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EPL Golden Moments


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Some of the Golden Moments in Enigma Premier League History.

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EPL Golden Moments

  1. 1. AMARNATH took the catch of the tournament to get Ranganathan out in the match between the Salem Silverbulls and Chennai Spartans. This turned out to be the turning point of the game, and Silverbulls went on to claim an emphatic victory.
  2. 2. RANGATHAN SCORED A BLISTERING 62 , consisting of 6 sixes ,in the inaugural EPL Match for the Chennai Spartans against the Delhi Dus. This is the highest ever individual score in an EPL Game. This is also the only fifty in EPL History.
  3. 3. The VELLORE VEERAS made a brave comeback to beat the Salem Silverbulls in a nail-biting encounter to end the Siverbulls’ winning streak. The celebrations witnessed after the win are the most memorable in EPL History.
  4. 4. KIRAN REDDY’s exhilarating performance with the bat and ball, for the Delhi Dus against the Salem Silverbulls, turned a one-sided match into a humdinger of a game. Though the Silverbulls were the eventual winners,Kiran was by far,the most successful in restricting Gurunathan, the Silverbulls’ champion all-rounder.
  5. 5. SACHIT JACOB was the hero of Day 1 when he turned up to play for his team ,the Hyderabad Hunks, despite suffering from high fever. This earned him accolades from all present at the event.
  6. 6. SANDEEP JAIN, the owner of the Delhi Dus turned out to be his team’s lucky mascot. He was absent for the first two matches of the Delhi Dus. After his return, the team made an amazing comeback and went on the win the Best Comeback Award .
  7. 7. RADHIKA K,RADHIKA C & SHRUTI ,the co-owners of the Delhi Dus, took great pains to ensure that all of their players were in the best of health. The players had a regular supply of Glucose and cool water, sourced from the nearby Girls Hostel !
  8. 8. SAJJAD,AZHAR,SAMMAN,SOMAN, ASIF showed great sportsmanship in putting in their best efforts and playing all out for their teams, despite observing fasting during Ramzan. This earned them accolades and admiration from one and all.
  9. 9. ASWIN SHANMUGAPRIYAN, the highest wicket taker in the EPL, was one of the most consistent bowlers in the tournament. He spearheaded the attack and consistently took crucial wickets for his team, the Salem Silverbulls.
  10. 10. GURUNATHAN, the joint winner of the man of the series, of EPL, made an amazingly significant contribution to his team , the Salem Silverbulls. He bowled 3 overs and kept wickets in the other 3 overs. He also spearheaded the Silverbulls’ batting line-up. A sure-indication of masterclass.
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