Making Sense Of Twitter


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A guide to Twitter and what to do with it and why

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Making Sense Of Twitter

  1. 1. A guide for those who want to be “in the know” MAKING SENSE OF TWITTER Prepared by Mark A. Silver
  2. 2. What is Twitter?  A micro-blogging site  The blog is 140 characters and called a “tweet”  A real-time search engine  A way to build relationships  A way to find people with mutual interests  And yes, some people will post inane comments like their lunch menu
  3. 3. Things to consider  Here are some things you should consider:  Real-time search results  Monitor something (or someone) you care about  Build relationships  Use it as a personal marketing tool  Give and Get Help  Get news updates  Instantly communicate with friends
  4. 4. Real-time search results  Get search results by-the-minute!  Find out what others say on any given topic quickly, often with Web references  Most news searches only offer daily updates  I use Tweet Deck as a multiple search platform  Tweet Deck uses a desktop alert when new search results or tweets come in
  5. 5. Monitoring  Monitoring people is done by “following” them  You get their “tweets”  You know what they are doing, thinking and feeling  You can follow topics, such as a conference, or a research group  Topic tweeters often use a “#” symbol followed by a word on their topic-relevant tweets (“#GPSEG” might be used about the GPSEG group.)
  6. 6. Build relationships  Relationships is about what you put in, not what you take out  Invest in others through:  Personal or professional insights  Mentoring and Coaching  Encourage others to follow a cause  Invite followers to meet in person  Provide inspirations  Share your expertise by Tweeting stories  Interact with others (it’s a very human need)
  7. 7. Personal Marketing tool  Personal Marketing is about building an online brand about you  Brands are built over time using simple and consistent messages:  Tweeting about your favorite topic builds a personal brand that says something about you  For example: Tweeting consistently about volunteer work with children “brands” you as a particular type of person.  Continued…
  8. 8. Personal Marketing tool  Be consistent about your tweets: vacillating between contrary positions weakens your positioning statement:  For example: Advocating for battery-operated cars, but then saying driving a 12-cylinder gas- powered vehicle is contradictory and no one will know what you stand for.  Consistent marketing helps people understand you and what you stand for
  9. 9. Give and Get Help  By reaching out to followers, or on special topics, you can get, and give  Immediate advice and input from experts  Suggestions on where to get help  Experience of others on the same topic  Other considerations to help you think “outside the box”
  10. 10. Instant News Updates  News services now use Twitter to provide instant topical updates  Interpretive data available through Tweetscoop, which highlights hot topics now  Sometimes, Twitter is faster at getting news out than internal PR and the traditional media (sometime speed sacrifices quality)  You can group newsfeeds for convenience in Tweetdeck
  11. 11. Communicate with friends  As family follow you, share instantly what you are doing  Get tweets Via SMS for selected people on your phone, Blackberry or Smart Phone  Tweetup with followers (a Tweetup is a live meeting (meet up) for Twitterers  Get instant updates on your family and friends and organize impromptu get- togethers
  12. 12. Thoughts to consider  Be genuine in your communications (i.e. don’t be contrived)  Building a Twitter community takes time (unless you are a celebrity)  Tweeting is quick and doesn’t have to be a big drain on your time or resources  It’s fun, have fun, and don’t take it, or yourself, too seriously! 
  13. 13. Online Case studies  A CEO that uses Twitter  Twitter Becomes the Life of the <snip> Party  Twitter-enabled box alerts bakery customers to fresh bread  Twitter Case Study %u2014 Social Media Optimization  Twitter Case Study of a Commercial Brand – Sugarrae  Twitter case studies - Google Search