights the wood’s grain and provides Deeply excellent penetration even on the densest hardwood to 99 Black coated screw-heads for maximum invisibility maintain the beauty and natural appearance of your decking. Deep Protection Does Not Peel 99 4.8mm automatic spacing Suitable for boarding, fences, gates, pergolas, garden 99 Constant joint space without any spacers pavilions, roof eaves, gables, facades and other woodworks. 99 No pre-drilling and countersinking For lifelong and exceptional results on Coconut 99 Makes resurfacing easy Palm wood decking and other exotic hardwoods, 99 Easy replacement of damage boards ENiTo DEC™ oil is definitely the best choice. Moisture Repellent Ready to Use 99 Grab both sides of deck boards to keep them tight forever Black coated screw-heads with 99 Applicable to all deck wood types self-tapping thread design Acts like a saw blade cutting through any fibrous Comes with T-10 3" materials with ease to reduce material splitting Learn more about ENiTo DEC™ system at  Drill Bits
  5. 5. Product Specifications Specie : Cocos Nucifera Construction : 100% Solid Coconut Palm Wood Decking Type/Style : Dual-Surface Decking Boards Treatment : Tanalith pressure treated according to standards Edge / End Style : Grooved for the ENiTo Decking Clip Size : Standard – 20 x 90 x 2250mm / Random Sizes Average Hardness : Janka Ball Test 1600 – 2200 Critical Flux : ASTM E 648 – class 1 Density : Hardwood, >900kg/m3 Compressive Strength : ASTM D 3501 – 2,435kg Maximum Load : ASTM D 3501 – 33.33kgNDimensional Stability at 20% RH : ASTM D 1037 % Linear Expansion: Parallel -0.01, Perpendicular -0.30 % Thickness Swell: -0.48 Slip Resistance : Standard – Pendulum, British ASTM E303-93(2003) Test result – 86 to 112, above excellence on dry/wet surface Moisture Content : Kiln dried according to destination Installation : ENiTo DECTM system Application : Commercial / Residential Applications Finish Type : Natural Non-slip Groove / Smooth Surface Packing Standard Size / Pallet : 20x90x2250mm – 400 pcs – 81m2 25x90x2250mm – 320 pcs – 64.80m2 30x90x2250mm – 264 pcs – 53.46m2 40x90x2250mm – 200 pcs – 40.50m2 User ID 035 023 100% recycled materialENiTo Flooring Pte Ltd | 56 Serangoon North Ave 4 #06-04 Singapore 555851 | T: +65 6488 4595 | F: +65 6257 6591 | E: |