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Photoelectric Sensors With Applications


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This slide is usefull in understanding the working of photoelectric sensors.

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Photoelectric Sensors With Applications

  1. 1. 1 Control cable 2 Receiver 3 Emitter 4 Sensitivity Selector
  2. 2. 1 LED Display 2 AC or DC power block 3 Control cable 4 Sensor head 5 Output logic module (inside)
  3. 3. Verification of fill level of coffee in cans
  4. 4. The sensor detects missing glue
  5. 5. The output of the receiver includes a 5-millisecond pulse stretcher (off-delay) to improve count accuracy.
  6. 6. To detect whether shiny disks are properly seated
  7. 7. To reliably count clear bottles moving on a high-speed conveyor
  8. 8. Missing Bottle Label Detection
  9. 9. Three colored labels (red, blue, and green) are used to sort cartons on a different packaging line
  10. 10. WIDTH MEASUREMENT: Sensor measures the distance between itself and the box (one measures distance A and the other, distance B). This information is transmitted to a PLC, which calculates the width W by subtracting A and B from the total distance between the sensors.
  11. 11. As Biscuits pass under the sensor, it compares correct number of black and white pixels. If black pixel count decreases below set value, sensor sends appropriate signal.
  12. 12. To locate the position of an automated storage and retrieval system
  13. 13. Plastic packaging bags are separated from the web. To ensure the bag is properly separated, a sensor sends a signal to the separation mechanism .
  14. 14. Count small pieces of hardware which fall from a vibratory feeder track into plastic bags
  15. 15. Color Detection is a compact color sensor that works as color recognition system without needing an external light source. is one of the smallest color sensors